Future soldiers (1941)

Documentary №67130, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Aljfred Vajdemann /Alfred Weidemann/
Camera operators:Emilj Shyunemann /Emil Schunemann/

Reel №1

Anti-British propaganda, taken by order Rayhsyugenda Office.

Turmoil behind the scenes, training actors for the play.

Boys wearing suits, one sticks a beard, the other repeats the text, putting on his jacket.

The young man puts on a wig with curls, clears his throat.

Boy puts makeup.

The play begins by striking the gong.

Prompter in the booth chewing an apple.

Theater curtain closed.

On the scene a young man in a wig and sings a song.

They sit in the hall laughing boys. "The whole nation without make-up is reflected in the mirror of youth."

The curtain opens on a stage against the backdrop of the fortress are soldiers, who can not build.

Documentary insert: bad marching soldiers.

Dramatization: English boys are sitting at their desks and sing one of them in an embrace with the globe.

Boys sit in the dressing room on the background of the inscription in English "God Save the King."

English Club, English boys in tailcoats sit and smoke pipe.

Inserts: photos of politicians, including

Winston Churchill.

The boy smoking a cigar.


Bartenders in the cylinders mixed cocktails.

Young people dancing on the tables.

Documentary footage: defeated, mud-spattered soldiers trudge along the street. "Young people - a nation of tomorrow."

German boy doing exercises outdoors.

Boxers in the ring with a swastika T-shirt.

The boys of the Hitler Youth are hiking with backpacks, climbing in the mountains, etc.

Sailors drayat deck, then jump into the boat, rowing.

Young men looking through binoculars from an ambush, crawling on the ground, shoot at a target.

Key words

Germany, England, in 1941, the theater, youth, soldiers, entertainment, sports, Hitler Youth

Reel №2

Military training of the German youth.

Sport fencing.

The boys of the Hitler sitting in a heap on the background of the Alpine landscape and compete in pulling the finger.

Motorcyclists riding in a chain on mountain roads.

Jumping into the water, swimming, rock climbing.

Boys with mountain gear standing on a slope, coming up with the help of a tight rope.

On clothes - stripes swastika.

Gymnastics, jumping over obstacles, jumping off the roof.

Parenting determination.

Horseback riding.

Boys running with the flag of the Wehrmacht, others lie in wait in the grass.

The fight between groups of boys for the banner.

The boys stand in a row, like soldiers.

Once again, it shows the scene of the theater where the play is about the difference between young foreigners from the German.

Short prospectus of the frames shown earlier, demonstrating the athletic training of the German youth.

Soldiers marching with weapons.

From aircraft dumped paratroopers and bombs.

Triumphantly fly airplanes with Nazi symbols.

Key words

Germany, in 1941, the youth, the Hitler Youth, military training, sports, theater, the Air Force

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