Get up, Spain!. (1936)

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Director: Lins-Morshtadt Otto. Lins-Morstadt Otto


The film is dedicated to the fight against Franco with the democratic Government of Spain. On the map Spain, the hammer and sickle. The winner left front respublikantsev.Ubitye, barricades on the streets, slogans. Installation operations staff of the armed forces of the Republicans in different cities. Broken buildings, churches. In a sign of the Committee building, travel car, men with guns. On the calendar - on 21 July. Children raised their fists up - a symbol of unity. Republican demonstrations, distribution of weapons rabochim.Po Street march armed men, young people. Republicans with arms on trucks. The Messenger of the USSR in Spain, among Spaniards Rosenberg. Destruction historical monuments, the destruction of monasteries and churches, broken statues of saints. Communist slogans. Lit church burning houses. Soldiers-Republicans raise fists. Republicans rank shooting at the statue of the Virgin. From the church endure church utensils, burn it. The ruins of the church, destroyed the iconostasis, broken statues. Traces of bullets on the walls, fires. Those killed in the streets. Massive searches on the streets, arrests. Republican pulls on the rope corpse. The arrest of a suspect. Lying dead. Ship in the port of Barcelona, ​​defected to the Republicans, the men with ugly faces. Prison, are arrested. Sounds of shooting behind the scenes. The corpses in the square. Flag of Phalange. Portrait of General Franco on the building. Franco and his entourage out of the church, his welcome. Phalangists with a banner marching down the street. Demonstration and parade Falangists, they welcomed the fascist gesture. Franco's troops to march to the front. Trucks on mountain road. General Keino de Llano Seville among the population. Parade of troops. Phalangist troops under the command of General Mola parade, residents welcomed them waving from the windows

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Spain, elections, campaign, palace, architecture, fountain, church, castle, sculpture, farmers, police, demonstration

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Spain, church destruction, barricades, promotion, demonstration, fire, port, prison, gos.simvoly, gos.deyateli, personalities, parade, army, generals, civil war

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Spain, the Civil War, the fort, gos.simvoly, gos.deyateli, commanders, troops, soldiers, refugees, explosions killed

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Spain, the Air Force, the Civil War, the Phalangists, the refugees, the wounded, the dead, the bombardment of the port

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Spain, the Civil War, the bridge, refugees, troops, parade, ruins, killed

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Spain, the war, the bridge, mountains, military equipment, troops, refugees, prisoners, military leaders

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Spain, civil war, military equipment

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Peace will.

Banner Falangists.

Soldiers with shovels labor front.

Female Phalangist squad, feed children in the dining room.

There is a women's squad, his hands in a Nazi salute.

Young buglers, drummers, a detachment of young Falangists with arms cyclists.

Units held by the tribune, the tribune raised wounded Phalangists.

Victory flags.

Day of mourning in Madrid.

Laying wreaths at the victims of the fascist movement.

From the rostrum says Franco, lists of dead, the ranks are under the sounds of the march.

The balconies are flying flowers, women in national costumes.

Hover flags phalanx

Key words

Spain, sea, agriculture, peasants, dancing, animals, pets Spain, women gos.simvoly, Falangists, Franco, the laying of wreaths, parade