Science marches. (1932)

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Director: Priklyucheniya operatora kinohroniki

Reel №1

USA. US astronomers observe with a telescope and spectroscope solar eclipse in 1932.

Observers at the station.

The telescope weighing 21 tons.

Filming eclipse

USA. Metallurgical plant, pulled out of the furnace ladle with hot metal is poured into the mold

USA. Professor Pickard flying into the unknown.

From the hangar endure capsule chain men are folded fabric of the balloon.

Pickard looks out of the window of the capsule.

The balloon goes up in the air

USA. Helicopter capable to stop and take a load on the fly.

In the field of verotoletom running man, the pilot transmits the load sits at the marked locations.

The glider soaring over the airfield

USA. American airship - aviamatka.

The airship hovering over the buildings.

Inside the airship captain and field team.

Attached to the bottom of a light aircraft, it starts in the air

USA. Aircraft flying in the night sky.

Searchlight catch them beam

USA. 4000 explosion of dynamite charges in the mountains of Nevada.

Climbers zaklydyvayut explosives in rock.

A powerful explosion on both sides of the gorge

USA. Electrical experience.

A girl sits in a field of tension, fed 200 thousand volt current from the generator.

Hair rise up

USA. The role of radio in the Air Force and Navy.

There is a military vessel.

Fleet maneuvers.

Radio Messaging from ship to ship

USA. The world of insects. "Military equipment in nature."

Spider in the web waiting for prey.

Fighting spider and grasshopper, spider webs twist around a grasshopper. spider cobweb knits again.

Catches in the web of a bee

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