incendiary bomb. (1940 - 1949)

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Instructional videos on how to deal with incendiary bombs.

Bomb Shelter, hang and lie tools, axes, shovels, sand bags.

The instructor leads a class with tenants of the house.

He sets fire to "bomb", while standing behind the shield, and then covered with sand fire.

Take a shovel and bucket collects the sand with "bomb".

Residents look out the window for action fireman who puts out the "bomb" in the yard.

Residents notify each other on the phone.

The instructor demonstrates how to properly extinguish a fire in the room.

From under the door emits smoke.

The instructor wears a gas mask, squats, crawls into the room with a hose, the second man pumps water pump, they extinguish the fire.

From the room clean flammable items and items: curtains, carpet, table, chandelier.

Street of the city, are rare passersby.

The house, which has got a fire-bomb

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Germany, teachings, people, fire protection, communication

Reel №2


Residents try to extinguish the fire, is transmitted on the chain bucket with water.

The audience, people are listening to a lecture, discuss.

The lecturer explains the action on the layout of a multistory building.

Screening of the film.

Solid roof of the house.

The stairs rise fire brigade members, wearing masks, carefully open the door to the attic.

Solid roof of the house


The room is clean curtains from the windows, take out the chairs, krovati.gorit roof of the house.

Firefighters put the hose on the faucet.

Direct the jet on fire.

Residents in the ladder bucket chain pass on the water.

Man hit by flames mop.

Firefighters split hardwood floors with an ax, flames poured sand, clean debris free area.

Audience, instructor to the audience with an appeal

Key words

Germany, teaching, film, fire, public Germany, teaching, film, fire, fire protection, public

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