Tonwoche № 647 (1944)

Newsreel №64035, 1 part, duration: 0:11:58, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The young Russian workers are on the German companies a good school.

Later at home they will be good masters of their craft.

Young people learn to operate the machine at the woodworking factory.

Boys are cut from different wood parts polished.

In Berlin, the Congress passed the Azerbaijan volunteers, who have risen to fight against the Bolsheviks.

Volunteers listen to the report experienced Azeri officer.

Among the guests of the Congress is the Grand mufti of Jerusalem.

The audience applauded.

Delegates to lay a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier at the Pantheon on Unter den Linden.

On the day of the New year, the French head of state Marshal Petain took in Vichy Ministers, representatives of the occupation forces and the diplomatic corps.

Petain made a speech and talked with the guests.

Transmission Peten congratulations from French youth.


The representatives of the German and Dutch national socialist movement congratulated the New year the head of the national socialist movement of Holland Adrian Mussert.

He communicates with the guests.

In Verona hosted the 1st Assembly of the Republican fascist party.

The entrance to the ancient castle, the delegates are omitted at the hinged bridge, communicate.

At this meeting, was declared the future work program of the party.

Speech in the hall.

The Minister and Secretary General of the party, Alessandro's delivered a message from the Duce.

All applauded.

Trade agreement between Bulgaria and Germany is renewed for another year.

From the Bulgarian side the agreement was signed by Prime Minister Bozhilov, Germany's Ambassador Beckerle and Chairman of the German Commission, Dr.


The contract sealed.

The head of the Spanish state, Generalissimo Franco took his residence in the representatives of the railwaymen and the miners of Asturias.

The miners gave Franco an album-address with 14 thousand signatures in gratitude for the social assistance that was provided to them.

Islands in the Aegean sea.

The Greek island of Samos, which was occupied by the Germans.

The scenery of the island and Samos island from the air.

Scenes of street life of the city.

Local artisans for the manufacture of its products.

Sitting on the porch, elderly couple, woman holding a spindle.

The young man grinds grain on the millstone.

Citrus and banana plantations.

The soldier picks oranges and gives it to the fellow who sits next to a local girl.

The soldiers cut the banana from the bunch.

With the help of an interpreter the soldiers buying fruit in the local market, talking to people.

Stores of food and wine on the beach.

Soldiers poured local wine from barrels into bottles, are Packed in the parcel to send home.

The soldiers some wine.

Local residents welcome the German soldiers treated them with wine.

Girl in national costume takes a glass of wine on a tray.

Inspection by the German soldiers of ancient ruins and buildings of an Orthodox monastery high in the mountains.

Monk drops down from the window the basket, then picks it up with products.

The soldiers in the monastery, they talk with the Abbot, visiting the art gallery of portraits of the clergy, among them hung a portrait of Hitler.

The view from the window on the dome of the monastery and the sea.

A massive RAID by U.S. aircraft on the territory of Germany on January 11.

Observation post on the German anti-aircraft battery, alarm sounds.

In a few minutes the entire apparatus of the German air defense ready to repel.

The gunners ran out of the barracks and run to the guns that are on alert.

Start of German fighters "Focke-Wulf" and "Messerschmidt".

Dogfight with a squadron of American bombers.

Smoke downed American plane falls to the ground.

Attack by German fighters.

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