Creek with two poles (1920-1929)

Footage №65534, 5 parts, duration: 0:51:11, black-white
Director:Ragnar Vestfeljt

Reel №1

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Map of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The North Of Scandinavia.

A herd of deer.G.Loose.

General appearance.



In the foreground train.



The explosion at the quarry.


Ore loading platform.

Train with ore.

The Northern landscape.

Panorama of forest in Northern Sweden.

Loggers at work.

The cart loaded with timber.


It frozen logs.

Metallurgical plant in Sandvika.

General appearance.

In the shops of the plant.

Is steel.

A field of wheat.



A herd of cows.

Panorama of fields with houses.

Castle Corpus.

General appearance.

Castle Ortofta.

Castle Trollenas

Key words

Sweden, animals, pets, animal, mountains, mine, miners, explosion, equipment, household, industry, timber, work, river, heavy industry, farmers, Castle

Reel №2

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Bourgeois in the restaurant.

He reads in the newspaper about the success of the economy of Northern Sweden.

Working in a squalid dormitory.

General view of the hostel-dark barracks.

The farmer at work.

Working at the office.

In the office.

The signing of the contract.

Loggers at work.

The logging.

Working in the barracks.

Castle Shamus.

Loggers at work.

Fall down a huge pine.

Information about miserable earnings lioubov-5 kronor 50 öre per day.

Workers for processing of felled trees.


Man crushed by a falling tree.

Pulling it out from under the tree.

The removal of barrels on a horse.

Sending the finished woodpile.

Clearing snow from roads.

Old working at Breakfast.

The removal of the wood

Key words

Sweden, the forest industry, poverty, workers, peasants,

Reel №3

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Winter landscape.

Extraction of timber.

Preparing them for rafting.

Data on the working day rafters-14 hours a day.

Horses give birth in a stable.

The workers sent to their barracks.

The workers in the barracks.

Coffee is the only stimulant, but it is not enough.

Work grinds and brews coffee.

Bourgeois in the restaurant for lunch.

He chitant newspaper.

Worker drinking coffee.

Another smokes.


The resulting hand takes away from the working piece of sugar.

Text in the newspaper about the need for further intensification of labor.

Text in the newspaper "development" of natural resources of the North.

Work preparing the dough for pancakes.

Symbolic hand takes away a piece of margarine.

Lean working lunch.

Bourgeois in the restaurant

Key words

Sweden, the forest industry, labor, poverty, media, propaganda, domestic animals

Reel №4

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Horses give birth in a stable.

Ask them oats.

Horse in front of the office.

The hand of bourgeois writing a check.

The worker lies down to sleep on the bench.

Bourgeois lies in his soft bed.

The woman pulling the sled.

She chops wood in the yard.

Forest landscape.

Men come back from work.

The logs in the pond.

The descent of the logs through a specially Ustronie gate.

Logs in the stream.


Bourgeois wakes up from sleep.

Lunch rafters.

Rafters at work.

The descent of the forest by a special ditch in the pond.

Rafters are laid to rest

Key words

Sweden, the forest industry, workers, poverty, women

Reel №5

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Rafters at work.

Rafters in the boat.

Rafters are clearing debris,pushing the logs down the current.

Sick work on the bed.

The forest floating on the river.

The rapid flow.


A huge cluster of logs.

Timber-processing plant.

General appearance.

The shop works.

Processing and cutting logs.

Loading timber on ships.

The ship Laden forest.

Caption on fighting the social Democrats for the rights of workers-loggers and rafters.

Multagri:the table official pulls out of the trunk money.

Everything bourgeois and officials.

The worker gets nothing.

The Swedish landscape.

A herd of cows.

A woman washes clothes.

A man with a family and son.

Rural landscape.

The caption is that the only party that fights for the rights of the little man is the Social democratic party

Key words

Sweden, the forest industry, workers, poverty, social movements

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