Our report for Russia (Report from the UK). (1942)

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Reel №1


Operating the central power station in London at the table talking about the Soviet Union and help England in the common struggle against German fascism.

The story entrusted to lead Tom Barker, who in 1921 was invited as an international expert in the Kuzbass.

Tom Barker in Russian speaks of himself, he was a motorman on trams Liverpool, Langley, worked in shipyards, the copper mines of Chile, sailor on the Danish and Norwegian ships, seafarers' union organized in Buenos Aires, and now works at the power plant in London.

Industrial landscape, smoke pipe factories.

English Mine, miners go down, work in the mine.

British workers in the factories, shipyards.

There is a train.

Englishmen are proud of the fact that they have invented the steam engine.

Shipyard, work in the port, welding, Construction an ship.

Map of England.

Bristol Bay with ships.

In peacetime, the coastline is used for recreation.

Beach vacationers swimming, sunbathing


In late 1940, Coast was the scene of terrible events.

Winston Churchill gave them the name "The Great deliverance at Dunkirk."

English military and civilian fleet was used to snatch the British Army from the clutches of death.

The soldiers on the ships.

The rescue of the wounded on the ships.

The transfer of the wounded into the country by train.

The composition of the wounded, women in uniform handed out cups of tea, fruit.

The wagons with refugees on the roads.

Outdoor kitchen to cook for them, people feed the tables.

People with things that were saved in England.

French fishermen came on board their ships, Norwegians brought tankers.

Mina on the water, the ship fired at a mine, it explodes.

Flying British aircraft



Hitler in Dunkirk.

German troops by parachute jumps from aircraft.

England lost at Dunkirk equipment throughout the northern army.

British troops in the ranks, the officer passes.

British militia.

Residents remove signs from poles, road intersections and railway stations to deceive the enemy.

Bunker shot gun.

The English captain looking through binoculars.

British pilots sit in the car, take off.

Attack of British soldiers.

Battle of Dover, the Germans, 30 km from the city, they use guns.

Dover, house ruins.

People dismantled ruins.

Hitler wanted to destroy the British air force.

The struggle became known as the "Battle of Britain".

Air battle with German aircraft.

Drop a wounded aircraft burning on the ground.

Churchill in pilots.


Newspaper seller writes on the blackboard with chalk result of downed aircraft, distributes newspapers.

In the port of unloading aircraft from US

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Reel №2


Sea battle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cannons on the English ships.

Padded ships, sailors in rescue boats and rafts.

Lights stricken ship is sinking.

Shoot British ships.

Aircraft fired at ships.

With ships hit anti-aircraft guns.

England suffered heavy losses


Hitler decides to smash the ports and industrial centers Anglii.7 November 1940 begins a raid on the London Dock.

Fires in the dock, in the dark, burning ships, port facilities, cranes.

Firefighters extinguish a fire.

Burning building, the windows knocked out the fire.

Coventry City in ruins after the bombings.

The ruins of the cathedral, houses.

Broken homes 30 thousand workers of Liverpool, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow.

Analysis of the ruins of the population.

People carry a stretcher with wounded and dead.

The funeral of the victims in a mass grave in Coventry.

In early 1941, the German air force bombed central London.

The ruins of the city


Workers continue to work.

Work at the mine.

Aviation plant in Coventry reopened.

There is a build airplanes.

British women for the machines, ammunition manufacturing.

The port is loading and unloading.

The squadron in the sea

Angliya.22 June 1941 Churchill refers to the British people on the radio with a message about the beginning of the war with SSSR.Tolpa the square listening to Churchill's speech, listen to the radio at work, listen to the soldiers.

Churchill was among the people.

Churchill at war.

Churchill near the house, he made a speech in front of mirkofonom


Air forces start bombing England, Germany, the bombing of Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Augsburg, Lübeck.

Pilots looking at shells, aircraft fly on a mission bombing.

July 1941, at the headquarters of the pilots, the reports about the bombing of Germany.

Berlin radio.

Satirical picture of the speaker, which tells something about the British, then a Russian aircraft, bombing of the city


Workshop on tankostroitelnom plant.

Shop Stewards decide to increase the production of tanks for the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Ambassador Maisky visited factories in England.

Speech Maya.

Come train with the Soviet military mission to discuss common problems.

The mission met with members of the government

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Reel №3


English minister and media tycoon Biverbuk visits Moscow.

English Carriage Works, the names of the workers, perevyponyayuschih standards.

Biverbuk collects meeting in edition with the military personnel.

Tank Factory, airplanes.

Biverbuk out of the plane, passes an honor guard.

English tank factory, an expert statistician says production growth on the table.

Biverbuk in Moscow in 1942, he sent a telegram to the English factories.

Biverbuk in the office, gives an interview about his trip, stands in the industrial centers of the workers, said about Stalin.

Go compositions with British tanks


Newspaper "Reynolds News", the title of the failure of Hitler's buyout plan.

Photos and Chronicle of a meeting of Soviet and British soldiers in Iran.

Go British tanks.

Talk soldiers of the two armies.

In England, the increased interest in the Soviet Union.

People read Sovestky book library.

Posters Soviet films, all in the cinema.

Performances in theaters in Soviet plays, for example, Afinogenova.

Poster of the concert of women's and children's choir.

film "AleksandrNevsky" convey the dramatic treatment on the radio.

The famous English actor Robert Donan reads the microphone monologue of Alexander Nevsky "Who with a sword to us will go ...".

The British Army listening to a lecture about the Red Army and the heroic partisans.

In 1942 in London he held a big rally to commemorate the anniversary of the Red Army 24-1.

Soviet naval attache Admiral Kharlamov makes a speech in English.

At home in London, where in 1902, Lenin lived, it opens monument.

The Soviet delegation headed by Maisky lays flowers at the monument



Churchill calls an appeal in favor of the Red Cross and aid fund Soviet union.

The city organized "Week of assistance", the children collect things for sale in the population in favor of the Soviet union.

Collection of the football match between England and Scotland goes to the Red Cross fund.

Moments of the game.


Churchill shakes hands players.

Wembley Stadium, the spectators in the stands.

Beside English and Sovestky hang flags.

Among the spectators Sovestky military and naval attaches.

British Foreign Minister Eden visited the Soviet front.

It is in the winter forest with a group of soldiers.

In the snow lie the corpses of German soldiers, tanks smashed

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Reel №4


Soviet union delegates attending the English factories.

The yard extends rally, advocate female delegates.

May 1942, on a plane to England comes Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov.

On the train he and Eden, Maisky arrives at the station near London.

Street with the Soviet embassy, ​​runs clockwise.

In Churchill's home, he and Molotov down the stairs. talks end with signing the agreement between the Soviet Union and Great Britain.

Conference Table, the signing of the contract.

Molotov's speech.

Agreement of 26 May 1942


Rehearsal of British troops landing on the coast of Norway to gain the necessary experience for the more important operations and the weakening of the enemy defense.

The landing of troops ashore.

Soldiers in the mountains, the firing of guns.

They are prisoners of the street.

Ship with soldiers on board, made a landing from the sea.

They're coming tanks, fly planes, sail ships.

fires artillery

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