In the fight against the world enemy. (1939)

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Reel №1

German volunteers in Spain.

PNRM. Madrid, a crowd of people on the square.

Communist demonstration.

Tram scored demonstrators up to the roof, slogans.

The ranks of the demonstrators to go up a raised fist.

Soldiers-Republicans in trucks.

On the streets of fracture, broken machines, are killed.

Republicans with arms in the streets.

Photo: many dead.

Republican Women in combat exercises.

Broken Church, from her endure church utensils, broken statues of saints, holy relics burned.

Refugees from the carts pass the French border, are moving on boats, ships.

The representative of the USSR Roznenberg among the Spaniards, it privetstvuyut.

Ruined church, killed civilians.

Communists Parade.

Map of Spanish Morocco, the city of Tetuan, Melilla.

The uprising of General Franco in Morocco.

Moroccan troops, Franco greets them.

He is preparing for an expedition to Spain.

In July 1936, marked on the map the territories occupied Rot Front and Falangists.


General Mola out of the building.

General Keino de Llano with the staff.

Franco takes hits Falangists in Seville.

Residents welcome Franco.

The squadron Phalangists out of Mallorca, the troops.

Propaganda trucks go to Madrid, international slogans.

German aircraft sent to Spain to help Franco.

German transport planes trafficked Moroccan and Spanish soldiers in Spain.

Port, ships with Franco's troops.

Fights at Alcazar, artillery shelling.

On the map march to Madrid in September 1936. September 28 are fighting for Toledo.

Alcazar, the palace was destroyed.

Republicans are firing behind the barricades

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Reel №2

Flies a German plane.

Franco in the capture of Toledo among the soldiers.

Go fighting, corpses on the roads.

International Brigades retreat to the French border.

Pull the wire fences, building barricades.

Phalange moving to Zaragoza.

Fighting in the city.

Republicans are running for the armored car.

The city fire is of the houses, out of the ruins.

Republicans prisoners of different nationalities, among them, the French, the Americans, they answer questions.

On the streets of moving carts, Republicans guns, they carry the wounded.

Map fighting in Malaga, Adra in January 1937.

Carry the wounded.

German Legion "Concord" in Seville, General Hugo Sperrle.

Flying airplanes.

Powered alert service.

Hiking repair machines.

German signalers.

The International Brigades in the mountains, riding carts, donkeys.

Map trek to Bilbao in northern Spain.

Aircraft bombed the positions of Republicans Falangists.

German anti-aircraft battery in the mountains.

Go Phalangists.

Destroyed bridge.

Friendly meeting Germans and Phalange in Bilbao

Key words

Spain, the Air Force, Franco, soldiers, civil war, prisoners of war, military leaders

Reel №3

Falangists go to Bilbao.

Broken equipment Republicans.

City Black, fly planes Legion "Concord".

German airfield, the aircraft is loaded shells.

Republicans behind barricades in brunettes.

Ruined city church.

Franco's troops are moving to the city of Santander.

German planes, the Germans camp in the mountains.

Attack of German soldiers.

Italian Legion goes to Santander, horsemen, motorcyclists.

Franco's troops in Santander, the residents happily welcomed them parade.

Lead prisoners Republicans oin working on road construction.


Falangists take Guyon, Oviedo.

The bombing of the city, burning oil tsistserny.

Orlando General Staff officers.

Winter landscape, the tanks in the snow.

German planes on the snow-covered field.

Corpses in the snow.

Fighting in Zaragoza.

February 1938.

The capture of the city of Teruel Franco.

Soldiers in the city are the ruins, look in the house.

Take captive Republicans.

The prisoners against a wall with their hands up.

Fighting in Teruel, German planes bombed the city.

Republicans have carried the wounded.

Franco took the town, the ruins of the destroyed barricade Republicans

Key words

Spain, the bombing of the Air Force, civil war, parade, prisoners, military leaders

Reel №4


March 1938.

Franco released Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Valencia.

Moroccan men drinking wine from a keg. "Concord" bombing the Republican position, are fighting in urban areas, a tank battle on the plain, galloping cavalry, infantry goes.

Pointer to the city Belchite.

The wagons Phalangist pass a pontoon bridge, roll guns.

City of Huesca, the destroyed bridge, fortifications.

Phalangists out to the sea.

Along the way are the troops, the Spaniards smile.

The carts with guns, one soldier is sitting with an umbrella from the sun.

Fragments of the battle with the Republicans.

Bomb "Condor".

Frustrated Republicans armored car.

Franco enter the city of Castellón, they greet residents embrace.

November 1938.

Franco discourage Republicans captured the position.

Aerial photographs from the air Republican positions.

German battery in combat.

General Helmut Volkmann looks through the eyepiece telescope, to discuss a plan of action.

German aircraft seaplane on the water.

The troops on the march, on vacation.


Franco took Barcelona.

The fighting in early 1939.

Top view, is Phalangist attack, bombing planes.

Prisoners Republicans, they are fed.

Barcelona meets Falangists.

Residents welcome foyska fascist gesture.

General Keino de Llano with the Moroccan troops.

Port, fires, wrecks.

Franco's advance to the French border.

City Duan martial trophies: guns, guns.

Prisoners Republicans.

Refugee Camp in the mountains.

Broken machines, the transition of the Spanish-French border

Key words

Spain, the Civil War, the bombing of the Air Force, the military equipment, the prisoners, the port, the fire, the refugees

Reel №5


Cloudy sky, German planes flew over Madrid.

The pilot in the cockpit looking at the map.

View of Madrid from the top.

Air battle with Republicans aircraft.

Lights aircraft on the ground.

The plane flies over the road, filled with troops, sits down on the pitch.

Aerodrome Legion "Concord".

Field Laboratory exhibits photography taken over the positions of Republicans.

Intelligence data are mapped.

Caption: Legion "Concord" in German.

Staff, communications work.

In the headquarters comes Franco, discusses plans for the Germans.

German soldiers in the truck, communications with coils pull relationship.

Cavalry Falangists in the city, guns.

Heavy artillery passes on a pontoon bridge.

They're coming car, motorcycles, tanks, a tank with a banner phalanx.

Tractors pull the gun through the mud.

Soldiers occupy positions

Key words

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Reel №6

On the battery is discharged ammunition.

Operate radio operators.

Meeting officers over the map in the field.

Installation tools aiming.

PNRM. on a hilly terrain.

Major-General von Richthofen with the officers, he looks at his watch.

It starts shelling.

The headquarters of the Legion, received a report, the commander calls in part, the pilots get a job, take off the aircraft.

Fires Artillery.

Warehouse shells, heavy shells are two soldiers.

Headquarters, officers are meeting.

The planes carry bombs, poured petrol.

Pilots get a job, take off.

Radio operators at work.

Fires Artillery.

General at the telescope

Key words

Spain, the Civil War, Air Force, bombing, military leaders, military equipment

Reel №7

Pilot looking card.

Rise of German planes.

Fires Artillery.

German battery in the mountains bruvstverom laid down with sandbags.

Gen. looking through binoculars.


Shoot German guns, flying a plane, followed by the smokescreen produced aerial.

Planes in the air.

On the ground, the plane crashed.

German planes fly low over the ground.

Frustrated by Soviet aircraft.

German battery, the soldiers ran tray shells.

Gunner with the machine gun.

Contact Morse code.

German planes bombed the positions of Republicans.

On the field, moving tanks, infantry runs.

The tank rolls over the moat.

Top view of the field, Phalangist attack.

The headquarters of the Legion.

The cavalry on the field

Key words

Spain, the Civil War, Air Force, army commanders

Reel №8

The battlefield, commanding general.

Go troops.

German planes bombed positions.

With the aircraft visible bridge bombings.

The attack on the castle.

Tank wall breaks, the soldiers throw grenades, fire flamethrower.

For tank runs infantry.

On the wall is painted a hammer and sickle, the tank destroys it.


The population of Madrid welcomes Franco.

In city includes troops.

Tankers are dancing on a tank.

Residents welcomed the soldiers.

Drummers and trumpeter on a tank.

The crowd, the soldiers handing out biscuits.

Madrid, March 28, 1939.

Hall, a phalanx flag.

The street crowds, are women, chanting "Free!" Trucks with Falangists-boys.

Residents of chanting the name of Franco.

Hands raised in a Nazi salute.

Church Square, is a tram car.

Residents of the city are happy hug.

Above the town the plane flies.

On the square under the slogan of "Victoria" on the podium Franco takes hits.

At the bottom of the Moroccan soldiers.

There is a Spanish cavalry, the Moroccan infantry.

Motorized parts with tools

Key words

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Reel №9

Continuing the parade.

Go Phalangists.

Continuing the parade.

Go Phalangists.

Cars pull guns.

The commander of the German Legion "Condor" in a car drove up to the podium, goes to Franco, welcomed it.

Trucks with artillery, infantry and tanks.

Caption: "Legion" Condor ", the swastika.

The opening of the street named Legion "Concord".

At the parade go by German troops.

Residents watch from the balconies.

Legion troops on the field, the pilots in the ranks.

Military boats in the port.

Over vessels flying the aircraft.

German ship "Hamburg".

By the pier drove the car with the generals, they climb on board.

Ships "Sierra", "Wilhelm Gustloff", salute flags.

German sailors shouting: "Sieg Heil", waving his cap.

The ship "Wilhelm Gustloff", welcome slogans.

The ship "Hein godenvind" decorated with flags.

Nazi flags.

Generals on the deck, among them Goering

Key words

Spain, hits, Phalangists, artillery and military equipment, the Navy, the port gos.simvoly, military leaders

Reel №10

On the ship, a band plays.

German soldiers marching in the parade.

Goering with marshal's baton in the hands of German soldiers welcomed.

German drummers.

Goering generals held a formation of soldiers.

It is part of the platform, delivers a speech.

The symbol of the legion.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin are the German troops who fought in the Spanish sailors.

Nazi banners.

Hitler goes to the podium, addresses the troops returned from Spain.

On transporant written names of the dead.

Laying wreaths

Key words

Spain, the Navy, the parade, soldiers, generals, celebrities, gos.simvoly, Hitler, the laying of wreaths