Abroad (visit to the Germans). (1943)

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Reel №1

Smiling girl.

People read the poster on a pedestal with an invitation to work in Germany.

Selection committee.

German factories, where you can get a working specialty.

Students and master.


Farm in Poland, the owner says to employees that work there.

The village, the village life


Arrival in Germany.

The beautiful old German town, travel through the streets.

Automobile plant, metallurgical plant, the press operates.

The owner came to the factory, talking to workers.

At 12 o'clock signal sounds break for lunch.

Working in the dining room.

Issuance of salary.

Pole wrote a letter home, he refers to the post office

Key words

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Reel №2


Working barracks.

Working on vacation, get a beer in the window.

In the women's barrack read, watch photos.

Amateur actors rehearse.

Various plants, bakery, where the work came from Poland


German farm, go work in the fields, the women treated with hoes land.

The groom with horses.

Pig with piglets.

A herd of cows, a man milking a cow.

Mechanized milking.

Agricultural work.

Comparison circuit yields of Polish and German fields.

Comparison of the ruined Poland and prosperous Germany.

Ruins after the fires.


Landscapes Germany.

Herd of horses, windmill


Leisure in the barrack.

The girl lays a bouquet of flowers to the cross.

The girl at the river.

Mowing, men with braids go to the barracks, wash


Meeting at the station.

German leadership Government-General awards the Polish workers.

Recruited workers travel by train, boat.

The slogan: "Welcome!"

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