Soviet People With Vietnam.. (1968)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Shirman T.


By request of the Union of the Soviet Friendship Societies. About solidarity of the USSR and Vietnam.

Temporary description

Visiting President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, AN Kosygin in Hanoi in 1965: people welcomed Kosygin. Kosygin greeted with Ho Chi Minh. Loading-Unloading in the seaport city of Hai Phong. Rallies and meetings at the enterprises of the Soviet Union in support of the Vietnamese people in their struggle against American aggression. Collection of the members of the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship. Speech by Chairman of the Central Board of Titov (synchronously). Implementation "Vietnam Days in Belarus. Visit the Vietnamese delegation of the Belarusian Automobile Plant. Types of Baku. Vietnamese students studying in higher educational institutions in Baku, during the manufacturing practices at the Baku oilfields. Students from China, studying at the Moscow Energy Institute, the lessons in the lab, into practice. Tour of Vietnamese circus in Moscow. Classes of Vietnamese students in the State Circus School, the Moscow State Conservatory (simultaneously). The film used newsreels of the war in Vietnam: fighting the Vietnamese army and fighters of U.S. troops.

Reel №1

U.S. aircraft carrier at sea - LS.

PNRM. The plane takes off from an aircraft carrier - MS.

Heavy American planes in the air - LS.

Planes drop bombs on the Vietnamese land - different.

Explosions on Vietnamese soil.

Burning jungle - LS.

Destroyed houses - LS., PNRM.

Ruined school - MS.

Vietnamese patriots fired at American aircraft - different.

Falling U.S. plane shot down patriots.

Fragments of downed U.S. aircraft - CU.

Captured American pilot - CU.

Memo American pilot with an address to the people, who took him prisoner, printed in various languages ​​(please help him as the victim).

Landed troops from ship to shore - different.

Rises from the U.S. military base in the helicopter.

American soldiers from the helicopter shooting civilians in Vietnam.

Run under fire, Vietnamese women with children.

Vietnamese women are crying child in her arms.

Wounded Vietnamese child - CU.

American soldier kicked out of the hut a woman with a child, ignites the cabin.

Burning hut.

American soldiers dragged dragged Vietnamese.

Protest against U.S. aggression in Vietnam in various cities around the world, including in India, the Soviet Union, the protesters are anti-war slogans - different.

Soviet cosmonaut GS Titov, chairman of the Central Board of

Soviet-Vietnamese friendship among the Vietnamese, who visited the Soviet Union in the summer of 1967.

Vietnamese and Russian embrace - MS., CU.

Hanoi, one of the buildings of the national flag flutters DRV - CU., LS.

Visit to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam AN Kosygin in February 1965.

AN Kosygin passes through the streets of Hanoi residents welcome guest - different.

In a government building Ho Chi Minh meets and hugs AN Kosygin.

Vietnamese greeting waving flags - LS., MS.

One of the Soviet sea ports - LS.

Cargo ship "Simferopol" Port - CU.

Loading of cargo on the ship to be sent to Vietnam.

Sanitary Field Machines in port.

Ship machinery, containers, machinery, tires, weapons and other goods.

Go train with weapons to North Vietnam, fighting the U.S. aggressors.

Machine (load) with the NDP on it "For Vietnam» - CU.

Industrial equipment, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, food products to various Soviet enterprises to be sent to help fighting Vietnam.

A woman makes a stencil lettering on the boxes with the goods to Vietnam.

Running machine, filling and sealing cans - MS.

Port of Haiphong in the DRV - LS.

Soviet freighter "Balashikha" in Hai Phong - MS., PNRM.

Offloading vessel "Balashikha" deliver the goods from the USSR to help Vietnam.

Working harbor cranes - MS., CU.

The inscription on the truck "Made in the USSR» - CU.

Rally in Soviet enterprises in solidarity of the Soviet people with the Vietnamese people - different.

Workers rally in Moscow, held one day a month of friendship and solidarity with the people of Vietnam and was held in June 1967.

Speeches Soviet and Vietnamese speakers at the rally.

Pioneers of the presidium of the meeting presented flowers.

Vietnamese embrace the podium GS Titov.

GS Titov makes a speech at the rally - about friendship and loyalty to the Soviet Union in the assistance to the heroic people of Vietnam (synchronously).

The demonstrators applauded - different ..

Minsk - LS.

High-rise buildings in the city, rebuilt after the war (summer).

Vietnamese group runs along a city street.

Assembly shop of the Minsk Automobile Plant - LS.

Vietnamese factory inspected plant, the machines that will be sent to help


Soviet pioneers packed their gifts to send to Vietnamese children, a piece of brick from the wall of the Brest Fortress in gifts - MS.

Vietnamese group in one of the pioneer camps.

Children are welcome guests, put them pioneer ties - different.

Reel №2

Vietnamese children go to school - LS., MS.

Vietnamese young men and women in the Soviet Union studying in different schools: listen to lectures, study Russian language lab - different.

Baku - LS. the top point.

Baku Petroleum Institute - Board - CU.

The building of the Institute come Vietnamese students - boys and girls.

Vietnamese students in practice nefterazrabotkah Baku, Soviet oil train Vietnamese students manage technology - different.

Energy Institute in Moscow - LS.

A sign on the building of the Institute - MS.

Vietnamese students hands-on labs.

The power plants of powerful electrical discharges in the laboratory.

Discharges, insulator - CU.

Artificial lightning in the laboratory - CU.

Bezmein power plant (building out) in the Turkmen SSR.

Vietnamese students in practice at TPP.

Soviet specialists are engaged with the Vietnamese.

Vietnamese circus tour in Moscow - are the trapeze artists.

Vietnamese children to study at Moscow circus school - different.

Thu Lan Nguyen Van They fulfill a variety of exercises acrobatics.

Vietnam anti-war posters, written by Vietnamese artists in different ways.

A graduate of the Moscow Conservatory We Dean at the piano singing a song about his homeland (synchronous) - LS., CU.

The teacher listens to his student.

Harvesting rice in the fields of Vietnam - LS.

Convoy with rice in a way portraits VI Lenin and Ho Chi Minh City on a cart with rice.

The national flag of the DRV - CU.

PNRM. Streets of Hanoi - LS., MS., PNRM.

Women on the front line fighters are fed lunch - MS., CU.

Group of soldiers VPA on training at military schools in the Soviet Union.

Soviet teacher is engaged with a group of Vietnamese (model aircraft in the class).

Vietnamese youths studying flight training on the aircraft.

Training aircraft in the air.

Vietnamese military trained management missile.

Vietnamese soldiers led missile ready for action - MS., CU.

American aircraft in the air - LS., PNRM.

Vietnamese patriots radar detect enemy aircraft.

Battle rocket flies to defeat the purpose.

Drop shot down an American plane.

Soldiers of the People's Army, hugging each other, congratulating with the combat success.

Vietnamese People's Army soldiers in the ranks - PNRM., LS., CU ..

Several changes plans fighting soldiers of the People's Army against the American aggressors: firing anti-aircraft artillery.

Gunners shoot, taken captive American soldier.

Explosions on Vietnamese soil - LS. the top point.

Napalm fire on Vietnamese soil - LS.

Lights downed American plane.

Protests against U.S. aggression in Vietnam and abroad in the USSR - day and evening plans).