Tonwoche № 659-1 (1944)

Newsreel №64042, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:55, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The celebration of Hitler's birthday in Riga, in the hall of playing a symphony orchestra.

Reichskommissar Ostland Lohse delivers a solemn speech.

The Reval (Tallinn), celebrate the day of the Fuhrer's birthday.

At a solemn meeting advocates-general commissioner Littsman Estonia.

In Kaunas, the streets marching column RAD with shovels, with balconies looking residents.

Speech by Commissioner General of Lithuania Rentelna at the solemn meeting.

Holiday on a German airfield in the presence of Lieutenant General Meister.

The battalion commander gives his report.

Meister bypass operation personnel, addresses a speech to the soldiers.

Awarding of five officers, iron cross, then walk past The awarded system, salute.

The ceremonial passing soldiers.

The funeral took place in Riga commander of the Latvian SS Legion standartenfuehrer Woldemar Weiss.

The funeral ceremony at the Dome Cathedral, the residents walk past the coffin, which is honor guard.

The coffin was covered with a swastika flag on the wall panel with the SS symbol.

Awards Weiss on a cushion, a wreath at the tomb.

Relatives and friends of the deceased in mourning sitting on chairs.

Funeral speech.

Carrying the coffin out of the cathedral, the soldiers carried him in his arms on the street, put on a tank carriage.

Population says goodbye to Weiss.

At the cemetery the coffin is removed from the gun carriage carried.

Close-up of a soldier's head in a helmet with the SS badge, pouring rain.

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Reel №2

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The coffin is lowered against the wall.

Soldiers salute of rifles.

The coffin was lowered into the grave.

Close-up of a bas-relief with a soldier in a helmet and armor.

Speech by the mayor.

Are the women in mourning, the boy in uniform.

Farewell to Weiss, the laying of wreaths.


Writer August Hinrichs meets its 80th anniversary.

He greets park ranger.

Hinrichs awarded an honorary diploma of the city of Oldenburg artisans, a large diploma plan.

Hinrichs in the office working on a play.

He is present at the rehearsal of one of his plays in the theater of Oldenburg.

The concert for the soldiers in the theater of the town of Stettin.

Soldiers sitting at the tables in the hall, the girls spread a feast, poured coffee.

On the stage, there is a performance of actors.

Sing two girls in the Tyrolean costumes.

Tours of the Croatian dance ensemble in Vienna.

Fragment of the concert, folk dance.

In the hall of seated men.

Military sports in Kolberg.

Start mass race.

Runners in the race over rough terrain with obstacles.

Athletes jump over poles, trench with water, some fall into the water.

Spectators - soldiers and sailors - laugh.

The winner of the city of Stralsund, the officer shakes his hand.


Training sessions in the school of art of wood carving in the town of Pirna.

Under the guidance of master guys are cut from wood figurines: kids, and the peasant with a pipe.

Wizard carves figure Petrushka theater with a long nose.

There is a puppet theater (puppets made by pupils of the school).

Young spectators.

Production processes at a German military factories.

The process of making guns for ships.

Lorraine, the transfer of the local residents of houses built for them.

The grand meeting in the square, head of construction transmits the keys to the mayor.

All come in a new barn, inspect it.


Master Wels (?), The creator of copies, and layout work of famous artists and architects of the past.

View by Wels models cathedral in Orvieto, St.

Peter in Rome, copies of Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Donatello and others.

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