Tonwoche № 662 (1944)

Newsreel №64046, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:04, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church have gathered in Warsaw on the 1st meeting of canon of the cathedral.

Priests convey management representative general-governorship, Governor Dr.

Fischer memorandum in which protest against the policy of expansion of the Ukrainian people, and especially the life of the Church, carried out from Moscow Bolsheviks.

Fischer welcomes priests.

Croatia celebrates third anniversary of its independence.

City, storefront, in her portrait of Pavelic.

Poglavnik Pavelic awards honored the representatives of the government.

Parade Croatian Lifeguards in Agram (Zagreb).

Pavelic horse ahead.

Residents welcome the troops.

Go squads, riding cars with guns.

In Munich for the 18th time held a football match teams of city of Berlin and Munich.

Moments of the game, the fans reaction.

In Germany arrives with Mussolini.

The meeting of the Fuhrer and the Duce, they go into the hall, where the discussion of the general political, military and economic problems.

Mussolini, accompanied by Field Marshal Keitel and Marshal Graziani in the armed forces.

He spends a review of the newly formed Italian division, passes down.

Maneuvers soldiers.

Winter Velodrome in Paris.

More than 20 thousand Frenchmen gathered on the demonstration Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism.

Speech by Jacques Doriot to appeal to young people to take part in the battle for a free Europe.

The central portion.

Map Vitebsk Zhitomir site.

Spring, flowing streams, horses graze on thawed patch last year's grass.

The soldiers on holiday, they sleep, lie in the warm sun.

The location of the Hungarian troops in the vicinity of the city of Stanislav.

View of the carts, standing away train.

The soldiers are resting, shaving, smoking, eating out of pots.

Hungarian general in an interview with the commander of the German parts.

Tanks and infantry on the march, going along the river.

The German and the Hungarian part in the fighting in the foothills of the Carpathians.

Random father and son met at the front.

Tanks of the enemy scouts noticed the movement.

The message conveys the field station.

The artillery opened fire.

The tanks are moving through the village.

German soldiers prisoners.

The village was taken, they are burning houses.

Hungarian and German officers to discuss the position of the card.

Go German convoys.

Burning Soviet equipment at the roadside.

One of the Hungarian connections.

Colonel Liphardt - winner at the Olympic Games in 1936 - the commander of a German tank regiments.

It awards the Iron Crosses lieutenant and sergeant.

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Reel №2

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Germany has been preparing against a possible enemy landing.

Atlantic Wall, pillboxes, vents sticking guns.

An observer with binoculars.

On the banks of barbed wire, hedgehogs.

Dug communication trenches, anti-tank ditch.

In Flanders and the Netherlands had to open the floodgates to fill the trench with water.

German soldiers are marching through the city.

Defensive sector.

Field-Marshal von Rundstedt in one of the SS Panzer Division.

Field-Marshal Rommel inspects all important reference points on the coast.

Drill, the soldiers rush to the places.

Anti-aircraft guns ready for battle.

Infantry runs into the hopper to the gun.

Heavy artillery is ready for battle.

Unfold the protective covers, shells driven on rails.

On the coast of machine-gun nests.

From the American weekly chronicle.

So imagine the Americans landing on the Atlantic coast.

Runs troops, tanks go through the water.

Atlantic Wall, the German battery.

Target Practice German guns.

They're coming armored units.

Crossing the water.

Military exercises indicate readiness of the troops.

Attack Corps.

Road overlap barbed wire, firing flamethrowers.

Artillery fire.

Key words

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