Tonwoche № 678 (1944)

Newsreel №64058, 1 part, duration: 0:12:43, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Baltic front.

The German gunners shoot with guns camouflage (hay), ready to fire.

Advancing German tanks.

Soldiers moving on the road, riding armored soldiers.

The emergence of the Soviet bomber, soldiers lie in a ditch.

Counterattack German soldiers, they run across the field, fired from rifles and machine guns.

Signalman leaves the shelter, listening to a message by phone, screaming in the direction of artillery calculations.

The gun is prepared to fight, shoot a six-barreled mortars.

Minesweeper twists knob fuse.

The battle continued till night.

In the dark, the lights visible gaps.

Burning house.

Start of the German bomber squadron in the sky.

The massive air raid on the Soviet rear.



Zaydeman and pilot Major Rudel discuss the problem card transactions.

The squadron is flying on a mission.

The view from the height of the road, and the enemy tanks, bombing, bomb explosions on the ground.

Counterattack German infantry and artillery.

Grenadier in the offensive.

The soldiers are wounded by the church in a field hospital, rendering first aid to the wounded.

The soldiers fled into the thick dust.

Tanks go on burning city.

The soldiers in street fighting, they cautiously make their way among the houses, look in the window, over the fence.

The night can be seen burning houses, trees.

The suppression of the uprising in Poland.

View of Warsaw from the opposite bank of the river.

There is a bombardment of the city by German artillery.

German tanks going over the bridge, they are in the city.

German units in urban warfare.

The soldier leads arrested a man in the smock.

Soldier shows explosives with English inscriptions.

Individual units are moving through the city, shoot from the windows, hiding behind cars and tanks.

dead bodies lie in the streets.

German Lieutenant General Shtagel of Staff directs the suppression of the uprising, the officers over the map.

Continuing street battles, soldiers deploying the gun on the street, shooting, shooting bazookas.

The evacuation of civilians from the city, accompanied by German soldiers.

Fighting in northern Italy (near Ravenna, Florence).

Anti-aircraft guns fired on US aircraft.

Bombing of German positions.

Runs soldiers behind him is heard the explosion.

Antiaircraft guns inciting the plane, it falls.

German anti-aircraft gun on the truck, camouflaged with branches, quickly rushes on the road.

German soldiers have shot down an American plane, one finds a movie camera, pulls out a tape.

German calculations, the gunner on the gun shows, where the barrel is decorated with stripes on the number of downed aircraft.

Artillery strikes on the ground.

Heavy street fighting in the city.

The soldiers fired machine guns, run into the ruins of houses.

Explosions of buildings German artillery.


German SS General Sepp Dietrich award Iron Crosses soldiers distinguished themselves in battle.

Battles with the Anglo-American troops.

A German soldier looks through binoculars from the shelter.

It starts firing.

The battery of heavy guns.

The commander looks through the telescope, gives the order, the radio operator reported these purposes.

Gunners load a gun and shoot.

Masking guns from enemy aircraft branches.

There are British bombers bombed the German positions.

German artillery shelled the enemy planes.

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