Mysterious Tibet (1943)

Documentary №66714, 9 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Gans Aljbert Lettov /Hans Albert Lettow/
Camera operators:Ernst Krauze,fon Rauh

Reel №1

A documentary about the expedition to Tibet in 1938-39 under the direction of Ernst Schäfer.

The relief map of the geographical location of Tibet.

Territory - 1 million 200 thousand square meters... km.

In the north and east of Tibet, adjacent to the western provinces of China.

Further north, Mongolia and the USSR. In the south and west Tibet borders India.

Preparation of the expedition.

Female Tibetan women Schaefer wears around his neck a white towel in a sign of respect, they enter the house.

Organization of caravans loaded bales on horses.


Karvinos instrumentation, it produces a measurement head female Tibetan women and men.

Ernst Krause with a movie camera.

expedition route goes from India towards the Himalayan mountains

General view of Calcutta, the streets are pedestrians, buildings, quaint architecture.

In homes signboard in English.

Promoting the caravan rail, types of terrain from the train window.

Track passes a herd of goats.

The expedition continues inland road riding.

Himalayas to the conductors.

The fauna and flora of the Himalayan mountains, thickets, snake.

Crossing the mountain river on a suspension bridge, woven from vines.

Types of mountain rivers, the bridges over them.

Go mules with baggage, one of the mule stumbles and falls on the bridge.

The people of the tribe "lelcha" serves as guides and porters.

They restore the destroyed bridge of lianas


In a large pot pour water, cook the meat.

In the distance can be seen the Potala Palace.

Start the holiday.

The competition in archery, you need to get to the center of the wooden ring.

Shooting on the range.

Rush riders on horseback, shooting at a target at full speed with bows and rifles.

Shooting rocking.

A crowd of race horses without riders.

Believers Tibetans believe that these horses the gods make their entry into Lhasa.

Monks trumpeted in huge pipes.

Lama at the solemn procession.

Ancient religious dances, symbolizing the appearance of spirits among the people and fight with them.

The animal masks on the dancers.

Carved figures on the roofs of the Potala.

Surrounded by a crowd of balahinom are "spirit", the crowd carries him out of the city.

Burning of "spirits" and "devils" at ogne.2 th branch of the festival - awarded the Order of the supreme command staff of the Tibetan army.

Horse parade of soldiers, dressed in the old form.

Admission parade gathered in the square ministers and dignitaries in silk robes and fur hats.

General approaches to dignitaries.

Lama bow.

Solemn military parade on horseback


The documentary film "based on foreign Chronicles", remount the film "Mysterious Tibet" rezh.V.Suhobokovym, put another text advocacy directions.

Embossed Map of Tibet location.

Territory-1.2 million square kilometers

In the north and east of Tibet, adjacent to the western provinces of China.

Further north of Mongolia and SSSR.Na south and west Tibet borders India.

Tibet belongs to China, but in reality it is controlled by an autocratic monarch


Street Kolkata.

Moving people, passing cars, trams, cyclists.

Indium-rich British possession in Asia.

Buildings Calcutta quaint oriental architecture, but with signs in English

Relief map of Tibet.

There are no railways, roads.

According uzeomu bridge and go down the path with the baggage mules and guides.

Mountain Stream.

In the narrow, woven from vines, hanging bridges across the stream man sneaks.

Thick undergrowth, creepers, gigantic ferns.

Go mules with baggage.

One of the mule stumbles and falls on the bridge, trying to get up.

The people of the tribe "Lelcha" serve as guides and porters.

If the rain will destroy the bridge, they have to repair it yourself.

Carry trunks of trees, repairing the bridge.

On the narrow mountain path to a height of 6000 meters climb mules and guides.

Before abroad eternal ice and are the last trees - huge pine.

The mountains covered with snow, shrouded in mist.

Mountain flowers.

Mountain lake, where ice-floes bizarre.

Frozen River, its move riders.

Day river thaws.

Horses drinking water from the river.

Severe rock, breaks down the avalanche.

Lying blue goat, jumping and grazing mountain goats

Key words

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India, architecture, railroad, bridge, hobbies, expedition, mountains, snake, river, people, plants
Germany, Tibet, religion, monks, sports, festivals, people, entertainment, movies, pets, food, city, women, award, awards, military equipment, reception, parade, army, Gos.deyateli army
Germany, border
Germany, the city, attractions, transport, urban transport, architecture, people
mountains, bridge, monks, people, lake, plants, bridges, border, timber, natural phenomena, river, animals

Reel №2

Go through the raging torrent.

Cabin in the mountains.

Before abroad eternal ice are the last trees - huge pine.

The first meeting with the local population in the northern Himalayas.

Pole tied with ribbons and scraps of paper with spells.

The old shaman ritual holds over the fire, twirling prayer mill.

Caravan on the road, go up into the mountains on foot with goods.

Ancient glaciers.

People's religious festival associated with a belief that on this day God Cagnes-Jong Chen descends from the mountains and visiting people.

The mask of the god.

Lama blow in a huge pipe, are the people.

Go dancers in warrior clothing.

The mask of the god, his dance.

Mountain views, promotion caravan up in the mountains.

Rises on the rocks with a safety rope.

Rain, snow in the mountains, in the mountains collapse.

The capture of wild yak in the mountains


a large bird of prey sitting among the rocks.

Giant birds of prey, and gimalayakaya Lemak.

They are fighting over prey.

Rides a herd of wild horses-Kiang Tibet.

Steppe fox.

Leader Kiang rushing ahead of the herd.

Powerful yaki-indigenous Tibetan animals.

Yak in harness.

People saddled with yaks luggage.

Due to the excessive burden of one of the yaks starts to rebel.

He runs and throws the burden.

Caravan loaded yaks walking on rocky path, fording the river, going to the mountains.

Caravan at the walls of the city.

Residents on the walls.

Nomads welcome arriving at the Tibetan custom-weighed bows and sticks out his tongue.

Women wash clothes in the river, the children stand side by side.

Local population.

Man sniffing tobacco

Tibet - the only country in the world, managed by monks and religious rituals occupy important place in everyday life and the lives of the people.

The old man prays, spinning prayer mill.

Spinning mill, a large prayer encased in a special house.

Each passing twists it.

Tibetan prayer beads touches.

Buddhist monks Lama - are located in the middle of the road and make a prayer ritual.

Bronze statues of Tibetan deities, idols and monstrous masks, which should remind people of the existence of evil spirits.

A statuette of the Buddha, praying frantically Lama.

The temples and monasteries are found at every turn.

The small hermitage in the mountains, chapel.

One of the richest and biggest monasteries of Tashi lumpen, lives here about 10 thousand monks.

Monk hit with a stick on the beam, the monks gather for prayer.

The monk blows a huge pipe, the other beating the gongs and drums.

On the walls of the monastery the monks gather with rosary, pray.

Minions spread in heavy copper sosoduh tea, poured it into bowls sitting lamas.

Young monks are preparing medicinal herbal pills.

Tibetan typography.

Carved on the wooden planks font smear paint, rolled on paper, font and remove the finished print.

Ottski stacked in bundles.

Ganzhur - Tibetan scripture holds 108 volumes

Key words

mountain, people, border, expedition, religion, celebration, mill, entertainment, Caravan, natural phenomena, animals
Germany, Tibet, mountains, birds, animals, people, monks, caravan, people, expedition, woman, river, children
Tibet, mountains, monks, religion, people, temple, windmill, sculpture, youth, plants, medicine, printing

Reel №3


Yak on the snow, a Tibetan holding him.

Karvan on holiday at the campsite.

The conductors are fed horses.

Types of local birds.

Graze horses.

Mountain flowers.

Members of the expedition are stone plates, constructing a small cave for the operator.

He shoots kites.

Birds from the dead animals, the struggle between the vultures.

In the morning one of puteshetsevnnikov working with geodetic instruments, records observations in the journal.

Among the local population.

Watching the representatives of the natives, the measurement of body size, the length of the arms, legs, skull okrobki, the study of eye color and skin.

Woman laughing, pulled out, frightened, when she smeared skin cream.

Tibetan sniffing tabak.malchik runs across the creek.

Expedition doctor pulls out the natives aching tooth, everyone laughs.

Female Tibetan women in the original hats, kids.

The pot is diluted gypsum, Tibetan smear head to remove the mask.

Cured remove the mask from his face.

Plaster head made with casts


Rest in camp.

The expedition members dine at the table in the tent.

Woman with two children singing and dancing in front of them.

Boy dancing in Maseko.

Woman knocks cream in a mortar, the children surround her and lick the cream off the stick.

The finished weight given to members of the expedition, they cautiously pass it to each other, until one of them tries.

The woman is breastfeeding, smoking woman.

Children sit in a circle, they handed out coins, they dance.

At dusk on the river is the rider on the horse.

Mountains in the clouds.

Lying blue goat


The rock of the Buddha image.

Past traveling horsemen.

Ruins drevnetibetskoy tower.

Monuments drevnetibetskoy architecture.

On a hill lined with an inscription in an ancient tongue.

Street Tibetan town with towers.

peasants working in the fields.

Wooden plow plowed land, manual sowing.

Working in the field, serving peasants serfdom, paying dues in kind taxes monasteries and feudal lords.

Drawn by oxen pulling a harrow.

The field walk around cranes.

On the plain grazing sheep and sheep.

A shepherd with a herd.

The herd is driven into the barn.

Shepherd snatches from the flock white sheep and drags her feet.

Sharpening a knife on a wet stone.

Kose bind legs, put it on the ground, a special knife sheared wool.

Women in the original headdresses spun wool.

In primitive looms artisans weave carpets.

Long line of craftsmen sit behind their looms


On the wall bricklayers puts stones, others break stones with a hammer.

Instead of lime - raw clay.

On the street the people sitting immediately cattle grass burns.

Small craftsmen go about their business: blacksmiths forge a horseshoe, coppersmiths mend dishes, cobblers sew shoes.

A group of women sitting at the wall of the house, knitted on needles.

Women and children.

Sitting on the ground, Tibetans prepare the national dish - tszampu / tea is flavored with oil, salt and roasted barley flour /.

Group Tibetan dignitaries.

They eat other foods.

Hands dipped on the mat roasted pig carcass.

Woman throws oil around her children jumping and collecting oil with sticks.

The narrow winding streets of one of the cities with the passers-by.

Against the wall sits the culprit in the yoke next to his wife feeds him tszampoy.

Legs in chains

Key words

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Germany, expedition, people, natives, children, recreation, women, food, money, river, animals, mountains, animals, entertainment
Tibet, the monks, the people, the peasants, monuments, sculptures, architecture, animals, birds, women, fashion, crafts, monastery
Tibet, population, crafts, women, children, food, city, criminals, family

Reel №4


The operator carefully peeks from under the rocks, blue removes herd of mountain goats.

From camping out travelers, dig out the tent from snega.

PNRM. mountains, rivers.

Two travelers are floating in a boat on the river.

Icebergs in water of different shapes.

Mountain landscape.

Advancing farther north.

On the border of two landscape continuous chain of mountain ranges in the south and vast steppes in the north.

Tibet map with dots.

Lhasa to the north and the south Doptra.

Stone built Tibetans.

Tibetan Schaefer supplies white towel and his wife invited him to his house.

The expedition members fooling around in the snow, throw snowballs.

The caravan moves on a mountain trail


In the mountainous area flock birds of prey.

Tibetan kindle a fire in the distance lie the bodies of the dead.

The bodies should be burned, but the wood is very expensive, there is no coal, so the earthly remains of the dead thrown to be devoured by vultures, which are considered sacred birds here.

Under prayer dissect the body into pieces, pounded on the bones of the dead stones, the birds could destroy everything.

Lama give a signal to the birds, they flock to the remains of those, destroying them



The capital city of Lhasa in Tibet.

Here lives the supreme ruler of Tibet - the Dalai Lama.

Outside the city are pilgrims prostrating at every two steps.

On the branches and bushes hung with pieces of paper and written matter with spells and prayers.

Pilgrims wander past arhitektrunyh monuments.

They approach the walls of the city and worship saints depicted on the walls.

At the gates of the city enter riders on mules and horses.

Pilgrims come to the feast of the new year, which falls on February 15.

Monastery and Potala Palace - the residence of the Dalai Lama.

The roof with carved ornaments.

House for employees, barns, stables and others.

View of the city of Lhasa, celebrating the New Year, which lasts three weeks.

Bustling street of the city.

Wandering monk-prophet, on his forehead decoration of teeth.

Frightened girl closed sleeve.

Outside the city is divided into tent pilgrims field.

Woman drinking tea, the barber shaves his head resident.

In anticipation of the holiday arrived entertain strolling musicians and dancers.

The huge boilers cook tea for tszampy

Key words

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Tibet, Mountain, funerals, birds, population, religion
Tibet, the population, the monks, the city, the elderly, religion, windmill, sculpture, festival, Gos.deyateli, women, music, food

Reel №5

Another Tibetan village.

Ritual pole with the skull of the animal and tied with white cloths, pile of stone.

Taming wild yaks, loaded their baggage.

Yak tries to throw bales.

Replacing mules and yaks movement on the rocks, the rivers, the swamp.

A horse stuck in a swamp, the rider has hlytom her, trying to pull.

Fauna Tibetan steppes.

Lies mountain goats, hares and squirrels, steppe fox, bullfinches.

Hamster hiding in a hole.

Galloping wild horses-Kiang.

Caravan on the road, go on the ice of the river.

Residents greet travelers Tibetan custom-weighed bow and draw out the tongue.

Tibetan settlement, stone buildings and houses, the church.

Hikers walking on the street.

Residents sit in the street, a woman with children.

Women wash in the river.

The old man prays, spinning prayer mill



On the roof of the monastery with large pipe for the signals in the two monks blew the trumpets, heralding the start of the holiday.

On the streets of the city without rushing horse riders.

Veruschie Tibetans believe that these horses the gods make their entry into Lhasa.

The luxurious silk robes on horseback appeared on the square ministers and dignitaries.

Curb crowd of servants.

Dignitaries dismount and held in tents, sit down.

Dignitaries crown white towels in a sign of respect and obedience.

The people welcomed the dignitaries.

Two monks blow the trumpets.

From the portal of the temple comes a procession of pious ladies.

The field consists of the soldiers in armor, a war dance of the southern tribes.

Dancing men in masks.

The roof of the Potala Palace with ornaments.

Dance masks, dedicated to the death of the old year.

In the area there is a new group of lamas.

Pipe in pipe group of monks.

Surrounded by the crowd, under a canopy are possessed person.

Barely restrained the crowd.

Carry a person under the canopy it must drive out of town.

Sacred ceremony finished.

It comes all other entertainment


Folk Festival.

Tibetans shoot bows.

It is necessary to get to the center of the wooden ring.

Shooting on the range.

Rush riders on horseback, shooting at a target at full gallop, bows and guns

Key words

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Germany, the city festival, monks, religion, Gos.deyateli, domestic animals, fun, people, priests
Germany, festivals, Tibet, people, entertainment, domestic animals

Reel №6


Spinning mill, a large prayer encased in a special house.

Each passing twists it.

Lama with prayer mills.

Two Tibetan sitting on the ground and eat tszabu / tea is flavored with oil, salt and roasted barley flour /.

Women in the original headdresses.

Expedition unload horses.

Horse ride on the ground.

Tibetan lamb cuts, the blood poured into the bowl, the bowl gives the horse she licks it.

Schaefer welcomes local official receives mail from Germany, distributes its expedition members


The path of the caravan is on the north-east.

They meet local runner who holds a stick with bells.

Horsemen galloping along the river.

The ruins of the ancient city, former capital of Tibet.

The deepening of the rock statue of Buddha.

Mules with cargoes go past the ruins.

Remains of the ancient tower, vultures nest on the ruins.

The hill town is visible.

The ruins of the royal palace.

Traveller measure the height of the tower.

On a hill lined with an inscription in an ancient tongue.

In modern Tibetan city.

Of memorial to Tibetan architecture.

The religious rituals of Buddhism followers.

Lama with prayer mills.

Twist big mill

The ancient customs associated with the destruction of the body of the deceased.

Under prayer dissect the body into pieces, bones crushed on the rocks.

Lama gives a signal to the waiting area on the mountain vultures.

Birds flock to the remains and destroy them.

Lama with a mad kind of praying, spinning mill.

The masks and statues of gods influx, menacing, tough and scary masks


Browsing an earth, play musical instruments and sing two Tibetans.

On the open area in the original hit tambourines and dancing Tibetans.

Tibetans are dancing in a circle.

Originally danced frantically twisted his head several Tibetans sitting on the ground.

Looks crowd.

Goes cavalcade of riders.

This led army generals go.

They are richly dressed up in ancient costumes Tibetan warlords.

For the generals, followed by soldiers, dressed in medieval armor, armed with spears, swords and old muskets.

The procession goes three times around the sacred temple



There is a modern Tibetan army, ahead of drummers.

They're coming soldiers with rifles on their shoulders.

Pipes trumpeters, sounding drums.

The soldier raises the national flag.

Saluted the officers and soldiers with signal flags.

The Tibetan army trained by the British rules of military art.

Commanding officers, soldiers performing team.

Exercises with guns.

Sweeps national flag.

Potala Palace view.

A wide staircase leading to the palace.

One of the decorations on the roof of the palace.

Mask of Tibetan deities, other mask.

Details of the roof of the Potala Palace

Key words

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Germany, animals, caravan, expedition, river, town, religion, architecture, monuments, population
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Germany, city festivals, temple, entertainment, Gos.simvolika, soldiers, generals, army, weapons

Reel №7

Tashi lumpen - one of the largest monastic settlements.

Morning religious ritual, the monk has his stick on the wooden beam.

According to court go young monks.

On the walls of the monastery are the monks of the Rosary, pray.

On the porch Lama beat gongs, blow the trumpets.

Young monks are large copper vats of tea, poured it into bowls.

Labour education of young monks.

They are made from medicinal herbs pills.

Tibetan typography, production of special grades of paper for Ganzhur - Tibetan scripture.

Carved on the boards between the paint and the font, font rolled on paper and remove the finished ottsk.

Finished prints stacked in bundles.

Ganzhur consists of 108 volumes


PNRM. through the village.

Local army, created in the English style.

Ahead of drummers.

They're coming soldiers with rifles on their shoulders.

Play drummers and trumpeters.

The soldier raises the national flag.

Saluted the officers and soldiers with signal flags.

The officer gives the command, the soldiers carried out exercises with guns, and spend the attack, marching in place


Caravan on the road again.

In the mountains, graze huge herds of mountain goats and sheep.

Shepherd sheep missing legs and relates to the place of haircuts.

Shear special knife.

Women spun yarn.

In primitive looms artisans weave carpets.

National patterns in the carpets

Key words

Tibet, a monastery, monks, youth, religion, medicine
Germany, the troops, commanders, soldiers, weapons, doctrine
Germany, caravan, animals, mountains, crafts

Reel №8

The caravan goes along the river bank.

In the sky flying cranes.

At an altitude of 3700 m peasants work the land.

Jura sit on the field, walking about on it.

Farmers plow mule.

The road on which pilgrims from all over the country are sent to Lhasa to worship, falling down every two steps.

Road Temple of La Mota.

Through the arch of the temple pilgrims are in Lhasa.

The arrival of the expedition to the city, guard soldiers greet them.

PNRM. the city, along the walls of the buildings are strung curtains.

Residents in the city streets.

Admission expedition local authorities, shake hands, bowing, enter the house.

Sit dignitaries, smiling, close-up of their persons, presentation


Craftsman-Tibetan removes the skin with goat horns lie close.

Schaefer suited to a member of the expedition that explores the skins of animals, collection of fur-bearing animals.

Immediately runs fox playing with Cabo.

Close-up of the hoopoe.

A traveler sitting at the table, they are gifts from the government, food, fried pig.

Lama passes Schaefer scroll

Key words

Tibet caravan, expedition, city Gos.deyateli, poultry, farmers, animals, the pilgrims, the temple, the soldiers
Germany, expedition, people, food, poultry, personalities, animals

Reel №9

Travelers go with llamas.

Tibetans in the construction of the house.

They break stones and pray by throwing them.

Movement along the street.

Against the wall in the yoke caught the thief is sitting, his wife feeds him tszampoy, another criminal with shackles around his neck and legs.

Small artisans for their business: blacksmiths forge a horseshoe, coppersmiths mend dishes, cobblers sew shoes.

The woman knits on the needles.

Boy looking in the mind of other insects.

The street is a wandering monk-prophet, on his forehead decoration of teeth.

She covers her face in fright hand.

The riders enter the gate.

Monastery and Potala Palace - the residence of the Dalai Lama.


Carved decorations on the roof of the palace.

Pilgrims pass along the walls of the monastery, worship the saints depicted on the walls.

Holy tree with rags tied, smokes center.

Pilgrims go, bowing down.

Stone, polished praying pilgrims.

Lama with tambourines.

Arrival of pilgrims from the provinces.

The camp for the pilgrims on the outskirts of Lhasa, tents.

The camp for rest.

Eat tszampu, street barber shaves his head Tibetans.

Strolling musicians play instruments and sing.

The members of the expedition at the table with llamas, shared lunch in tents, eating with chopsticks, travelers dressed in Tibetan robes.

Pick up the glasses with a drink, say a toast.

Look religious dance, whirling.

Dancers with tambourines, attach the handle.

Twist dancers heads

Key words

Tibet, population, Expedition, monastery, pilgrims, monks, women, children, insects, criminals, crafts, building, religion, music, musical instruments

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