Polar patrol. (1942)

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Reel №1

Atlantic Ocean, the ship in a storm.

The wind almost rips the lifeboat.

The sailor overboard, clinging to the rope.

Ships in the harbor in Reykjavik.

Sights of the city, the traffic, the University building, a sculpture of a Viking, as a reminder of the population of Norwegians country.

Warm springs, which give the ability to produce agricultural products, and even compete in this with the Mediterranean countries.


Ski-storage, young people run out, go for a walk.

Since the beginning of the 2nd World War, Iceland became an important point of communication with the outside world.

Map of Iceland occupied Europe.

In 1939, Iceland was organized by the British air base in 1941 - Norwegian.

Construction of fortifications, hangars, installation tools.

Local children revolves around guns.

Norwegian soldiers play with children in football.

Since the German attack on the USSR through Iceland are polar convoys with supplies, protected by British and Norwegian aviation.

Detection of a German U-boat and sinking it in English aircraft.

The shooter hits a machine gun, launching deep bombs, explosions.

Pilot nods approvingly.

Norwegian Aviation conducts patrols, the aircraft flies over the snow-capped mountains.

The life of the pilots on the base, the pilot sleeps, wakes his friend

Key words

Iceland, 1940, World War 2, the Atlantic Ocean, the city, the bay, the sights, the Air Force

Reel №2

On the field, there are airplanes, mechanics heated engines.

Tractor carries a plane.

The commander of the headquarters finds out the weather report, and gives instructions to pilots.

Preparing to fly seaplanes.

The squadron patrolling the waters.

View overlooking the town.

water landing, the aircraft coming to the shore.

Pilot jumps out of the cab, shared with friends impressions of the flight.

The hangar, which shall meet the officers.

Determination of the plane silhouette of the book.

All the post.

Rest pilots.

Someone is fishing from a boat, another master of the aircraft model.

Flying aircraft over the mountains, snow-covered roads can be seen, warehouses, sea ice.

The plane crew rescues torpedoed ship.

The graves of the dead Norwegians crosses.

Difficult weather conditions at the base, snowstorm.

Soldier gathering coal for the stove.

Planes are on the field of mechanics and service them in a blizzard, heated by the fire.

December 31, 1941.

Norwegian pilots in the ranks, they march into the city to the church.

Sings choir.

Christmas ball on the Norwegian Air Force Base.

Local women visiting pilots.

Pilots receive gifts, they are at the table with the guests.

Dancing with the girls.

All against the backdrop of the coastline, the light signal can be seen.

Norwegian squadron in the air.

In the sea swims a convoy.

Norwegian flag

Key words

Iceland, 1940, World War 2, the air force, soldiers, recreation