Day in London (1933)

Footage №66941, 1 part, black-white
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Reel №1

Panorama of London at dawn, divorced Tower Bridge over the Thames, silhouettes of buildings, lights.

Sights of the city, its streets and squares.

Westminster Abbey.

Passengers climb the ladder to the second floor of an omnibus, trams, omnibuses on the street.

Building Westminster Bank.

The guard wearing a helmet, fastened on eyes, standing at the building, staring at him a little boy.

Telephone exchange, for consoles sit with a telephone cord in her hands.

The man in the office responds to multiple calls at once.

London Sightseeing: Trafalgar Square, a monument to Admiral Nelson.

Seller decorate storefront shop fashion, adjusts a mannequin hat.

Couture, to it drives a car, leave the two ladies are sent to the house.

Models demonstrate clothes for clients in the room with a large mirror.

At the entrance stands a cab, the messenger puts cardboard to shopping, sits down to the carter, a cab is sent.

Gentleman tries cylinder front of a mirror.

Storefront of men's clothing.

On the street there is a gentleman in a tuxedo and top hat, meets a friend.

In a residential house a woman washing her porch.

Near the bottles with milk kitten licking paws.

A man sweeps the street mop.

Houses of Parliament.

At the entrance are two guards talking.

Courthouse, it comes to a judge in a wig and gown, and the second, being late, running the same direction.

The house has a sign with a huge figure of a locust.

The fence of the cemetery monuments.



Wedding procession arrives at the church, the bride of the car comes out, it is accompanied by an elderly gentleman with a bouquet of flowers, they go to the cathedral.

There have bells.

Wedding procession moves down the street in front of the bride and groom, followed by children in costumes.

On the street there is a man with a billboard advertisement on the back.

Unemployed artist draws on the sidewalk up brush portrait of nobleman Franz Hals.

Three men-unemployed to forage under the accordion singing in the yard, she throws them out the window of the coin.

The Tower of Big Ben, the clock face with the date 1757. The London bars and restaurants.

An employee of the restaurant washes carcasses.

Chefs are ready-made meals, covered with lids.

Cook cuts the meat into thin slices.

London pub, the men at the bar drinking beer.

Top view of the bridge, it riding cars, pedestrians go.

Under the bridge of a cargo ship with sails lowered pipe, then raises it.

Vacationers riding in a cart in Hyde Park.

In post tied the horse to her wearing a straw hat.

Boating on the Thames.

Woman with children and dogs.

On the bench sits a couple, covered with a rug.

Sparrows drink water from the fountain.

The restaurant comes a gentleman, sits in the car.

Afternoon tea at work, a young man pours tea in a mug, submits worker.

The man at the desk in the office drinking tea with papers.

Printing house, there is a stream of newspapers.

Street newspaper newspaperman submits a passenger on the bus.

The old man sitting at home with a newspaper.

On the sidewalk a man stunts shows for the public.

London in the evening.

Lamplighter lights lights.

Metro sign, people on the escalator.

Illuminated signs in the city.

People sit in the restaurant, poured champagne.

Performance variety orchestra and cabaret girls, they like mad cancan.

Night London.

A man with a hose washes monument.

A policeman passes out, check the doors of the houses.

Silhouettes of buildings in the night

Key words

United Kingdom, city attractions, 1930

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