Wings Over Ice. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ramenskiy V.

Script writers: Viktorov V.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


Arctic exploration and the pilots of Polar aviation.

Arctic and Antarctic

Geography and Nature

Temporary description

Newsreel: unloading the ship "Chelyuskin, crashed in the Bering Strait. People come down with the ship on an ice floe. Camp Chelyuskinites on the ice. The aircraft AV Liapidevskii rise of women, children. Planes MG Slepnev, VS Molokova with Chelyuskin fly in the air. The first Heroes of the Soviet Union, the pilots involved in the rescue Chelyuskinites: AV Liapidevskii, VS Molokov, NP Kamanin, MV Vodop'yanov, MG Slepnev, IV Doronin, S. A. Levanevsky. Arctic drifting station North Pole-1 ". The station "SP-1" - Papanin, chief scientific expedition-On. Schmidt. Pilots polar aviation, flying in the Arctic station "SP-1": MV Vodop'yanov, IP Mazuruk, A. Alekseev, VS Milk. Planes in the air in the Arctic station. The commander of the helicopter Y. Dobrotvortsev transports in the Arctic cargo, passengers. Yu Dobrotvortsev - party rescue crew hydrographic vessel "Rime", which crashed off the island Vilkitskogo. Arctic landscape. Caravan ships escorted by the icebreaker "Moscow" in the Arctic waters.

Reel №1

Ship sails with scraps of sails aloft, returning from an expedition, expedition members on deck waving their hands - LS.

Roald Amundsen on the sailing ship of the expedition.

R. Amundsen and members of the Arctic expedition prepare aircraft for a flight to the North Pole.

Frustrated plane that crashed on the way to the North Pole - LS. (With a / t).

Portrait of R. Amundsen - CU.

Arctic ice, taken from an airplane - LS.

Unloading the Soviet ship that delivered the north Arctic expedition.

Court northern expedition at sea.

Northern village by the sea.

From the ship to the water faucet pulls hydroplane - one of the first cars northern aviation.

Hydroplane "Soviet North» - LS., MS.

Hydroplane "Soviet North", the first regular flights in ice reconnaissance in 1929, on the water - LS.

Seaplane flying over the North Sea, showing the way for ships to Igarka.

One of the first polar pilots Boris Chukhnovsky - CU.

Member Kara expeditions pilot Anatoly Alekseev - CU.

Carts driven aircraft parts to the port - LS.

The plane on the deck of the ship.

Sunset over the North Sea, shot through the wing.

Pilot inspects aircraft, starts the engine, takes off from the icebreaker.

Seaplane flight.

Farih pilot sits in the plane and take off.

Two aircraft in the northern sky (frosty haze around).

On the snow lies washout.

The overall plan with a plane flying over the polar snows.

Plane lands skiing on a snowy field.

Master of the icebreaker "Chelyuskin" VI Voronin from the deck watching the plane.

Men dragged by ropes through the snow to the plane icebreaker, hauled him aboard the ship.

PNRM.: Icebreaker "Chelyuskin" squeezed hummocky ice.

Alarm to "Chelyuskin" Captain VI Voronin on deck icebreaker.

Hasty unloading sinking "Chelyuskin" crushed ice.

Icebreaker "Chelyuskin" goes under the ice.

Chelyuskinites camp on the ice - tents, which houses 105 people who moved to the icebreaker, sunk by ice, February 15, 1934 - PNRM.

Head of the polar expedition O. Schmidt, members of the expedition and crew icebreaker camp on the ice waiting for help from the ground.

The airfield was built Chelyuskinites on the ice.

The plane, trying to break through to help the camp Schmidt in the air.

Chelyuskinites waving their hands in greeting the first aircraft to arrive in camp on an ice floe.

Soviet aircraft (PB), piloted by Anatoly Lyapidevsky, taxis to Camp Schmidt.

A. Liapidevskii camp Chelyuskinites.

O. Schmidt talks with A. Liapidevskii camp.

The aircraft are put women and children.

The plane on the ice getting ready for takeoff.

Aircraft in the air on the way to the ground.

Crashed on landing aircraft of foreign brands Chelyuskinites from the wreckage.

Soviet polar aviation aircraft in the air.

Lands on the ice airfield airplane Basil Molokova, Schmidt delivered the camp of 39 people on the ground in a non-flying polar winter.

Pilot B. milk on ice in the camp Schmidt - CU.

One by one the planes land and depart on an ice floe with Chelyuskinites down.

Muscovites welcome Chelyuskinites and lifeguards on the city streets, passing cars showered leaflets.

The first Heroes of the Soviet Union - the pilots who saved Chelyuskinites: Anatoly Liapidevskii - CU.; Basil Molokov - CU.; Nikolai Kamanin - CU.; Mikhail Vodopyanov - CU.; Mauritius Slepnev - CU.; Ivan Doronin - CU.; Sigismund Levanevsky - CU .

Sending a polar expedition - the drifting station "SP-1" led with ID Papanin the North Pole March 22, 1937 aircraft, airplanes, the expedition members, pilots, and seeing off at the airport - different.

Polar Aviation Pilots Mikhail Vodopyanov, Basil Molokov Anatoly Alekseev Ilya Mazuruk, navigator I. Spirin before departure - CU.

O. Schmidt at the airport saying goodbye to the mourners.

The plane takes start.

Planes - one, two in the air, on the way to the North Pole.

B. milk at the helm - CU.

I. Mazuruk in the cockpit during the flight - CU.

Plane flies have ice.

Alekseev in the cockpit - CU.

Vodopyanov M. and I. Spirin in the cockpit during the flight to the North Pole (their car in front of aircraft).

Navigator I. Spirin paves the route on the map.

Hand puts the point on the map of the North Pole - CU.

Screw landed plane - CU.

M. Vodopyanov, ID Papanin Schmidt at the aircraft at the North Pole.

Removes cameraman Mark Troyanovsky, who arrived on the pole with the expedition.

O. I. Schmidt kisses Mazuruk that delivered on the next group of pole expedition.

Winterers pole pitch a tent.

Tent with the words "Glavsevmorput, 1937» - CU.

Winterers pilots and pictures at the tents on a drifting ice floe in the memory.

Man photographed.

Raised the flag over the drifting station NP-1 at the North Pole.

Soviet flag over the North Pole - CU.

Winterers salute of guns in honor of the conquest of the pole - CU., MS.

Reel №2

At the North Pole lands of modern aircraft grade (thirty years after the first aircraft landing here) - LS., MS.

From the hatch of the aircraft unloaded barrels delivered winterers.

The tent winterer goes shirtless in the open cold air wiping snow washes.

Cook is working on a polar kitchen.

To camp wintering flies a helicopter.

Unloading helicopter.

Winterer reads the letter.

Pilot passes wintering bouquet of fresh lilies of the valley; winterer sniffing lilies.

Radio antenna above the camp,

Meteorologists launching radiosonde instrument performance check on the weather.

In severe snowstorm Polar is holding the rope.

North airfield, planes are waiting for a flight, landing next to another plane.

Passengers board at the commuter aircraft in the North.

Girl with a puppy at the plane.

The plane takes off - LS.

Out of the plane in the polar airport passengers go, take out boxes of chickens.

At the airport panelevaya ship by helicopter.

Cargo helicopter rises from the air in the Arctic.

Group of pilots, including the commander of the helicopter is Yuri Dobrotvortsev passes on the airfield.

Yu Dobrotvortsev from his helicopter.

The helicopter lifted from the air, flying over the tundra.

Yu Dobrotvortsev the helm helicopter while flying over the tundra.

A helicopter flies over grazing reindeer deer running across the tundra (winter).

A helicopter flies over the burning forest.

A helicopter flies over the camp, landing in the camp.

Passengers (northern nations) out of the helicopter.

Radiograms for distress survey vessel "Rime", thrown by the storm on the rocks near the island Vilkitsky.

A helicopter flies over the sea storm.

East Siberian Islands during powerful cyclone (fog, low clouds, poor visibility).

Storm at Sea - MS., CU.

Waves breaking in with the force of the spray cliffs.


Yu Dobrotvortseva helicopter during a strong wind storm coming to the rocky shore of the island and Vilkitsky dropped by rope to the anchor moves affected by a single person from the crash on the shore.

Stormy sea and rocky coast in the northern region of the country - LS. PNRM.

Open sea, over which flies Yu Dobrotvortsev by helicopter.

PNRM. Arctic ice with the propeller of an airplane.

Pilot looks at the ice from the window of an airplane.

Arctic ice, taken from an airplane.

On board the spy plane be mapped ice and radio surrenders to the ships.

Radio room on the icebreaker "Moscow".

The device transmits the received signal from the air.

Radio operator takes out a map of the ice machine intelligence.

Lesco icebreaker captain tells the helmsman.

Icebreaker "Moscow" in the ice.

The helicopter lifted from the icebreaker.

Captain talks with the pilot on the radio.

Convoy going for an icebreaker.

PNRM. from the icebreaker "Moscow" on convoy.

Landscape of the Arctic ice, shot from coming icebreaker.

Industrial landscape in the Arctic - PNRM., LS.

In the Arctic, on a snowy road walking excavator moves to a new subject.

Norilsk night - LS. (Glow electric lights).

At one of the Arctic airfields planes land and take off in the fog and frost.