Tonwoche № 692 (1944)

Newsreel №64063, 1 part, duration: 0:08:31, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In the Tyrol held a traditional contest in shooting from the crossbow.

The target set at 15 meters.

Among the targets is a man in a decorated cap, which marks the contact and returns to participants their arrows in a box, to move along the rope.

The man in the cap stands near the competition logo.

Tyrolean arrows, whose ancestors hundreds of years ago were different in defending the fatherland, one and all come into people's militia.

Patch on the sleeve of his overcoat, "Battalion shooters Kitsbyuhela".

Arrows in plain clothes with guns in their hands marching down the street.

Story militia in uniform.

Regional Head Fotar took an oath from them in Innsbruck.

Fotar speaks to soldiers with speech.

PNRM. by rows of soldiers.

View of the mountains of Tyrol.

In the whole of Spain held the festival dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the existence of the phalanx.

In the square there is a rally, the crowd can see banners on the balcony of the leaders of the phalanx.

In Madrid, at the Teatro comedy, a solemn meeting with the participation of the party minister and other leaders of the phalanx, they go into the building through the crowd.

People greet them, clap.

Marsh columns of the old guard and student organizations through the streets of Madrid.

Leaders phalanx on the podium.

German youth on military training courses.

The student fires a pistol, giving the signal to start the exercise.

A student throws a smoke bomb.

In terms of approximate to the fighting, the students run to the river with inflatable boats.

It begins training the crossing under the guidance of experienced soldiers-veterans.

Boys rowing, jump on the beach, run.

Shock group of the German army, departing from Greece, near the river.

It cleans the highway Skopje-Nis from bandits.

Over the tank soldiers running and shooting.

The artillery and assault guns taken under fire bandit strongholds.

German soldiers cyclists ride on the highway, on the road met the Albanian nationalists, who welcomed the German troops and take the job of Commissioner groups.

Albanians happily pulled his hands, shouting, waving a flag.

German tank rides on the highway, followed by cyclists.

German strong points are waging a heroic struggle on the Atlantic Ocean.

The reference point on the shore.

There is a battle between the German anti-aircraft artillery and the Anglo-American air force.

The object of the enemy raid - German flotilla sailed, they bombed.

Anti-aircraft guns prevent planes drop bombs in the right place.

Drop a wounded American plane, which is in the city.

In the ruins of the people running, an ambulance rides.

Showing downed American aircraft elsewhere.

For several weeks, on the western front there is a large Anglo-American offensive.

However, the lightning war, which they hoped would become a fierce fight for every meter of the German lands.

As settlements are the German troops, convoys, soldiers with bazookas.

An observer looking through binoculars, artillery guns charged.

German artillery acts, despite the raids and bombing the enemy.

Go powerful counterattacks folk grenadiers.

View from the loopholes in the running soldiers.

German rocket launcher firing out of the forest.

Grenadiers in reflection tank attack.

In the Vosges the German units moved to winter trench warfare.

The soldiers in the ruins in the snow at the firing positions.

The battlefield after a tank battle in the Vosges mountains.

Are the broken tanks.

Winter brings new challenges the Anglo-American army.

German sentry on the position, the soldiers stamped his feet against the cold.

Dripping icicles.

In the forest there is a scout troop in camouflage, the observer looking through binoculars.

The soldiers on guard, they look around the neighborhood.

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