Posvyaschaets rhythm rolling wheel. (1940 - 1949)

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A documentary about the work of the German railway workers in areas of the Soviet Union occupied by Hitler's troops.

To the east are the German trains with tanks, antiaircraft guns, trucks.

The view from the heights in the coming train.

RAD Soldiers in the repair of the railway.

The soldiers laid rails.

Destroyed power plant in the city of Vitebsk, the restored station starts.

The composition of the recovered Soviet cars goes on snow-covered track, the railroad bridge.

Soldier carries oiler, gives the engineer in the cab.

Alteration of the wheels from the Soviet cars.

The soldiers go to the front of the train, waving their hands.

Soldiers in the car, they drink beer from bottles.

Memel, a poster hanging on the wall of a building.

Trains go to Revel, Riga, Libau.


The girl pours coffee in pots of soldiers.

Soldiers collect water.

Soldiers in the train at the window, they smile.

The inscription on the wagon, "Warsaw-Kutno-Posen-Frankfurt-Berlin".

Rises arrow train departs.

Ambulances near a train, they go on the platform flooded with water.

The train making stretchers with the wounded

Enhanced security zheleznozhorozhnogo way in areas where Soviet partisans.

Blasted track partisans lying on the side of the locomotive, hit a mine.

Germans felled forest along the road.

German post clockwise near the dugout.

Go compositions with logs, machine.

NDP. on the house "Block N 53".

Traces of guerrilla activity: broken rails, wagons fallen.

Restoring track by German soldiers.

German armored train, disguised with branches, is on rails, tools on the platform.

The wireless operator in the car.

The shelling of the nearby village of armored trains.

German planes guarding the railway line.

The view from the height of the countryside with railway bridge over a river.

Formulations with military cargoes go on snow-covered tracks.

Metet snowstorm station.

The local population, were driven to the railroad cleaning.

The compositions of the station.

Lom beat off the ice with the iron parts of the engine, warming up their torches, burners.

Go echelons.

The construction of locomotives and wagons for railway broadly linear.

Ready locomotives on the tracks

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