Tonwoche № 686 (1944)

Newsreel №64060, 1 part, duration: 0:11:40, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ukrainian family of migrant workers in Germany.

The family at the table having breakfast, goes to work.

One of the daughters working in the warehouse, along with an old man she unloads boxes girl carries boxes on trucks.

Her sister works at the post office, workers loaded packages into the car, she gets into the car, put on uniform cap.

The eldest son works as an electrician at the plant.

The third daughter - a welder.

Father, honored miner, and his comrades in the mine.

Volunteers born in 1928 take the oath to the Führer.

Detachments "Hitler" on the demonstration in the square near the palace.

The young man is suitable to the officer, he shakes his hand.

Playing the young drummer.

This officer before the youth.

Those boys, they are in the form of various types of troops.

Norwegian police parade, marching riot police, mounted police.

Remarks by President Asquith police.


Caudillo Franco away in a phalanx of school.

Accompanied by the teaching staff, he bypasses the school premises.

Young students meet him in the yard cheers.

Franco speech, is on track, the boys escorted Franco to the car.

View of a Gothic cathedral in the west of Germany, 40 km from the front.

The walls of the soldiers sitting.

Life in the frontline city of the Rhineland.

Patrol checks the documents of a truck driver, is the tram.

On the streets of marching soldiers.

Hang the slogans: "The fight to win!".

Ruins of houses near the cathedral.

Held evacuation of the civilian population.

Station "Saint Catherine", people loaded into wagons things strollers.

Children in kindergarten.

The sisters put the children on the bus, escorted them.

On the road going carts with belongings, people go with things, lead a herd of cows, sheep.

Marching detachment of "Hitler" with shovels, they work on the defense.

Guys dig antitank ditches under the supervision of an officer, are unwound and barbed wire.

She ties up the boy finger.

Digging the ditch.

The girl takes off his boots, the ground shakes.


The sky hung barrage balloons.

German stronghold in France, attacked the RAF. Bute German anti-aircraft guns.

Images from the English chronicles attack missiles V-1 in London.

View of London with the Thames.

V-1 in the sky.

A crowd of people from the houses.

Ruins of houses, warped cars.

PNRM. the ruins.


Battle of Aachen.

Using his material advantage, the Anglo-American troops are attacking German units.

Fire batteries.

The bunkers are German reserves.

Soldiers load a grenade, shoot.

British planes bombed the German positions.

Attack of German soldiers occupied the American position.

British journalist John Bulls.

German grenadiers attack.

It shoots a German sniper.

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