On the German Rhine from Mainz to Koblenz (1920-1929)

Footage №65584, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:04, black-white
Camera operators:Otto Martini

Reel №1

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The Surrounding Area Of Wiesbaden.

The rushing train.

Views of the city.


Parts of the Park.

Greek chapel on mount Nero.

General appearance.

The surrounding landscapes.


The view from the river to the city.

Sailing vessels on the river.

The ships at the Wharf.

The departure of the vessel.

Rinda/ship bell/.

The wheel.

Helmsman at the helm.

Rüdesheim is a wine city.

General view of the city from the river.

Monument "Germany" in Nedervelde,built in honor of the formation of the German Reich.

General appearance.

The thresholds of the "Binger Loch" and the "Mouse tower".

General appearance.

The ruins of the castle Arpels.

General appearance.

The view from the river.


General view of the city.


Castle Reinstein.

General appearance.G.Kaub center slate industry.

The view from the river.

The fortress of the Palatinate on the island.

View of the fortress from the river.

Monument to field Marshal Blucher.

General appearance.

The streets kouba.

Steamer on the river.

Coastal scenery

Key words

Germany, river, landmarks, mountains, water transport, strengthening, industry, plants, castle, monuments

Reel №2

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General view.

Tourists get off the boat.

View of the castle."Old Post Office" - a tavern of the X1U century.

General view.

View from the side facade.

Vednor's Gothic copella.

General view.

View of the city from the mountain.

An ancient gate with a tower.

The ship sails on the Rhine.

Guests at the steamer restaurant.

The captain is at the helm.

The waiter brings wine to the guests.


General view.

A narrow street with a view of the tower.

Landscape with an ancient castle.

Pine trees on the background of ancient walls.


Crosses and monuments.

View of the Rhine.

Lorelei Rock.

General view.

Coastal landscapes.

Buildings on the shore.

Katz Castle /X1U V./.

General view.

Buildings at the foot of the castle.

Castle ruins.

General view of the dilapidated castle.

Tourists among the ruins.

The ruins of the Liebenstein and Sterrenberg castles on the high peaks.

Braubach Castle, general view.

Coastal views.

In the cabin of the steamer.G. Boppard.

View from the deck.

Ancient buildings.

Stelzenfels Castle.

General view.

Steamboat on the river.

Koblenz at the confluence of the Moselle and the Rhine.

The steamer sails on the river.

Views of the surrounding area of Koblenz.

Bridge over the Rhine.

Monument to Kaiser Wilhelm 1

Key words

Germany, river, tourism, transport, water, bridge, landmarks, cemetery, landmark, castle, mountains, post office

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