The world is armed (1939)

Documentary №66698, 7 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Oze Zhan. Oser Jean
Camera operators:Burgas. Bourgas

Reel №1

Nonfiction films, mounted from the chronicle, as well as fragments of feature films / Crossroads, Wooden crosses /.

There are also gaming scenes recorded specifically for the film.

The film draws a picture of the world, armed to the teeth and continuing feverishly arming.

The film held the idea that while the totalitarian country hastily armed, democratic countries / including France / are little prepared for the next war.

The film calls on France to intensify the arms race.

Chronicle of hostilities of the First World War.



Martial guns scribbling machine gun.


Red Cross.

The bombing of the city, the people running.


History of weapons from the time of ancient man.

The caves, rock paintings.

Sharpening stone.

Ages: castles, suspension bridges.

The first gun.

Knights with spears on horses rushing to the attack.

The arrows with a bow reflect the attack.

Bow / close-up /.

The first gun.

Various guns.

Improving the tools.


World Exhibition of 1900.

Sights of the city, the exhibition halls.

The first cars, train carriages on horseback.

A restaurant.

Canary sings and dances.

The conversation of the two men with a canary.

Waltzing the audience in the hall.

Meeting royals.

City tram.


Emperor Franz Joseph and his family.


A meeting /?/.



Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna and Tsarevich Alexei are surrounded by the higher ranks.

Russian clergy.

July 14, 1914.

The French army goes to war.

Chronicle of fighting.

Soldiers shoot, run.

Tanks, artillery guns.

Explosions, fires.

Trucks and infantry.



Key words

World War 1, weapons, the bombing of the city, restaurant, personnels, explosions, wounded, destruction

Reel №2

Cemetery with crosses.

French flag.

The revival of life after the First World War.

Analysis of the debris, the men collected stones, pickaxe work.

One of them is a shell splinter.

City, street, traffic.

Entertainment on the dance floor: music, dance, an orchestra.

Politicians from different countries: speech from the podium, review troops.

Europe sets new boundaries after the war.

Map of Italy with the shadow of the ax.

Construction and agricultural work after the war.

Harvester in the field.

In 1925, the signing of the Treaty of Locarno.

These are the seven contracts, the result of negotiations held in Locarno, Switzerland, from 5 to 16 October 1925 and signed on December 1 in London Chapter 7 States / Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia /.

German Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann, a representative of Czechoslovakia Dr.

Edward Benes, UK Austen Chamberlain et al.


Blooming trees and flowers.

Women in the agricultural operations: Vintage, loading hay.

Felling of trees, logs floating on the river.

Fishing, industrial processing.

Other industries and machines.

The construction of the ship, airship, aircraft.

September 1930 Breguet aircraft with crew, which consisted of Costes and Bellonta, made the first nonstop flight from Paris - New York. 1932 Geneva.

A sign on the building: Conference on the reduction and limitation of armaments.

Work Conference.

Sports: high jump, running hurdles, equestrian, hockey, water polo, football.

The development of science: instruments, scientists, experiments.

World of fun and getting richer.

USA. Competition models.

Girls measure the volume waist, chest, thighs.

The ingots of gold.

Dancing, carnival.


Title of the newspaper Paris Soir: The collapse of the stock exchanges in New York

Key words

politics, personalities, conference, destruction, restoration work, industry, sports, entertainment, dancing, exchange, city transport

Reel №3


Fall courses.



Cover the plants.

No work / scenes in various languages ​​/.

Everywhere in the world unemployment.

Unemployed with slogans.

Distribution of hot food, bread in the streets.

Statistics of the number of unemployed in 1932, by country.

Formation of fascism.


An excerpt from Hitler's speech.

Meeting tuple Marshal Hindenburg (Reich President of Germany).

Parade of German troops.

Germany Industry: Factories are working.

Sights of the city of Nuremberg.

The first military parade with the participation of Hitler.


Election of President Roosevelt.

Adopted new building program.

Construction of the bridge.


Launching a new transatlantic vessel.

UK sail "Queen Mary".


Review of troops of Hitler's new army.

France and America, new trains, new aircraft.

President Roosevelt sets in motion the largest dam in the world.

The work of the dam.

Plane above the dam.

France built the largest dam in Europe.

View of the dam.

Construction and start-up channel.

San Francisco: the opening of a new concrete highway bridge.

Military exercises in Germany

Key words

market, unemployment, unemployed, Hitler, Fascism, Parade, Germany, America, France, Great Britain, industry, scientists, politicians, celebrities, Roosevelt

Reel №4


Medical examination of children.

House child.

Kids in the hands on a swing in the basket.

Making dolls.

Girls are taught knitting.

Puppet shows.

Boys deal with war games.


Parade of teenagers and young men.


Young swears Hitler.



Peasant life.




Flight aircraft in the sky in the form of a swastika.

Review of military vehicles.

Children on nature, go swimming in the river, kids - the pool.

Playing in the sand.

Sport and Freedom: diving, swimming, water skiing, figure skating, skiing (downhill bad), bobsleigh, ski sailing, air sports, auto racing, aviapilotazha figures.

America, England: parades of troops.

Map Ethiopia.

Military vehicles, soldiers, local troops.


Soldiers, equipment.

France is building a dam in the south of Tunisia (1927-1928 gg.).

Construction works.



March of soldiers.

Scottish soldiers.


Construction works.

Planes in the sky.

Analysis of the debris after the Japanese aggression.

The coffins, weeping Japanese women.

Entertainment: dance.

Oath to Hitler.

Austria is a member of Germany.

Parade of troops

Key words

France, Italy, Germany, Spain, children, Hitler, fascism, sports, America, Britain, hits, Palestine, construction, entertainment, dancing

Reel №5


Military parade.

United Kingdom.

Military parade.

THE USSR. Military parade on Red Square.

Aircraft in the sky.

USA. Test a new model fast tank at the site.


Testing a new model of the tank.

Tank fells the tree.

Tank goes over the river.

Tank destroys the wall of the house.

The new model of a warship.

The daily routine of the crew: the rise, building, flag raising.

French flag, the British flag, the American flag.

The sailors wash the deck, pull the sail.

Vessels at sea.

The US Pacific Fleet.

Baltic Fleet.

North Sea.

The naval exercises of the French fleet.

Mechanisms warship.

Reset torpedoes.


Reset min.

The submarine goes under water

Key words

Belgium, Great Britain, the USSR, USA, France, parade weapons, the Navy, the North Sea

Reel №6

American warship.

Periscope, the choice of target.

Clear mines under water.

The submarine is getting out of the water.

Aerial attack: from aircraft to drop bombs on the ship.

Gun shooting from the ship.

Landing plane on an aircraft carrier.

Bookmark bombs fighter.

The fighters in the sky.


British Air Force.

Departure Flight.

German, Italian Air Force.

US aircraft in the sky.

Clear bombs.


Military bunker on the border with Germany.

Security border.



Trolleys carry soldiers through an underground tunnel.

Raising the bombs in the elevator.

Telephone communications.

Underground observation point.

Shot from the ground.

Military factory underground.

Independent electricity.

Soldiers mechanics.

Manufacture of bombs, bullets, and others.

Construction works.


Spotlights, radars.

Fire teachings.

Firefighters wearing gas masks.

Air raid in the city, sirens, people flee

Key words

America, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Navy, weapons, air force exercises, military factory, soldiers, air defense, military industry, the construction of military

Reel №7

1938 Hitler.

German, Italian army on maneuvers.

Maneuvers of the French army.

American troops disembarking from a boat and spend on the beach, the attack on the coast.

The detachment of the British Army in London Big Ben in the background.

France, America, Italy: teaching, teaching, teaching in Prague, Charles Bridge.

Man listening to radio address from Germany.

Ads in the city on the recruitment of volunteers.

Game scene: the conversation about the war, the recruitment into the army, seeing the war.

Paris East Station.

United Kingdom.

Bugler blows gathering of sailors on a ship.


Volunteers go enlist in the army.

Mobilization of troops on the border with Germany.


Pope calls for reconciliation.

The headlines of the newspaper Paris Soir: A Fuehrer's Chamberlain, The Fuhrer agrees to postpone the mobilization for 24 hours.

Munich 1938 The signing of the Munich Agreement, drawn up in Munich, September 29, 1938 and signed by 30 September of the same year, Prime Minister Britain Neville Chamberlain, French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier, Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler and Italian prime minister Benito Mussolini.

The agreement relating to the transfer of Germany Sudetenland by Czechoslovakia.

Joyful meeting of heads of state: Chamberlain in London, Daladier in Paris.

This Franklin Roosevelt, the US leader: America hopes for peace.

Steel Plant.

Army and agriculture.

The devastation of the war.

Soldiers from different countries.

Navy and Air Force.

The call to lay down arms

Key words

Germany, France, Italy, America, England, in 1938, Hitler, army exercises, mobilization, politics, personalities, military industry, factory, soldiers, air force, navy

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