Soviet Guests in Nepal.. (1968)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Konovalov V.

Script writers: Konovalov V.

Operators: Epifanov G.


About the Soviet Delegation stay in Nepal headed by the Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council Kliment Voroshilov.

Temporary description

Mother N. Kachuevskoy on Mamaev Hill, in the pantheon. Photos of Natasha. Students at GITIS, where she studied Natasha, at the rehearsal. Library GITIS. M. Tarkhanov among students. Dance lessons at the institute. Mother Natasha talks about her work on the construction of defensive structures in the early days of the war (synchronously). Chronicle: Moscow military. Patrols on the streets, checking documents. Jerzy. About Natasha recalls Goncharov (synchronously). Photos husband Natasha - Paul. Chronicle: crawling nurse with a soldier, have a stretcher. OS (the background is the story of Natasha about her work as a nurse). Crying women. The corpses of those killed. Running and shooting at soldiers. Passes through the tank. Tomb AN Kachuevskoy. Memorial plaque.

Reel №1

Natasha's mother Kachuevskaya, who died in 1942 fighting against the fascist invaders on the outskirts of the city of Astrakhan, on Mamaev Hill: goes to the Pantheon, in the pantheon of reading the names on the memorial of the victims, crying, leaning against the wall - LS., CU.

Natasha's last name on the memorial wall - MS.

A few photos of Natasha Kachuevskaya - CU.

A group of students at the building Gittis (summer) - MS.

Photo Artist Theater, LM Leonidov.

Sign: "State Institute of Theatrical Art A. Lunacharsky GITIS »- CU.

GITIS students for lectures and in rehearsal.

Directs a rehearsal Andrei Goncharov.

Reading room, engaged students - LS.

Artist Theater, MM Tarkhans group of students - pictures - MS.

Photo Tarhanova - CU. (Collisions).

Dance lesson at the Institute - MS., LS.

The walk in the park are the mother of Natasha Kachuevskaya and a man sitting on a bench, mother says (synchronously) - Various.

Photo: Natasha among her friends and others - CU.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Moscow - LS. (Night).

Kremlin towers and domes of the Kremlin cathedrals - MS.

Planes over Moscow - LS.

Mounted patrol in the street (evening) - LS.

Verification of documents from the car driver - MS.

Guns and anti-tank hedgehogs on the streets - MS.

GITIS building, a bench in the park.

Rehearsal in concert brigade.

About Natalia says head concert brigades, leaving the front, Andrei Goncharov (synchronous) - MS.

Mother tells of Natasha (synchronous) - MS.

Reel №2

A few photos of Natasha Kachuevskaya - CU., MS.

Photo by Natasha husband Paul Kachuevskaya - commander of the guerrilla detachment ppogibshego in July 1942 - CU.

Natasha's mother tells of her and Paul (synchronously) - MS.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Battlefield nurse helping the wounded, helps him to crawl into the foxhole - LS., MS.

Nurses are carrying the wounded on stretchers - LS.

Operating a field hospital - MS.

Soldier shoots - MS.

Building GITIS - LS. (Autumn).

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Nazis ruined village, orphans, the bodies of women and children, relatives of the corpses - MS., LS. (Winter).

Fight: passing tanks on the attack and fled from soldiers in the smoke of the steppe - different. (Autumn).

Photo by Natasha in uniform against the smoky steppe.

Natasha's grave Kachuevskaya - MS. (Collisions).

Monument at the grave with a plaque and a photo - CU. (From left).

Photo of Natasha in childhood.

Photos: Natasha among children - MS.; Natasha - CU.