Hike in the former Yugoslavia. (1941)

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Reel №1


April 6, 1941.



The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the door clockwise.

Goebbels reads the appeal to the soldiers of the Fuhrer south-eastern front.

Soldiers in the car.

Wilhelmstrasse 75. Press Conference at the Foreign Ministry.

Ads in the notes of Yugoslavia and Greece.

Reporters take notes.

German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop

Germaniya.16 of April.

The attack on Yugoslavia.

Open fire on enemy positions in the mountains.

German soldiers in the mountainous area.

Night shelling.

Motorized parts move inland.

The first prisoners were Serbs.

Slduyut German tanks across the border, go over the bridge on the road.

Soldiers on the armor of the tank waving their hands.

Serbs set fire to the bridge, the German sappers extinguish a fire.

On the Greek border.

German pilots get a job, sit on the machines.

For airplanes bomb suspended.

Planes taking off into the air.

View from the air of the countryside.

Bombing from the air, explosions on the ground.

German planes over the Balkans, flying projectiles.

Italian planes bombed southern Yugoslavia


Yugoslavia map.

Yugoslav border fortifications, taken by the Germans.

Bunkers exploded railroad.

German officers are scheduled on the route map.

German troops enter the Croatian village.

Crossing on a raft across the river.

German signalers at work, they are forwarded to the other side for the broken bridge.

Guns, horses trafficked rafting, soldiers in the boat.

Restoring the ruined bridge.

The commander of the German army, Colonel-General von Weiss and his staff.

German troops enter the town of Marburg / Maribor /.

View of the city across the river.

The soldiers are on the ground scribbled on boards

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Reel №2


PNRM. the city of Marburg, houses with tiled roofs.

The Germans in the city, walking down the street.

The population welcomed the "liberators", raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

National flag.

The building of the town hall with a double clock tower.

Movement along the street cop.

There is a German detachment.

Ahead near the German boy and girl in the form of the Serbs.

German soldiers are treated to sandwiches, wine.

Woman drinking with soldiers.

The car rides Weiss officers.

On the wall is classified in German and Serbian languages ​​on the establishment of the new police of the German population.

Police in the ranks.

Serbs are prisoners of the street.

German soldiers marching, riding carts.

Field kitchen.

On the balcony of the local administration


Volksdeutsche German sappers help in the way of the deck over the ravine to the river.

A break in the work, they eat, they drink wine.

According to the laid flooring ride trucks.

German soldiers in a campaign.

Leading a Serbian prisoners, their faces close up.

German planes "shtukas" fly into the air.

The shelling enemy positions in the mountains.

Marines in an ambush, they go on the offensive.

Overcome the barbed wire.

Actions flamethrower.

Aircraft in-flight bombing of the Serbian city.

German motorized units Overcome / t river

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Reel №3


German tanks and armored vehicles going forward.

The Germans fired at Serb positions from guns.

Sappers prepare crossing restore blow up the bridge.

Fight off the railroad shooting gunner.

Serbian defectors with white cloths in their hands, they searched the German soldiers

The German tanks, motorcycles driving on a bad road in the mud.

Directions for building bridges.

By moving the trolley track with the soldiers.

Column of Serb prisoners, their faces.

German troops in the captured town, Nis, residents welcomed them.

German soldiers on the tank armor sorted submachine tape.

German horse wagon, a kitchen, a car going down the street.

By the roadside are the musicians of the orchestra with instruments


The Germans come to Belgrade, the city ruins.

The building of the British Consulate, the elderly watchman meets Germans.

British propaganda materials in the premises of the Consulate.

Nemetskye soldier inspects weapons abandoned in a box.

The movement of troops on the sidelines of the soldiers with a gun.

On horseback ride attendants, flags with the red cross.

Serbian regiment surrenders.

The crossing on the broken bridge


The entry of the German troops in Zagreb.

The population welcomed the troops.

Man pulls out onto the roof of the national flag.

Two young men standing at the window with a portrait of Hitler.

The crowd in the square.

Removal of the facade with the Serbian eagle, emblem trampled underfoot

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Reel №4


Armament Croatian volunteers, they are in the ranks.

Trucks with German soldiers.

Croatian fascist leader Pavelic meets German officers.

The Croatian part of swear Pavelic


The German troops are advancing towards Belgrade.

The soldiers crossing the river on inflatable boats.

Attack infantry soldiers throwing grenades.

Street battles in the Serbian town, broken station, locomotive.

Leading a captive.

Above the building raised the Nazi flag.

Tanks of General von Kleist in the campaign.

Yugoslavia map, arrows on both sides surrounded by Belgrade.

SS Division, tanks, artillery move forward.

Remains of destroyed Serb positions killed and wounded.

The Serbs are surrendering.

Attack of the hopper, shoots a German gun.

The remains of the destroyed equipment, dead horses, dead soldiers.

Motorcycle pulled out of the mud with the help of a tractor.

Boots soldiers knead mud.

Street battles in the streets of the village.

Serb surrenders, German divides his weapon.

By crossing the bridge into town.

A search of civilians.

The detainee with a gun, he was frightened trying to explain something.

The prisoners, among them a Jewish officer in glasses


Tanks move to Belgrade.

Tank overcomes creek, goes through the mud.

Marines in combat.

The soldiers ran along the fence, entrance to the courtyard.

The Serbs are surrendering.

Providing assistance to the wounded.

From haystacks take out the hidden ammunition, shells

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