Tonwoche № 675 (1944)

Newsreel №64056, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:13, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The Bohemian-Moravian protectorate passes gathering of young people in 1944.

On the Old Town Square in Prague, there is a concert choir of 1000 voices of Czech youth, dressed in national costumes.

Residents listen to a concert on the balcony of the state. figures.

Youth Demonstration directed to the building of the National Theatre, are columns of boys and girls in national costumes, in front of the orchestra.

The population welcomed the youth.

Mussolini is present at the maneuvers of the Italian volunteer division "Littorio" in Germany.

Duce with German officers in one of the German parade ground, he observes the actions of tanks and infantry.

German officer gives explanations.

Soldiers in attack behind the tanks.

Mussolini officers bypasses position, Duce near the artillery calculation disguised branches.

Soldiers division in the ranks.

Mussolini handed the flag of the division, he kisses him.

Major Remer, commander of the Berlin guard battalion, erected in the rank of colonel for his services during the assassination attempt on the Führer July 20 bypasses the formation of soldiers of his battalion.

He made a speech to the soldiers.

The battalion held a solemn march past the freshly baked colonel in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The central sector of the front, paragraphs Kovel map Lemberg, Vitebsk.

In retreat and defensive operations of German troops.

View from the window at the burning city.

The German tanks, motorcycles, infantry moving through the woods, on the road.

Reserve soldiers to follow the line of battle.

Soldiers are smiling at the camera, waving their hands.

They pass by the settlement with the monastery.

On the street go carts with refugees, people go walking with the remaining belongings.

The train station, special machine rips sleepers on the track.

at the burning station type, home.

Soldiers are running on the track, behind them there was an explosion.

The soldier looks at the locality in the smoke and fire.

Sappers undermine railway masked booby.

A soldier with anti-aircraft guns watching the crossing of troops and equipment on the bridge.

Gunners cover troop withdrawals.

Gunners from the road on which travel cars, motorcycles past the settlement.

The city burning building, set on fire by the Germans during the retreat.

Infantry rear guard with machine guns, bazookas way along a city street, ensuring the evacuation of troops.

The detachment occurs on the street with a machine gun, the corporal looking through binoculars.

On one of the eastern railway stations trains arrive with fresh reserves of troops and equipment, tanks on the platform.

Artillery and tanks are moving under its own power to the front.

The tanks in the offensive.

German officer looking card.

Soldiers of a smoke near the tanks.

Close-up of a young soldier, machine-gun on the neck tape.

Soldiers on the front line in the lulls.

They eat, drink from a bucket of soldiers water.

The observer in the tower, the radio operator receives a message about the attack, sending messages by phone.

Officers in the field headquarters of the card.

German infantrymen occupy new positions, they are in a trench.

View from the slot on the area, is heard the explosion.

Soldiers take cover behind the ruins of the building.

The artillery firing across the river, can be seen exploding shells, mortar firing, soldiers with machine guns and rifles, the soldier throws a grenade.

Under artillery fire, German tanks and grenadiers go to the counter.

The view from the slit of the tank.

The explosions on the ground.

Goes tank, tank looking into the pipe from an open hatch.

On the roads of Normandy.

The bridge goes German technology disguised branches tank.

Channel peasants their herds in a safe place.

Towards the herd goes German truck with soldiers.

German reservists to help ward off the animals, the soldier driving the sheep.

Mechanized Artillery soldiers traveling on the road.

Allied air raids on the city commits Normandy, explosions on the ground.

Residents are fleeing the streets of the ruined city, dismantle the ruins in search of the remaining items.

People leave the destroyed cities, are women with children.

View of the ruined city, people dismantled ruins are wounded on a stretcher.

On the road going carts with people and things, children are dragging a cart with things, bicycles, women walk with prams.

Man carries a bicycle thing.

Prisoners of Americans are on the road.

Thousands of American prisoners of war carried through the streets of Paris, residents are showing towards them acts of hostility: scream, beat.

German fighters take off to attack the British aircraft.

The shelling of the American column of air.

English aviation in turn attacks the German infantrymen on the streets.

Throughout the smoke, fire, explosions.

Military action south of the city of Caen.

The infantry in the trenches.

German artillery shelled the position of allies.

Tank attack.

SS Hauptsturmführer Wittmann on the tank.

Soldiers of the SS division in the attack.

Destroyed and damaged Anglo-American military equipment, soldiers corpses.

Infantry conducts fights on the streets, they are among the ruins.

Along the street beats a flamethrower, there is a continuous fire.

Key words

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