Hunting in German East Africa (1910-1919)

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A documentary about a hunting expedition in German East Africa.

The Hotel Meru.

A group of porters.

The porters dismantled the cargo.

The national dance.

The caravan set out.

A group of white hunters.

The mountainous landscape.

In the background-porters-natives.

Resting donkeys.

They are trying to move.

The natives are on the parts of dogs.

Monitoring the game from behind the mound.

In the distance-a herd of antelope.


Dogs poisoned antelope.

The hunter has killed an animal.

Killed the antelope.

The natives carry away the animal's head.

Catching the young of antelopes for the firm of Carl Hagenbeck/Hamburg/.

Caught antelope with a hunter.

Natives with spears.

They caught antelope.

The national dance.

Dedicated natives take care of antelopes.

Antelope for food.

A herd of zebras.

The hunter sneaks up to the herd.

Dead Zebra.

Butchering carcasses.

Zebra skin dried in the sun.

Hyena drags the skin of a Zebra.

Hunters from the lair of the hyena.

Caught by a hyena.

Hyena are in camp.

The snout of a hyena.

From the den of hyenas pull a Zebra.

Caught in the trap of a Jackal.

A flock of pelicans on the lake.

The birds take off.

A hunter shoots a Pelican.

A wounded Pelican pulled out of the water.

The beak of a Pelican.

The beak-fish.

Native egg female Pelican

Key words

Germany, expedition, hunting, hunters, mountain, animals, natives, entertainment, birds, lake

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A herd of wildebeests hartebeests.

Antelope shot by the lens for far shots.

A wounded antelope and dogs.

Hunter finished off the wounded animal.

The carcass of the antelope.

The caravan continues its way.

The Hippo in the water.

Hunter wants to shoot the Hippo,but it prevents the dog floating next to the pond.

The corpse of a hippopotamus.

The carcasses of two hippos.

The mouth of a Hippo.

The lake dried up over a decade of drought.

From the lake choose Ozerskiy salt /Nitron/ drying.

Pieces of Nitron wrapped in grass.

Caravan salt arrives in the village.

Processing of lake salt in food salt.

Children eat salt

Key words

Germany, hunting, hunters, animals, lake, food industry

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A herd of African deers.

Hunters aim,pull dogs.

A wounded deer.

It finishes off the hunter.

The carcass of a deer.

The hunt for a giraffe.

Killed a giraffe.

Ebony eats roast giraffe.

Hunting for antelope Oryx.

A wounded animal fights with the dogs.

The hunter kills the antelope.

The skin of antelope.

The caravan continues its path.

The emergence of a large snake.

Hunter kills snake.

Eggs in the nest of the snake.

Hunter pulls out of the eggs the embryos of a snake.

The corpse of the murdered snake.

Hunting party in durlach.


The hunter shoots the elephant.

The natives cut off the elephant tusks.

The carcass of the killed elephant.

Hunter in the tent.

Inspect the trophies.

The capture of a young rhinoceros.

Adult Rhino.

The carcass of a rhinoceros.

Butchering carcasses.

The natives at rest.

The natives eat.

The return home.

The caravan is moving back with rich booty

Key words

Germany, hunting, hunters, animals, snakes, jungle, trophies, natives, nationality

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