Materials for the German Chronicle (1939)

Footage №65211, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:28, black-white

Reel №1

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Frnaksitskih Parade of troops in Madrid on the occasion of the "victory" over the Republicans.

General Franco in the car welcomes the crowd.

His guard-riders with lances.

Aircraft in the sky.

Tribune, decorated with coats of arms and the inscription: "Victory!




Some general speech.

He embraces F.Franko.

Parade of troops.

Franksitskie marching soldiers.

From the rostrum of welcomes Franco.

Moorish troops.



Guests at the podium.

Italian Blackshirts allies Franco.



Heavy weapons.

Franco privetstvet troops.

Anti-aircraft guns.

The delegation of top Nazi officers.

Officers come from motor vehicles.

Cars passing by in her standard of the soldiers with.

Self-propelled artillery unit.

Aircraft over the area


Electric ramp into the sea.

Shark in the sea.

Sea underwater hunting.

Diver plays with a giant turtle, as well as with a ramp

Key words

Germany, parade, troops, soldiers, weapons, military technique, GOS.figures, personalities, the Nazi State.the symbolism, the allies, the delegation, military commanders, aviation
Germany, sea, animals, divers, hunting

Reel №2

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The visit to Berlin the foreign Minister of Italy Galeazzo Ciano.

The station, decorated with Nazi flags and Italian flags.


From the car out of top Nazi officers and Ciano and his entourage.

Standard Italian fascists living in Germany.

Ciano bypasses occurring.

A guard of honor.

Buildings decorated with Nazi and Italian flags.

Ciano and German officers in the car.

Children with Nazi flags.

The crowd of people.

Honorary motorcade passes Unter-den-Linden.

Visible behind the Brandenburg gate.

The flag of the Italian monarchy.

The laying of wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

Inside the Pantheon.

Make wreaths.

Ciano at the grave.

The crowd welcomed him.


Girls and representatives of the Italian fascist youth welcome the Minister.

Hitler welcomed Ciano.

The higher ranks of the third Reich: Goebbels, Goering, Raeder.

The signing of agreements.

The agreement signed by Ribbentrop.

Hitler at the table.

Italo-German agreement signed by Ciano.

Hitler and Ciano shake hands.


A huge crowd.


Ciano and Hitler have a balcony.

The crowd welcomes them.

Hitler and Ciano pulls hands in a Nazi salute.

Next to Goering with the Marshal's baton, back-Keitel


Topical with Nazi airfield.


Light sport aircraft.

The planes take off.


Spectators watch the flight.

Plane flips in the air,performing aerobatics.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Nazi officers among the guests.

The aircraft tumbles in the air.

The pilot cylinder sits in a small plane.

Three-engine planes in the air.

Lose goals.

Parachute landing


Jumping into the water.

Girls jumping from the tower


Huge fire.

The fighting in some huge warehouse.

The building is on fire.

Collapse of the structure.

Flames buildings

Key words

Germany, the visit, the delegation, the allies, the Nazis, the fascists, the State.figures, personalities, generals, children, State.symbols, young people, the laying of wreaths, monuments, population, State.act, Hitler, Goering, orchestra, rally
Germany, aviation, airfield, sports, Nazis, paratroopers, Marines
Germany, sports, women
Germany, fire, destruction

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