Sudetenland returns home (1938)

Documentary №66098, 4 parts, black-white
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Reel №1


Map of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire after St.

Germain Peace Treaty of 1919.

The Sudetenland ceded to Czechoslovakia.

Destroyed factory, abandoned mines, broken appliances.

The life of the Sudeten Germans.

The population lives in miserable homes, in overcrowded conditions.

Woman with five children in a small room.

Unemployed men in the street


National sotsialsticheskoe movement in the Czech Republic.

The street marching detachment of young people with drums and bugles.

Arrival in Prague, leader Kondrada Geynleyna movement.

People on the sidewalks, they are deterred by men holding hands.

Rally speech Geynleyna.

Fascist celebration, groups go.

People are pulling arms in a Nazi salute.

Geynleyna speech at the rally.

Czech soldiers receive rations.

Military exercises in gas masks.

The barrier at the border, it is worth hour


The visit of the British Prime Minister Chamberlain to Germany.

Landing an aircraft, he is met by Foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

Chamberlain at Berchtesgaden, Hitler met him on the stairs headquarters.

Chamberlain returned to London, the car arrives at Daland Street, the crowd welcomed the Prime Minister.

French Minister Daladier comes to Prague, then to London.

Talks about Czechoslovakia in London.

Coat of arms of the Czechoslovak Republic on the border, strengthen border.

Consequences of the Czech conflict.

Felled trees, torn wire barricades in the streets, overturned cars.

A memorial service for victims of conflict, crying widow.

Woman speaks German, the Germans were outraged.

Story Volksdeutsche povyazkasmi with sleeves.

There is a meeting, lowered flags


Germany, the building "dress", the arrival of Hitler, his tray of flowers, he enters the building.

Chamberlain's second visit to Germany.

Hitler vtsrechaet him at the entrance to the hotel.

Chamberlain walks with spustnikom on the veranda, it serves a note.

The signing of the memorandum.

Ribbentrop Chamberlain escorted to the airport

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Reel №2

Italy, a huge crowd in the square before the palace.

On the balcony of Mussolini.

Organization Sudeten Geynleyna body.

Different types of troops, military exercises.

Analysis of the dam of fallen trees on the road.

Czech army occupies Sudetenland.

At home transporant: "Heil Hitler!", Nazi flags.

From the windows protrude residents cheering troops.

In the showcase portraits of Hitler and Geynleyna.

Passing trucks of soldiers, cyclists, go volunteer corps.

People happily vtsrechaet them.

Photos General with an eye patch.

A man holds a leaflet about the call in 1935 under martial law, the signature - Dr.


Czech troops, horse artillery, infantry.

Ruins of houses, fires.

Refugees from Sudestkoy region on the border with Germany, they go with the wagons, cattle, ride the tram.

People are fed along the way.

Travel across the border on a bicycle.

In the distance could be heard the explosions.

German hospital, nurse a wounded near


Sportpalast in Berlin, Hitler had come down the aisle, Goebbels, Hess, they go to the podium.

Students draw hands in a Nazi salute.

The slogan: "One harvest, one people, one Fuhrer".

Speech by Hitler on the podium Nazi leaders, Dr.


People stand on the street, listening to the speech broadcast by radio listeners in the cafe.

The building of the radio center.

Hall claps, chants slogans Greing, Goebbels, Hess on stage


Military preparations in England and France.

Military parade Stasburge.

Diplomats meeting in Munich.

Arrival by plane Chamberlain, he is met by a guard of honor.

Ribbentrop and generals meet the Prime Minister.

Lands French aircraft, the Minister Daladier, shakes hands with Ribbentrop.

By train arrives Mussolini, Hitler met him.

Mussolini and Goering bypass a guard of honor.

Open car coming down the street, followed by a motorcade.

salutes the crowd

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Reel №3


Ministers enter the building.

On Hitler meeting, Goering, Hess, Mussolini.

Chamberlain climbing stairs.

The signing of the Munich agreement.

Check out diplomats from Munich.

Go out with Mussolini Hess go Chamberlain, Daladier and German generals.

Chamberlain and Ribbentrop forgiven the aircraft.

Daladier in France, meeting in the port.

Mussolini in the train, crowds of people along the way, he welcomed them from a car window.

The grand return of Hitler and his entourage in Berlin.

Hitler receives a bouquet of flowers from children riding in an open car with Goering.

Crowds privettsvuyut him waving from the windows, children climb onto the poles.

Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, on the balcony, smiling Hitler


The retreat of the Czech army.

On the street blowing up a barricade, remove debris.

Blasted Railway, destroyed homes.

Lifting barriers.

The entry of German troops into the Sudetenland.

Residents welcome them.

Old woman crying, the children pull his hands, throwing flowers, the woman gives the soldiers apples, bread.

The bridge is military equipment

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Reel №4


Hitler comes to the Sudetenland, he is greeted, presented with flowers.

The commandant gave a report to Hitler.

Hitler in the pavilion with miniralnoy water, at a table covered with the street.

Travel on the street, buildings, churches.

The rally in the street.

It Geynleyna Conrad, he shakes the hand of Hitler.

Sounds anthem


Lifting barriers include the German troops, the people watching.

On the road going transports, cavalry, infantry goes.

Beats bell.

City Krumau, elegant arch welcoming slogans.

Hitler's visit to the left to strengthen the Czechs.

He looks card comes in a pillbox.

Wire fortifications, gun pillboxes.

Field-Marshal Goering visiting Luftwaffe pilots, he talks to them.

Sudeten Germans volunteers.

Outdoor kitchen, soldiers peeling potatoes.

On the building visible bas-relief depicting the former president Masaryk.

Playing a military band.

The population receives food from the field kitchen.

Goering in the city, the crowd passes by, pats on the cheek a little girl in the arms of his mother, fumbles in his pocket and gives the girl pechente


Czech Republic.

Solemn meeting of Hitler with the Czech population.

He signs the log.

There have cheers, kisses his children, crying with excitement women.

Hitler rides in a car

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