Carl Schurz travels to Germany (1934)

Documentary №65549, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:31, black-white

Reel №1

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Tourists on the train.

A trip to the "Polish Corridor".

Bells fifteenth century.

Forms of the church, on the walls of moldings and sculptures.

Patterned cast iron fence at the entrance to the big iron balls.


Town Hall in Danzig.

Tourists walking on the street of the city.

Gothic architecture of the buildings, lights.

Tram line going cars, trams.

The port of the city.

Loaders shovels pour pesokiz barzhi.

PNRM. along the coast, along the river.

Fishing boat.

The old pier.


Tourists go to the ship.

Cities Alleynshtayn, Marienburg.

The city walls, decoration of the tiles on the roof.

The spiers of churches.

A carved gates, tourists go to the castle.

Cobblestone road.

On the wooden bridge to the castle.

Alleys leading to the church.

Stained glass windows of the cathedral.

Mosaic: St.


Reception Hall in the Town Hall.

On the street in front of the cathedral.

On a high pedestal of the statue of the German-Viking with a sword.

Caption: "This land is nemetskoy.11 July 1920".

Rhine, lunar path on water.

Tourists on the beach.

Near the stone pedestals.

Border post.

Two photographed beside him.



On the roof of the stork.

Tourist with a kitten.

Castle Shudenberg.

A large stone cross.

Arch in the wall leading to the castle.

Coat of Arms, the inscription on the board: "In 1914-1916, there were killed 25 officers, 185 non-commissioned officers and lancers, 4th Lancers".

Board on the wall.

Tourists walk past the walls of the fortress.

A solemn meeting in honor of the dead, a military operation.

On the wall is the emblem of the Nazi Iron Cross.

The grave in Hindenburg Tannenberg.

Tourists traveling in poezde.

PNRM. at the scenery outside the window, fields, meadows, forests and villages.


The bridge is the tram.


City streets.

Tomb of Immanuel Kant.

Spires, bashni.

PNRM. To the shore.

The Nazi flag.

Boy at the parapet.


The beach, tourists

Key words

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Reel №2

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Sightseeing bus goes on the road towards the cars, bicyclists.

Entering in Rothenburg.

Fortress wall, arch, then the second arch of the bridge, another arch.

streets of the town.

Houses are close to each other, peaked roof.


Directions to Augsburg city.

View through a window on a patterned lattice ulitsu.

PNRM. past the house, ivy.

Tourists on the street near the fountain.


Female arm pumps water from the column.

Rural neighborhood Augsburg.

In the distance a village church.


River Boat.

People sunbathing on the beach.

Again forests, fields.


Landsberg Fortress.

The town with the railway crossing.

Begin mountains.


Bavarian landscapes.

Passage through the village in the rain.

Types of Oberammergau.

In the town a religious holiday.

Dramatized Bible stories-mysteries.

Crucifix, icon of the Mother of God.

Nazi standard.

The street goes cyclist with a flower in his hat.

A boy carries a baggage cart through the streets.

Passers-by in the city.

Showcase studio.



Silhouette of a Benedictine monastery.

A road stone crucifix with Christ.

Our Lady.


House in 1805.

People come to the sermon.

The priest shows tour the monastery.

The bus goes on.

On the mountain road.

Train passengers rest

Key words

Germany, excursion, cars, trucks, fortifications, monuments, tourism, women, peasants, church, river, vacation, bridge, railroad, mountains, natural phenomena, religion, clergy, Gos.simvolika, people, festival

Reel №3

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Passers-by go over the bridge across the river.


The building of the German Museum.

Tourists visiting the exhibits: a variety of vehicles.

The first locomotive in 1870 g.

Razlichnye machines.

The current model.

Railway carriage.

The steam engine.

Richly decorated knyazhskaya coach, floral ornament, sculptured figures, gilding.

Team of reindeer.

Through the glass door of the tourists come in the winter garden.


In the courtyard of a quadrangular tower with a clock.

Various mechanisms.

Lowered rail shooter.

Platform Heidelberg.

Aqueduct over the River.

City vzeleni gardens.


Cathedrals Geydelberga.

PNRM. with mountains in the city.

The rise of the cable car up the hill.


PNRM. the valley of the river.

Lunch in a tent.


The church, on the walls of the bas-reliefs with mafic subjects.

Burial in the church.

High crosses.

Industrial enterprises in Saarbrücken.

The plant trolley.

City hung Nazi banners.

Houses decorated with inscriptions, poems Gothic script.

Moselle Valley.


Porta Romana.


Fountain with sculptural group.


The ruins of an ancient castle.

Rhine, tourists traveling across the bridge.

Towards the marching men in civilian clothes.

The cart with hay.

At the pier.

Tourists sit on a pleasure boat.

They're coming down the river.

Barges, ships.


Key words

Germany, river, bridge, tourism, museum, transportation, household appliances, mill, cathedral, church, fortifications, industry, fascists, Gos.simvolika, sale, sculpture, water transport

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