Heart of Spain (1937)

Documentary №66853, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:22, black-white

Reel №1

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Spain, which was destroyed in the civil war Madrid.

The ruins of houses, churches.

Residents sift through the wreckage of buildings.

Two hours on a background of the city.

Barricades in the city.

The building of the hotel Palace.

The traffic among passers soldiers and wounded Republicans.

A street market.

Tram goes through the streets of Madrid.

On donkey rides boy.

Marching soldiers of Republican Spain.

Children playing in the city in abandoned trenches.

The movement of the train, view of the peasants' fields.

Work peasants threshing grain.

Donkey goes in a circle, turning water wheel.

Plowing on donkeys, sheep graze.

Girls with jugs in the house, the soldiers talk to them.

Women and children on the street.

Girls jump rope, the men watching them.

The raid of Nazi aircraft of Madrid.

People hiding in doorways, ran into bomb shelters.

Flying bombs, explosions on the ground from shells.

Killed civilians.

Alarm sirens in the city, people are running down the street.

Medics carried the injured.

Firefighters try to extinguish the fire.

We hear the cries of women.

The ruins of the city after the bombing.

In the room there are the coffins, crying at the graves of women.

In the ruins of homes dig fallen asleep rubble children.

Goes ambulance.

People with children are on the trail in the mountains, hiding in caves

Key words

Spain, Madrid, civil war, barricades, city, men, children, agriculture, bombardment, corpses

Reel №2

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Cemetery of fallen fighters of the International Brigades.

The graves of Poles, Czechs, Italians, Americans, Canadians.

Marching troops of the International Brigades.

The fighting in the mountains.

Fires Artillery.

The men on the hill, the commander holds it in front of them.

Shoot guns, galloping cavalry, are the tanks.

Attack Corps.

On the battlefield are wounded on a stretcher.

First aid.

The wounded were loaded into an ambulance brought to the hospital.

Operating in the hospital.

The men in the hospital with bandaged arms and legs, with crutches.

A boy with a bandaged hand.

Lying wounded, nurses help them

Key words

Spain, civil war, wounded, hospital

Reel №3

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Signage: The Canadian Institute of Spanish aid.

Donor item at the institute, all of those wishing to donate blood Republican Spain.

Physicians are bled, the blood bottle placed in a refrigerator.

Donated blood is sent to Spain.

Spain, the road to Madrid.

Planes bombed the territory.

On the stretcher the wounded bear, loaded into the machine.

Drop downed Nazi plane exploded on the ground.

The wounded soldiers in the hospital.

Machines with donor blood come to the hospital.

There is surgery, blood transfusions wounded.

mother's visit to her son in the hospital.

Convalescent soldiers dancing with girls.

Medical centers help save the life of the Republicans.

Soldiers-Republicans on the march

Key words

Canada, Spain, soldiers, civil war, donors, medicine, hospital

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