Lenin. Short biography.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pumpyanskaya S.


Biographical film about Lenin, used newsreels and photos.

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Photos Lenin different years. City of Ulyanovsk. Streets. The house where the family lived Ulyanov. Cabinet I. Ulyanov, a living room. B VI Ulyanov. Petersburg (evening plan). Schlisselburg fortress, where imprisoned brother Alexander. The city of Kazan. Kremlin. Kazan University. Auditorium, assembly hall of the university. Home Ulyanovs in Kazan. Home Ulyanovs to Kokushkino. B Volodya. Barge Haulers on the Volga River (photo). Stevedores on the dock (photo). Peasants reap rye in the current. Mill. Care of peasants from the village. City of Samara. Diploma Ul'yanova. The first scientific work of Vladimir Ulyanov "New economic achievements in peasant life." Factory district of St. Petersburg. Yard, where he settled Lenin. Photos of the advanced workers: Grandma, Gribanina, Schelgunova, Knyazev. Sunday school building for the workers. Photo of the union members fight for the liberation of the working class. The case of the police. The camera, which was 14 months in prison V. Ilyich. Railway. Station. The boat on the River. Shushenskoye - a place of exile Lenin. Streets. House where he lived, Lenin. Room. Manuscripts of Lenin. Book "The Development of Capitalism in Russia". The city of Pskov. Kremlin. Switzerland. The city of Geneva. The building, which housed the printing of "Iskra". Published newspaper "Iskra". Photos agents newspaper: Bauman, I. Grandma, M. Kalinina, E. Stasova, D. Uljanovoj, Litvinov, R. Zemlyachka, M. Uljanovoj. Lenin's book "What to do?". July 1903 II Party Congress (painting). Speech by Lenin, opportunists (painting). Lenin's book "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back." They come work with a petition to the king. Gallops soldiers. The Palace Square. The shooting of workers (photo). The workers' strikes. April 1905 London. III Party Congress (painting). Book of Lenin's Two Tactics of Social Democracy... "The defeat to estates (painting). Mutiny on the battleship Potemkin. Plants, staying as a result of a general strike. The barricades on the streets of Moscow. A detachment of soldiers-punitive. Killed. Cities and towns - places of exile Lenin - Geneva, Paris. Rue Marie-Rose, where he lived, Lenin. The National Library. The Party School for the Bolsheviks in the suburbs of Paris - Longjumeau. City of Prague. The building, where in January 1912 took place VI th Conference. Editors of the newspaper "Pravda". 1-st issue of the newspaper. Poland. City of Krakow. Village Poronshe. Doi, where the family lived Lenin. 1914 Home I World War II. Fighting. Conference Room of the State Duma. The arrest of the Bolshevik deputies. Demonstrations workers. Tsar Nicholas II, under the escort (photo). Bring down the royal coat of arms, falls throne. Photos of members of the Provisional Government. Petrograd. Lenin speaks with armored car (frames feature film). Tauride Palace. All-Russia Conference of Soviets. Speaker Lenin (photo). Manuscripts "April Theses". Defeated room headquarters of the military organization of the Bolsheviks. Town spill. Home desktop Emelyanova where Lenin lived. Lake. Shed. Moscow. The Bolshoi Theater. Public meeting. Among the participants Kerensky, L. Kornilov. The last safe house of Lenin on Serdobol'skii street. October 10, 1917 at Karnovke House, the seat of the Party Central Committee. Photos of members of the Revolutionary Military Center. Petrograd. The armed workers, soldiers and sailors in the streets, in the Smolny. Shot Aurora. Winter Storm (frames feature film "October"). The Cabinet of Lenin in the Smolny. Decree of the world, on the ground. 1-st meeting of the Council of People's Commissars (photo). Transfer to the Soviet government in Moscow. Cabinet and the apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin. The intervention of the Entente. Pass German, Japanese, American troops, the White pieces. Destroyed bridges, railroads. Factory Michelson, where there was an assassination attempt on Lenin. Bulletin health leader. Lenin on a walk in the Kremlin, at the opening of the monument to Marx and Engels, a parade of universal education, speaking from the balcony of the Moscow City Council, on the tab of the monument "Emancipation of Labor. In November 1918 revolution in Germany. Says Karl Liebknecht. In March 1919 revolution in Hungary. Speaker B. Kuhn. Demonstration of the workers of France and England. Lenin speaks at the III Congress of the Comintern. In 1919 Communist Saturdays. Lenin at a volunteer in the Kremlin (photo). Map of the electrification of Russia. Electrification plan. VIII All-Russia Congress of Soviets. Speaker G. Krzyzanowski. Lenin in his office in the Kremlin during a conversation with an American journalist, Eero. Bazaars. Textile Trust. The people at the counters. The elimination of illiteracy. Women and men in the classroom. In December 1922 the Bolshoi Theater. I Delegates Congress of Soviets of the USSR. House in Gorki. Lenin in his chair (photo), with the dog (photo), in a lounge chair (photo), on his deathbed. Lenin's mausoleum. The works of Lenin in foreign languages. Moscow. In 1969.

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