German volunteers in Spain (1938)

Documentary №65901, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:59, black-white

Reel №1

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The propaganda film about the events in Spain 1936-1938gg.

Some historical sites in Spain.

PNRM. Spanish city.

The magnificent Cathedral, fountains, galleries.

The church in the Gothic style, socket.

Shattered "Republicans" of the church.

Cross among the ruins in the intact arch.

Republicans are on the street.

The line Republicans shoots at the monument.

Girls-Spanish flu shot and smile.

They're coming trucks with Republicans.

The crowd at the church, thrown shrines, statues of saints, Cancer. "Red Terror" Republicans: shooting, dead, ruins.

People in a large cave.

Crying boy and a woman.

A few people are hiding under an umbrella.

Mother with a baby, the elderly


Photos of General Franco.

Propaganda poster.

General Franco invites German Legion "Condor" in Spain.

Flying German planes, the bottom area, landing.

Placement of the Legion in tents, unloading the car with the flight equipment, aircraft.

Mechanics inspect the machine, run by them.

Planes taking off into the air.

The staff at the airport, the officers of the charts and maps.

Aerial View.

Field station.

Refueling aircraft missiles

Key words

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Reel №2

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Planes taking off into the air, a large gear plan.

A view of the field with the aircraft.

Below can be seen the city, the road, the river to the bridge.

Approaching the bridge, turn, fly over the coast.

Narrows Bridge.

Aircraft dropped bombs, arrows give the queue of machine guns


Military exercises of the Legion "Condor".

NCO Matishov soldiers.

Learning Spanish soldiers and officers.

Training target shooting, shooting from infantry weapons, throwing grenades.

Spanish naval cadets in formation.

Gunners are preparing a gun to fight.

Shooting from guns in the mountains, where lurk the Republicans.

Tank doctrine, tanks moving over rough terrain.

Tankers run the machines, firing of guns.

Fires light gun, a machine gun.

Attack Corps.

German battery for the shelter of sandbags.

Looks Spanish general.

Aerial bombing of the positions of the republican troops


Celebrating the victory of Franco in Madrid.

Residents welcome German soldiers, the soldiers kissed the Spanish government troops.

Legion "Condor" in the ranks, bypassing his ofitserami.

PNRM. by order, stand behind the aircraft.

Farewell to the Spanish Legion

Key words

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Germany, exercises, soldiers, air force, navy, artillery, military leaders, weapons, mountains, tanks, troops, students
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