Germany, my Germany (1920-1929)

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Reel №1

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German troops marching in uniform in the last century.

The views of the Reich Chancellery.


Horse March.

Riders with banners.

Bismarck takes the salute.

Riders in full uniform.

Demonstration of military equipment:horse-drawn implements.

A parade of riders in Berlin.

Troops of the Navy.

The sea and ships.

The warship"Duke Hendrik".

The view on top of him.

Deck closeup.


Open sea.

View from side with one ship to another.

Views of the destroyer with huge guns on Board.

Views of the Marina.

Views of merchant ships.

The Ship"Germany".panorama of cranes,railway.

Freight train. pnrm factories with Smoking chimneys.


In the sky the airship "Schwaben".

View of the city from the air.

Planes in the sky.

The building of the Berlin University.

In the laboratory.

In 1914,the crowd in front of the government building.

Leaving the front of the unit.

Cavalry, infantry.

A military parade, cyclists.

On the Eastern front the Russian refugees.

Along the train go to the troops.

Closeup of barbed wire.

The street of the city: fire in the houses.

View of the abandoned utensils.

Soldiers carry wounded on stretchers.

The dilapidated building of the Cathedral, the traces of shells on the facade.

View of the warehouse.

The destroyed railway track.

The bridge, crashed train

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Reel №2

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View of the destroyed bridge.


Street of the city.

Refugees with children.

Hindenburg in front of the camera in uniform.

Hinderburg, at the headquarters of the camera.

Marching troops go.

The horse artillery.

The officer walks around the lake.

A mass attack.

German troops crossing a swamp.

Hindenburg on the site of the headquarters,located during the battle of Tannenburg.

Riders on the city streets.

Captured Russian soldiers.

The prisoners, accompanied by guards.

The Germans with trophies.

The spoils of war the armies of Hindenburg.

Women and children.

Tents,where they sell the little things.

In the background of a ruined house.

A crowd of people,the Hindenburg talks to the people.

The General rejoicing.

Place Kaizah.

Hindenburg celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Hindenburg is included in the "Hello Hotel".

In the hall he accepts the greetings of the Kaiser the "Hello Hotel".

In the hall he accepts congratulations from the Kaiser Wilhelm P. senior military officials.

The Kaiser and Hindenburg closeup.

On the steps of the residence.

General stable Ludendorff speech.

Ludendorf and the Hindenburg in front of the camera

Key words

Germany, World War 1, the destruction of the bridge, refugees, children, women, military leaders, personalities, lake, artillery, army, swamp gos.deyateli, prisoners, trophies, trade, population, anniversary, celebrations

Reel №3

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Military action in the woods.

On the rocky steep side of the hill the soldiers dragged a cannon.

View of the field,the soldiers in the attack.


The soldiers have guns,the gunner.

The tracks of the tank.

Tank runs into the trench.

Tank band with barbed wire.

Firing the gun.

The troops of the enemy.

Street of the city.


In position:during a break, the French reading letters from home,repairing shoes.

French troops in the attack.

Shoot German guns.

The infantry coming.

The French in the trenches.

The Germans in the bunker in front of the open fire.

View of the battlefield:attack,exploding.



French soldiers are going to attack with grenades.

Attack of German infantry.

The French retreat.

View the battlefield from above.

German soldiers close up.

The explosion killed the soldiers.

German sailor with a flag doesn't give up.

View of the cruiser.


On deck team.

Explosion,burning ship.


In the engine room.

Boats with icy ropes.

View of the cruiser.

View of the cruiser of the British Navy.

The German submarine.

War submarines:water views,visible from the periscope, a submarine POPs up.

The boat is trying to go through the placed mines.

Explosions at sea.

Ships firing at submarines.

A sunken sailboat.

Squadron at sea.

The cruiser is firing

Key words

Germany, world war 1 soldiers, weapons, tanks, mail, troops, explosion, sea, Navy, State.the symbolism of the fire

Reel №4

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Hindenburg with his entourage visited the wounded,talking with them.

Hindenburg attends his regiment which bears his name.

Hindenburg out of the car,passes the time.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers.

The regiment marches at the head of is the Hindenburg.

Is the orchestra.

Marching unit.

Hindenburg takes the salute.

Military action.

Soldiers firing from the trenches.


Explosions on the battlefield.

German soldiers overcome natural obstacles.

Firing the gun.

The staff,the radios were working.

The officer talking on the phone.

Planes in the air.

German position.


The horse artillery.

The soldiers pulled the gun on himself.

The movement of soldiers on the road blurred.

Soldiers collect the gun,pick up the rope on steeper rocky.


Soldiers overcome the obstacle of barbed wire.

The soldiers are going to attack

Key words

Germany, world war 1, military leaders, personalities, gos.deyateli, wounded troops, parade, orchestra, explosion, weapons, communications, artillery, cavalry, roads, natural phenomena

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