History of cinema on film (1920-1929)

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Obschty view Conservatory / Museum / arts and crafts.

Information about the building.

Various corners of the building.

The human eye.

Driving eyes.

The optic nerve.

The transmission scheme in sary image in the human brain.

Man in front of a special appart.

After opening the light beam falls.

The acceleration of the machine separate beams merge into a common stream of light.

Samples of "magic lanterns" in the seventeenth.

The first attempts to simulate the motion of a magic lantern. "Chinese shadows", introduced in 1791 Seraphin fashion shows g.

Chelovek "Chinese shadows." "Fantaskop" Robertson.

General form

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France, museum, science, Gos.uchrezhdeniya

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Man in "fantaskopa".

The show "ghosts" with fantaskopa.

Special device on the rear side of the screen. "Overhead projector" -apparat to project images on the screen. "Thaumatrope" Dr.

Paris / 1823 /.

Man shows his action, the illusion of movement is created by the rapid rotation of a circle with different images. "Phenakistoscope" Antoine Plateau / 1832 / is a disk with holes which during rotation creates the illusion of movement in the mirror.

Apparatus Francois Dubosquet / 1850 / projection "living pictures".

General form.

The main part of the machine: "Magic Wheel" with swaying figures "Zootron" - "the ear of life.".

General form.

The device in deystvii.portret Emile Reynaud.

Its hardware "praxinoscope" / 1877 /.

General form.

The device is an enhanced for the theater.

The device is in motion: it creates the illusion of moving pictures "optical theater" Reynaud, on display at the Museum Grevin in Paris..

An engraving depicting "optical theater".

Save Movie Raynaud's 36-meter band with perforations "Poor Pierrot" ./ 1892 /.

It is a drawing showing this movie

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France, science, technology, movies

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Janson device for display of daguerreotypes in motion.

The caption on the use of the apparatus Almeida in Nagasaki for filming.

The mechanism of action of the device Jansen/the so-called"revolver".

Chronographic rifle" Fields Marey /1882/.

General appearance.

Illustration of the action of the drums.


The man with the "rifle"of Marea.

A drum with figures of birds."Chronophotography"Of Marea.

General appearance.

The device in action.

Film chronophotographic sketches of Marea "Falling cat","Running dog".

Projector Marea 1893, General view.

Portrait Of Etienne-Jules Marea.

Portrait Of Etienne-Jules Marea.

Two apparatus albert Londa,6 and 9 lenses.

The office of the Domain Georges-assistant Marea.

Apparatus Leon Gaumont.

Portrait Demena."Kinetoscope" Edison.

General view

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France, science, cinema, equipment, weapons

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A sample of early film-two acrobat.

Portrait of Edison. "The cinema" Lumière / 1895 /.

General form.

Apparatus in motion.

Fototahigraf Raul Grimuan-Sanson / 1895 /.

General form.

The second design is the same unit / 1896 /.

General view on the move.

Two V.Kontensuza apparatus.

General view. "The French biographer," Lyra / 1897 /. "Glaksinograf" Berthier / 1896 /.

General view. "Sineorema" Grimuan-Sanson.

Lithography playback of this unit.

The mechanism of one of the 10 vehicles "sineoramy".

The first films of the Lumiere brothers' Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory "/ 1894 /," Out of barges in the sea "," Arrival of a Train at the station Ciotat "/ 1895 /, a fragment of the film" The Tables Turned on the Gardener. "

Place de la Madeleine in Paris shooting Shots on fototahigrafa.

Map showing the distribution of cinema.

Portrait of Louis Lumière

Key words

France, movies, technology

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