Actions by German aircraft on the Polish front. (1939)

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Military operations of German aircraft in Poland in 1939.

German aircraft - intelligence on the airfield.

Loading the plane cameras.

Take off, fly over Polish territory.

Polish landscapes blasted railway bridge station.

Military trains.

Traces of explosions on the ground.

Destroyed villages.

Map of Poland, the pilot puts crosses.

Flying over Warsaw.

Return of aircraft at the airport, at the bottom of the small fields, forests, roads, bridges.

Landing at the airport.

The pilot gives the movie camera.

Proyalenie negatives.

At the headquarters watching aerial data.

Rise bomber squadron, it in flight.

A column of German troops and trucks on the roads of Poland, the view from the aircraft.

The bombing of Warsaw, railway station

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Reel №2


On the field, the Wehrmacht planes.

Loading equipment, weapons and fuel.

Transportation German troops advancing deep into Poland.

Polish territory below.

Broken Polish planes at the airport.

Unloading from the aircraft.

A column of German trucks is on the locality.

Pass the three women with knots.

On a country road going trucks, artillery.

With the truck unloaded the barrels of fuel.

In the camp is arranged for rest.

Polish prisoners held hands at the back, the German soldiers surround them.

The guns, camouflaged with branches.

The officer shouted commands through a megaphone.

Ran gunners deploy guns, firing on the Polish plane.

Downed Polish plane falls to the ground.

Radio in a special machine, running a radio operator.

Planes are in the field at the stacks.

Sit down airplanes, pilots consider holes punched through the chassis.

Pilots on holiday.

The soldier is busy with rabbits.

Soldier shear fellow pilots make a homemade shower.

Pilots folded parachutes.

Across the bridge is the car with Hitler, who came to the forefront.

Hitler tries to soldier's porridge.

Soldiers gather around the Fuhrer.

Hitler eating, talking with the soldiers.

Bypasses generals commissioned soldiers board a plane

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Reel №3


Cab bomber pilot watches in the device, drops bombs.

On the ground, there are traces of the bombing, fires.

German bombers flew over the Carpathians.

German planes sit on the box, a hole in the tail of the aircraft.

Ride-tank machine, the soldiers rolled barrels of fuel, run by planes.

The car with the radio station.

The sky starts a radiosonde.

German soldiers on the streets of one of the Polish cities.

Monter "crampons" climbs a pole, pulls the wire.

In the house on the balcony of a German soldier secures the wire, communications cable is pulled.

Entrance Staff room.

The officer looks card gets photos, notes on the map

Key words

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Reel №4


The officer looks intelligence.

Visible road with columns of Polish troops and vehicles.

Plan area.

Map of Warsaw, Warsaw, environment diagram, the line of demarcation.

Polish cities - Kutno, Modlin, Warsaw.

The city cars are ahead of the car with a white flag.

Out of German folskdoyche from German soldiers to help carry things.

The staff, the card officer, he looks circuit operation on the ground.

Flying over the terrain is visible from the road machine, the river, the fires on the ground.

Departures bombers from Modlin and Warsaw.

The bombing of the suburbs of Warsaw - Prague.

Steady city church.

On the streets of barricades can be seen, the ruins.

Flying German planes over Warsaw capitulated.

Polish flag.

The eagle with the swastika

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