Gathering of women Fascist. (1939)

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Reel №1


A documentary about women's rally in Rome.

Women for studies in Nazi Party School.

Female doctor examining a child.

Family at home, mother bathes the child in the tub.

Physical education classes with the children.

Nurse corrects posture teenager.

Female nurses in the operating room on the ship.

The camp for the female fascist organization.

She marches with balls, carry a massive exercise with hoops, with clubs.

Women's competitions in running, jumping, throwing the spear, drive, tennis and fencing.

Smiling girl-athletes.

Skiing, sailing, archery.

The girls prancing horses.

The girl on a camel.

Tour the Egyptian ruins, in the museum


Arriving in Rome a delegation from various regions of Italy.

Their vtsrechaet Secretary of the Fascist Party Vidussoni.

They come in the form of a girl with a backpack.

They sit in the bus and go to the camp prepared for them.

It turned into the dining room sports hall, covered with long tables.

Room with beds.

Girls are in the camp, wash off the road

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Reel №2


The girls are on the beds, write letters home.

Cooks prepare food, carry pots in the room, poured on the plates.

At dinner there Vidussoni


In Piazzale Roma there are groups of women with banners.

Sounds fascist anthem.

Columns are moving on the road against the background of the city.

Triumphal Arch.

Stands for guests, diplomats, spectators, military.

Past failure women passing car with the Duce.

Mussolini is welcoming women.

Enthusiastic cries of women, they wave their handkerchiefs.

motorcade leaves behind the arch, go to the stands.

Colosseum View.

Mussolini welcomed the women out of the car passes an honor guard.

It rises to the podium with Ministers, the fascist ranks

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Reel №3


Standing on a pedestal, Duce takes the parade columns of fascist women from different regions and organizations, from young girls to mothers.

Pass female sports column units and Air Force.

Past Mussolini defile women workers and the peasant women military and students.

Mussolini takes women parade.

Pass in the ranks of actress and female laureates, mathematics and female researchers.

Passing female cyclists and motorists.

In trucks and ambulances passing women of the Red Cross.

Completing the journey female rider on loschadi

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Reel №4


The military on the rostrum.

There is a system of sailors with weapons team stop in front of the rostrum, turning to face her.

Mussolini on the podium raised his hand, welcoming the delegates.

It sounds anthem.

After Mussolini parade coming down from the podium, he sits in the car.

Columns are sent to the area in front of the palace.

A view of the crowd from the top.

Duce opens onto a balcony, cheering sound.

The officer gave the floor to Mussolini, he greets women.

The crowd chanted "Duce"

Key words

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