Tonwoche № 639 (1943)

Newsreel №64032, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:43, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Berlin was a celebration of India's independence.

The Japanese Ambassador in Berlin, General Oshima, on the occasion of the meeting of free India, he said hi Japan provisional national government of India.

Among listeners in the hall of the Indian players.

The speech of the Indian leader, a fighter for free India Subhas Chandra Bose, who declared the intention of India to achieve freedom, regardless of the victims.

The faces of the listeners.

View portrait of Indian figure on stage.

Indoor sports stadium in Berlin.

The new season of winter sports begins with a solemn army day.

Competitions are held two first-class Berlin hockey teams.

Moments of the game.

Among the spectators of the famous pilot, Galland.

The high tradition of riding the French officer corps continue in the present.

The riders trotting through the Park.

When visiting the officers ' cavalry school cadets demonstrated high skill: riding different types of gait, going sideways, jump on rough terrain.

Competitions in water sports in the swimming pool of Madrid on the 2nd of the Spanish championship in swimming.

More than 300 representatives from 39 provinces take part in the championship.

Out of the national team of the provinces with the tablets in hand.

Competitions in swimming, diving from the tower.

The winners receive trophies.

A result of purification of the Serb territory from Communist gangs in the country began to reign the order and tranquility.

Near Belgrade, the ceremony of consecration of the Church.

The crowd moves with the priests.

People pray at the walls of the Church, kiss the cross.

On the table laid out cakes.

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Reel №2

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Created by the German model of the Romanian voluntary organization labour service are marching with shovels on logging.

Young men with axes cut down trees, using ropes knocked crooked tree, cut off branches.

Another tree falls, everyone runs away.

Finland, in the port of the Arctic ocean.

Arrival at the port of the German transport ships.

Sailors unload boxes, bags of food.

Arrived machine for clearing the snow-swept roads.

Cars with cargo traveling through the city.

Soldiers unload skis, skids, tractors.

A German plane flying over snow-capped mountains, the sea, drops into the water brought from the mainland the wood intended for construction.

Finnish soldiers carry the Board to the shore, build their winter houses, they draped with moss, remove the pipe on the roof.

Soldiers make brooms of twigs, clean the territory.

The officer pours soldiers in tablespoons of fish oil, they drink, wincing.

Colonel-General Dietl inspects military positions of his soldiers on the Lapland front, inspects the neighborhood through binoculars.

The award ceremony at the headquarters of the soldiers.

Lunch in the dining room, chatting with the soldiers.

The southern sector of the front.

German troops moving to the offensive.

A pointer to Krivoy Rog.

The battlefield after the attack.

Are broken machines, tanks, lie the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

German troops in the trenches in the lulls.

The soldiers smoke, eat from the field kitchen.

Position along the motorway to the West of Smolensk.

Digging artillery battery.

On the instrument marked with the silhouettes of downed aircraft and enemy tanks.

Knight of the order of the Iron cross for Lieutenant-General Traub comes out of the dugout, examines the positions of his soldiers on the front lines.

From the map there is a discussion of the situation with the officers.

The enemy is attacking, he is met by a fire of light and heavy mortars.

Explosions on the ground.

The area of operations in the Mediterranean sea, on the map of the island of Samos, Leros, Rhodes.

Just occupied island in the Aegean sea receives the replenishment and supply for the German troops.

Unloading vehicle trucks.

German soldiers look down from the mountains to the Bay and the city below.

Soldiers sailing on a boat, looking through binoculars at the city.

German transport aircraft giant especially showed themselves on long flights in the Mediterranean sea.

This giant type "Messerschmitt" has 6 engines and a wingspan of 55 meters.

A plane taking off, aerial view of the sea, the town below.

Plane escorted by fighter jets.

The music of Wagner.

Landing on the ground.

As the massive gate opened doors of the hold.

Unloaded equipment, armored vehicles, guns.

The view of the German transport aircraft, standing on the ground.

Key words

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