They met in London (1941)

Footage №66606, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Pol Rota /Paul Rotha/
Camera operators:Dzhek Harding

Reel №1


Meeting of the Congress of the British Association for Science and the World Order was held in London in September 1941.

Speech alternate delegates showing various scenes of battle and others.

The airfield, the pilots running to planes, loading of shells into the aircraft bombing.

Antiaircraft guns aimed at the sky


London, city views, traffic.

Congress, the delegates enter the building.

meeting hall.

They're coming tanks, raising dust, the tank goes down the hill.

Attack of soldiers in the winter forest.

Those delegates.

Lie the corpses of civilians.

Statement by the delegate.

Japanese soldiers on the march, a Japanese general on a horse.

Japanese delegate at the congress.

Statement by the delegate.

Bombing from the air.

Speaker Soviet delegate.

Sending weapons in the USSR is an American tank with the words - in Russian.

Tank Factory, are the tanks.

Women in the workplace.

Laboratory experiments were conducted.

The guards carried the wounded on stretchers.

The refugees on the streets.

The ruins of buildings from explosions.

The delegates.

View of London from the Thames

Key words

England, the Congress delegation, airfield, weapons, aviation, science
England city, population, world war 2, tanks, industry, military, weapons, soldiers, Congress, military leaders, the delegation, the destruction, the air force, women, laboratory, wounded, refugees, river

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