Tonwoche № 651 (1944)

Newsreel №64037, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:21, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A circus performance in front of Russian workers at one of the large German factories.

Dance on roller skates.

Six girls are on bikes, performing a variety of shapes.

A man on a bike doing gymnastics, and then rides on one wheel.

The celebrations in Barcelona on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the release of "red terror".

The service in Victoria square.

General Moscardo attaches to the banner ribbon awards officers, on behalf of Generalissimo Franco.

Parade before the General.

People look, pulling his hands in the Nazi salute.

In the city of nice on horse racing on the big prize of the city.

Here was shown the fashion of the coming season.

Racecourse, stroll among the crowd model.

Steeplechase at a distance of 4300 meters.

Spectators watch through binoculars.

The winner is the jockey on the horse, Ornedo.

Bike race for the Grand Prix of Belgium.

After 10 laps Sheeran and cut means showed the same result.

In the final race, won cut means, he presented the award.

Competition in Berlin for the title of hockey masters, there is a meeting of the Berlin and Klagenfurt team clubs.

Moments of the game.

Among the spectators soldiers are holidaymakers.

Wins Berlin club with the score 7:4..

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The speech of Grand Admiral Doenitz to sailors on one of the German naval bases.

Doenitz bypasses divers, awards crew members.

7. Italy.

Military action in southern Italy in the area of Nettuno and Aprilia.

The streets are driving German troops, motorized artillery and tanks.

German heavy guns installed on a mountain positions.

Fleeing soldiers in the woods.

Shooting guns.

The shells fly over the war cemetery with crosses.

Aprilia is a city at the foot of the Albanian mountains, was already in the hands of the Anglo-American forces, but it again won.

The Americans lost battalion of elite units.

The view of the German camouflaged observation post.

Soldiers carry ammunition, gun charge, shoot.

Fighting point anti-aircraft batteries.

The headquarters of the card officers.

British and American prisoners are unloaded from trucks in Rome.

The passage of the prisoners near the Colosseum.

The convoy escorted by German guards and the Italian motorized police.

People look at the column.

Map: Dnieper river, the city of Vitebsk, Zhitomir.

One General introduced the custom to send experienced German soldiers from the front line for a few days on vacation in the rear.

The soldiers escorted the companions, they sit in the trucks.

The General wishes them a good rest.

After the session near the cinema holidaymakers receive gifts: cigarettes, canned food, chocolate.

Vitebsk - city in the center of the fighting.

On the street car ride, away visible Church.

The traffic controller on duty.

The index of multiple labels.

Bus ride with the soldiers.

Boarding the carriages of the train.

Railway station and commandant's office in Vitebsk, out soldiers.

The soldier looks a shield with the poster sessions newsreel "Vohenshau" near the front of the theater.

Publishing house of the front of the newspaper, there is a soldier with the newspaper "Panzerfaust" in the hands.

On the road going trucks.

German messenger motorcycle driving on snowy and icy terrain.

In the dugout sleeping soldiers, a messenger arrives.

The rise of the battle group on alert.

This group is as the closest shift for the front lines.

Soldiers wash up, eat, go through the woods.

Observers in camouflage.

Infantry sneaking among the ruins.

Enemy tanks come, it has anti-aircraft artillery.

Burning tank.

The fighting continued until dark.

Flashes of fire in the night.

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