German chronicle for the occupied areas № 24055 (1941)

Newsreel №64839, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:14, black-white

Reel №1

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The arrival of Hitler and Goebbels in the building of the Berlin - "Sportpalasta".

Hitler Speech / non sync. / The meeting of the Nazis to mark the opening of the Winter Assistance


Hitler and Keitel in the headquarters of General Brauhina.

Podzdravlyayut him on his birthday / 60th anniversary /

The funeral of a soldier of the "Blue Division" with the participation of the Catholic clergy


Great Industrial Exhibition.

Pavilions Nazi Germany / Products Factory presented Boone and dr.predpriyaty /


Animal clinic in Warsaw.

Doctor, examining a large dog and a monkey


German-occupied Galicia.

Cossack troops parade and street processions people dressed in traditional Ukrainian costumes.

The representatives of the authorities of the occupied watching the demonstrators from the rostrum.

The offering "bread and salt" invaders.

Ukrainian National Dance

Industrial Exhibition: pavilions of Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania

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Exhibition Industry

Reel №2

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Hitler's troops in Kiev, Kiev aflame.

Burning buildings, big explosions and fires.

German soldiers water jet hose trying to extinguish the fire.

The plaque on the building of the Lenin Museum.

German soldiers take out boxes of dynamite from the museum building, reveal them, and demonstrate in front of kinoappartom.

Broken Soviet military equipment.

A column of prisoners on the stretch.

Among the prisoners a large number of civilians.

Prisoners at an assembly point.

The face of a German soldier, a representative of "highly developed of the Aryan race", shot close-up, portrait sopostovlyat with scenes of one of the prisoners.

The face of "Aryan" is given a double exposure.

Against the background of going on the offensive strong German military equipment

SSSR.Severny portion of the front / district Kandalaksha /.

Attack of the German infantry.

Flamethrowers in action.

Operator at work

SSSR.Yuzhny portion of the Soviet-German front.

The fighting east of the Dnieper.

German engineers overcome the barbed wire and the dragon's teeth.

The infantry in the offensive and on the march.

Field kitchen on the march.

Transition of German troops from Kherson to Perekop.

Capture Perekopa.

The positions of Soviet troops.

An explosion at an ammunition depot.

The infantry in the trenches.

German aircraft in the air.

Frustrated bombs Soviet armored train and the railway train / aerial view /.

Clearing and conversion of the railway.

Pontoon bridge.

The ferry troops across the bridge over the Dnieper.

Crossing the river on inflatable boats.

Combat operations on the opposite bank of the river

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