We answer (1943)

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The demonstration in Riga in 1943.

At the table to discuss articles from Soviet Newspapers about the election.

Working peasants in the field.

The soldiers charge the cannon.

German soldiers in battle.

Latvian newspaper about the formation of the Latvian Legion.

The battle in the forest.

Women sew in the factory.

A Nazi swastika.

Latvian Legionnaires.

The German army,air force,Navy,their strength.

Stalin applauds./chronicle/


Horn,working in the factory.

Stop the machine,put the tools.

Litavka against Stalin and his policies.

Handing out leaflets on the street.

Nazi flags.

Demonstration walking down the street with an orchestra,a Nazi banner.

The rally on the square near the Duomo.

Is the funeral procession,bury the dead,the German officers.

Early chronicle-dig out victims of the shooting


The demonstration in Riga.

The rally in the square,he spoke against Moscow


German soldiers in the campaign.

Latvian girls give them flowers.

A munitions factory,making bullets and shells.

Loading into wagons.

The plant,smoke pipes

Latvia.pnrm. on the ground.

The Flag Of Latvia.

The symbol of Riga-a female figure with a Laurel wreath

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