Royal Cavalcade. (1935)

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Director: Tomas Bentli, Gerbert Brenon, U.P.Kellino, Norman Li, Uolter Sammers, Marselj Varnelj /Thomas Bentley, Herdert Brenon, W.P.Kellino? Norman Lee, Walter Summers, Marcel Varnel/

Operators: Dzhek I.Koks, Fil Grindrod, Brajan Lengli, Lesli Rouson, Goracij Ueddon

Reel №1


Newsreels and documentary with staged scenes of the major events of the reign of King George V of England / 1910-1935 gg. / 1910.

Bright lights feyeverka during the celebration of the coronation of George W. From lights emerges a portrait of the king.

Doubles portrait of the king and queen.

At parapet trumpet trumpeters.

The album with pictures of the king.

World map.

Vents guns military merchant ships.

Sailors in the ranks.

King George V bypass operation.

Ships at sea, sailing.

London Stock Exchange Building.

Coins with the profile of the previous king.

Work at the plant manufactures coins, coin 1 penny with the image of George V in 1911


Landscapes of England.

London, traffic on the street Pikddili, riding carriages, buses, tram.

Trafalgar Square, the building of music hall "Majestic" cinema "Electric Palace" are viewers, they are greeted by the doorman.

Near the theater organ grinder entices the audience with music and monkey.

Spectators buy tickets, go to the gym.

In the orchestra pit playing chamber orchestra, the music accompanying the film on the screen the species "Sunday boat trip at Ascot," boats sail through the gateway.

Chronicle: the king among the sailors on the ship


On the airfield fly airplanes.

The pioneers of aeronautics: Pollard sits on the wing, takes off "shelves".

Bleriot makes the flight across the English Channel.

The invention of radio-telegraph in 1910, the radio operator sends the text.

Krippene telegram.

The wax museum scene with radio-telegraph.

The father tells his son about the capture of the criminal Crippen Blagodyarya telegram.

People stand up to the window of the telegraph, telegrams pass.

In an adhesive stamps with the image of the king.

The celebrations of the coronation.

Hawker sells cloth with the image of the royal couple, the man buys one.

Royal travel, travel carriage, accompanied by cavalry.

Georg In India, a solemn procession with elephants.

North Castle in London at dusk

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Reel №2

England. 1912.

Opening the Music Hall in the Palace Theatre.

Book page - the history of music hall.


On stage Pavlova danced "The Dying Swan" / Chronicle / presentation program.

There is a paper "snow"

Dramatization of Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole.

Several people are skiing in snowstorm, coming to the tent with the Norwegian flag.

In her deceased members of the expedition of Roald Amundsen.

Letter to the Norwegian King James VII of Amundsen.

Scott picks up the English flag.

They carry the body of Amundsen's sledge.


Expedition to the tent, they find themselves without food.

Scott's last letter.

The staging of the death of an ocean liner "Titanic".

Kind of an iceberg.

Boat with passengers crash victims.

On board the "Titanic" lowered the boat, people jump overboard


Chronicle: the miners' strike, demonstrations.

Type of mine.

The map on the outline of Morocco lies gauntlets.

Dramatization: neighbors talking about Morocco.

Staging banquet July 21, 1911, Lloyd George, his speech at the banquet



In Germany, there is a preparation for war.

Political poster with the German Kaiser.

Chronicle: marching German soldiers on the road.

Officers at headquarters.

Wilhelm II in the parade of troops.

Flying zeppelin, a view of the earth from the air

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Reel №3


Silhouettes of German soldiers in helmets.

In England, the war only happens on stage.

On the stage, music hall marching and singing Cossacks.

The audience in the hall.

Staging: Mary Lloyd room, she sings couplets and dances.

ragtime dance on stage.

Children playing in the courtyard of the new game - Diablo.

The restaurant dancing tango.

Fans of the boxing match, moments of battle, in the 8th round knockout


Suffrazhistki in stagings.

Suffrazhistka chain chained themselves to the fence, the police did not give her that.

Police are suprazhistku the street.

Court, the two suffrazhistki shout slogans on the representation of women's freedom.


Davidson post poster "Death or victory" on the tower.

Derby in 1913, a woman dies under the hooves of a horse in protest.

The project on the representation of women to participate in the electoral law.

Lady Astor - the first woman in the parliament, it is sworn


Ireland requires independence.

Sir Edward Carsen opens onto a balcony in front of a crowd of people.

Marching volunteers.

John Midman and nationalists, is a rally.

British soldiers in Ireland.

Crowds at Verdun.

Auto racing.

In Sketitting-ring under the waltz "The fate of the" people riding on roller skates.

Playing gramophone spinning plate.

Still from the film: a couple riding on a boat.

They superimposed black silhouette with a revolver in his hand.

Assassination in Sarajevo.

The staging of the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Start of World War 1.

Propaganda posters in support of Belgium against Germany.

Fragment of huzhodestvennogo film performance in the British Parliament, the scene in the minister's office.

Battle ship at sea.

Telegram about the need to alert the British fleet

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Reel №4


British ultimatum to Germany.

Wilson / fragment from the movie: the officers in the wardroom /.

Newspaper headlines about the ultimatum.

August 4, 1914.

Sir John French in the office with employees, he goes to the window, the night lights face of Big Ben, chimes.

A huge crowd, illuminated by spotlights, shouting.

The declaration of war of Germany.

On the street selling newspapers.

Posters declaring war.

The Minister of War, Lord Kitchener bypass operation troops.

Go armed with the British.

The statement of the king to the people.

Record volunteers in the army.

On the streets of marching soldiers carry guns


In the music hall singer sings polhode peenku "long way to Tiperreri".

This song was sung everywhere.

Soldiers near the tents, they wash, talking.

Landing of British soldiers on board.

Sounds ship horn.

The Scots are on the streets of the French town, singing / staging /.

Military action, explosions, soldiers in the attack.

In Russian military factory working women, put bombs, paint, work for the machines.

There is a production of tanks.

Marching in the form of a woman.

Women work in the fields, plowing


Military action in the Gallipoli landings on the coast.

Canadians battle of the Somme, the soldiers in the trenches.

South Africans in Delville, Wood.

King on the front, it bypasses the formation of troops.

Go British ships.

King on the ship, he shakes the hands of the officers.

King in the pilots.

Women have a new engine, clean it.

Women in the hospital caring for the wounded.

Lighthouse, turns the spotlight.

Sailor looks through a telescope.

Shoot the ship's guns.

The city declared a air-raid alarm.

People were running in the shelter, a teacher accompanies students.

Ruins of buildings after the bombing, people take away the debris.

Male spikes showcase his shop.

Military action, explosions, soldiers in the trenches.

On the stretcher the wounded.

Map silhouette of a German soldier in a helmet, it shows on Belgium, Dieppe.

British soldiers are on the road.

The wounded returned to duty.

Sir Douglas Haig, commander of the British Expeditionary Forces in France / photos /.

Shots, explosions.

Text Haig's order of 11 April 1918, the final blow.

Ships and submarines in the sea, launch torpedoes blast the enemy ship.

In the rear.

People huddle against the wall, standing in line.

In the hands of tickets for bread, sugar.

The clouds flying zeppelin, searchlight caught him.

Announcement of the blackout.

People were running down the street

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Reel №5


Rays sharyat spotlights in the sky of London.

People in the shelter, a man with a child in her arms.

Zeppelin flies, shoots antiaircraft defense.

The old lady does not go to the shelter, police officer trying to persuade her.

The explosions in the city, detonated fall of the wall.

Dramatization: the shelter young officer sits next to a woman with a child in a stroller, it entertains.

Zeppelin flying projectile falls.

Firefighters extinguish a house dismantled ruins, saving people.

Ran two scouts, one of them blows a bugle retreat


Autumn 1918.

Soldiers returning home, walking down the street.

Children are attached to the soldiers.

People rejoice.

The soldiers in the trenches at the front.

The representative of the German High Command Mathias Erzberger traveling by car with a white flag to negotiate with the French.

Marshal Foch in the carriage in Compiègne.

General read out the terms of the peace / staging /.

The text of the capitulation and signature, date of November 8, 1918.

The soldiers in the trenches are getting the message about the world, rejoice.

English newspaper "Star": "The war is over!" Big Ben rings.

Typists are rejoicing in the office, throw the windows obravki sheets.

Jubilant crowds, people waving flags.

People throw up their hands at the officer.

For the German navy.

Ships and submarines on the surface.

At Versailles, signed the global treaty.

Ministers from different countries: Lloyd George, Wilson, Clemenceau, Solin.

On the map of the world mark section in Europe.

Lloyd George out of the car, he is met by a crowd.

Victory in London and Paris.

Dramatization: blinded by the gas are soldiers, led by one sighted.

London, lay a wreath at the tomb of George V of the Unknown Soldier

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Reel №6


Flags of different countries.

Fun in the music hall, the orchestra is playing, people having fun in fancy dress.

The new dance hall in the theater.

New dances: "Swing" Blackjack-Botton, Charleston.

Dancing crowd parallel frame-a flock of sheep.

Dancing in a sailor tavern.

The economic crisis in the country.

She opens the wallet, but no money.

Unemployed begging.

Are the Welsh mines


Advances in the art. ships in port, for trains, tanks with engine oil.


Go passenger trains, planes take off.

Motor Racing, Motorcycle Racing.

Racing car sets record speed on the sandy shore.

Flight cherz Atlantic pilots Alcock and Whitten Brown.

Lindbergh takes off, it is near the aircraft.

Rush at speed motor boat, seaplane sits on the water.

Desert mining town.

Miners in the train car talking.

Photos in the newspaper champion Suzanne Lenglen, it plays on the court.

Pogue game: jump on the pole with a footrest for the feet.

Teenager plays Ping-Pong, men playing croquet


The king and queen go on the road in a carriage to the Parliament.

New Street in London - Regent Street.

Rolls coach, people waving their hands.

The royal couple at the university, they are greeted with the professors.

Movement across the bridge County Hall.

The king and queen of the population.

The Prince of Wales enters the ladder on the ship, it is in India / standing in a pith helmet / Canada / Prince rides in the car on the bridge /.

Collecting donations on the street. 1922.

Wedding Prince of Wales, and Elizabeth / photo in the newspaper /.

Royal family to the bride and groom / photo in the newspaper /.

Elizabeth and Prince of Wales on the balcony of the palace.

Photo wedding of Prince George and Princess Marina of Greece / photo /


The conversation in the shop sellers with buyers.

Runs in the son, the father gives him a new penny, who received from the buyer, with the prince profile.

Broadcasting in the UK, local transmission in Essex.

Dramatization: Marconi House, he is preparing a transmission.

Comes pianist.

The house boy collects a receiver, a man puts on headphones.

Announcer announces a concert pianist, song singing.

Big House Radio, gym with equipment, gear.

George V and Queen riding in a carriage through the stadium, they are present at the parade.

People walking in the park.

Cashier at the attractions.

Roller coaster, rushing along the rails.

Horse typewriters

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Reel №7


Amusement: cars on relskah.

Cascade fountain.

People are walking near the palace.

Empire Street, the cinema "Tivoli".

VISTA posters new movies with Katharine Hepburn.

Museum of Wax figures of actors: Harold Lloyd, Ford Sterling, Mary Pickford and others.

In a sign the building: Gallery Madame Tussauds.

The newspaper group photo Labour 1924-25.

Fashion 20s.

Style Trouser "oxford": with wide lapels.

Regatta, Oxford, sailing kayak-eight.

Women's short haircuts.

Greyhounds, fans scream.

Of the colonies returning soldiers, tank rides on the street.

Demonstration models of 1926, women's clothing now weighs only 9 pounds.

For comparison, the model shown in 1910, 1918.

Model 1935: swimsuits, outdoor dresses, women's pants


Flowering fruit trees.

Economic crisis.

May 3, 1926 on the radio read out the text of the government negotiations with the trade unions.

It starts the general strike.

Dormant plants are ships, trains, people riding bicycles.

Horses are unattended.

The plant has an ad - for now there is no work.

Newspapers write about the strike.

On the streets the police.

Are the vans with food.

In the trucks the soldiers go.

Soldiers in the crowd, a policeman next to the driver in the car.

Loading Plane mail off.

Train players.

People driven carts boxes, cans of milk.

Passengers on the tram talk about the strike, take tickets, men require from conductors surrender.

Passersby listen to the radio news of the movement of trains.

Workers at the depot eat and also listen to the radio.

At home waiting for news.

Announcer announces the performance of comedian / staging /.

Finally divtor announces the completion of a general strike May 12, 1926.

Joyful family, happy people on the street.

Sounds factory hooter, workers at their machines.

The printing press to print newspapers

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Reel №8


The Prince of Wales with his family in a bed.

The Cabinet of Ministers.

Margaret Pamphili - the first woman in the Cabinet.

Women appear in the parliament, the judiciary.

The woman - a swimming champion.

The woman - hunter, club members have her on the throne.

Photo Princess Elizabeth.

Further advances in the art.

The first sound film "King of Jazz", a fragment Johnson sings.

English Hollywood in Elstree.

Voziknovenie television studio, singing actress, it is removed.

The work at the aircraft plant, plane takes off.

The map shows the route from England to other countries.

New seaplanes, gliders, racing car hurtling along the coast, is a high-speed train


A new crisis.

The crowd in the square near the palace.

The news of Orolo disease.

Dramatization: people waiting at the palace of bulletins on the health of the king.

Bulletins of 22 November, 31 November.

People read newspapers.

At the hospital, sick girl asks a nurse about the king / staging /.

People in cafes discussing the news, raise a toast to the king.

In Canada, in Toronto watching the news from London, a blizzard on the railway, miners are reading the newspaper.

Australia posts in Melbourne and Sydney.

Cowboys at the ranch watching the newspaper.

In Rhodesia, the British mine monitor messages.

Lady Lord stopped the carriage at Palace Bukingenskogo / staging / ask people news.

Bulletin of January 29, improving the health of the king.

July 7, 1929.

Photos Archbishop of Canterbury.

The cathedral is a service.

The Queen arrives the Abbey with his entourage, pray for the health of the king

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Reel №9


Thanksgiving Service.

King is recovering.

Military parade at the stadium in honor of the King.

The carriage with the George V and Queen Mary goes accompanied by the Horse Guards.

The King and Queen in the car going to the palace, they were on the balcony.

The jubilant crowd at the bottom


The crisis of 1929.

Panic on the stock exchange, falling pound.

Scenes in the banks on the stock exchange, at the box office.

King returned from Baltimore to Buckingham Palace by car, MacDonald and his cabinet to discuss the crisis problem.

Night rally.

Newspapers publish articles about the crisis.

Parliament discusses the exit from the crisis measures / staging /.

Passers discuss the results of the current parliament in line at the Tower / staging /.

The guide shows the crown jewels.

Dramatize the story of jewelry.

King with court considers gem "Black Prince", it wearing a crown.

Knights in armor, battle of Aginkurte.

King Henry V, the picture is: the king and the knight.

King Henry VIII, jewelry.

Elizabeth on the advice of the Spanish / fragment from the film /.

Historical coin with the image of England's kings and queens: Edward III, Anne, George S. Wellington at Waterloo.

Nilsson at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The coin with the image of Queen Victoria.

The first King Edward UP India and others.

Boys Choir sings the anthem of England at the Church of St.


Playing a military band, all sing the national anthem of Great Britain.

Portrait of George W. King

Key words

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