The German invasion of Russia. (1940 - 1949)

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Reel №1

Map border of Finland and the Soviet Union, Ukraine.

Border post with the inscription Finland Suomi.

A German soldier opens the gate, the bridge held machines, riders and infantry.

Shoot the German soldiers with machine guns, mortar, traces of the explosions.

The map shows an arrow at Kovno.

Night Scene, shoots a German gun, barbed wire is displayed.

The German tanks are on the field with wheat on the road.

Soldiers moving on the road, a Soviet tank crashed on the roadside.

Soviet soldiers are prisoners, the officers clearly.

The guns, mortars, machine guns fired.

On the streets of Kovno.

Star on a pole.

Crossing the river by ferry boats, the river, the house, a beautiful house with a spire in the form of towers, the Monastery.

German soladty loaded on a ship, they were on the deck, laughing, talking.

In the building with the spire hoisted the Nazi flag.

Germans go down with the ship, they encounter a woman in white robes, give flowers, food.


From Kovno arrow goes to Dunaburgu.

German machinery misses the village, the Germans moved probezhkaim along the fence, a German tank.

Arrested two men and a woman in lingerie, residents face.

PNRM. on the field, where fighting, guns firing at the farm.

Broken Gate with a star.

Surrendering Soviet soldiers.

Frustrated tank corpse.

Factory chimneys is deposited after the shot.

On the way to go, Soviet prisoners of war.

Map, the arrow points to Grodno.

German tank is part of the village, burning houses

Key words

USSR, Finland, the border war 2 world, the military equipment, the prisoners, the monastery, the river, the soldiers

Reel №2

German planes are preparing to flight, carry and load bombs.

Bombardirovischki over the target, bombed Soviet airfield.

Flying in the clouds, traces of tracer bullets.

Air battle, shot down the plane crashes.

Shoots a German gun.

Motorcycles, cars go at a deep rut.

In the burning Soviet tanks.

On the side of the road children, women trays German motorcyclists flowers.

The Germans in the Baltic States, in the street, in front of the theater of the Nazi flag.

Broken and abandoned Soviet arms, broken car tanks.

German soladty move on the cobblestones, railway bridge.

Destroyed bridge.

Shoot tank.

In the distance the steeples of cathedrals of Riga.

Crossing the river by boat.

Riga, neselenie joyfully greets the Germans, people clap their hands and shout, waving their hands, are Latvian Nationalists with flags.

The Germans on trucks.

Latvian girls are talking with the soldiers.

Flying German bombers, bombs fall down gaps sanryadov visible.


Fighting on the ground, shooting guns, tanks.

On the way there is an armored car with soldiers on board, they jump from the car, shoot.

Fighting in the city.

Broken guns, tanks, a column of German soldiers, a soldier shoots a flamethrower.

German cavalry marching in Riga, endows them with flowers.

Smiling German soldiers going along the dusty road, closed his mouth with a napkin.

Shooting, explosions, soldiers carry a gun on the street, the signalman with the coil.

Refer to the opponent in Russian: "Resistance is pointless, sdavaytel!" German operator removes the hand-held camera.

Lit building.

Go German tanks, soldiers in armor

Key words

Soviet War 2 World, soldiers, bombing, bridge, military equipment, airport

Reel №3

Go German soldiers towards the Soviet prisoners of war.

Fighting in smoke.

A German soldier throwing a grenade at a bunker.

Reinforcement of the destroyed bunker.

Tanks are passing over the bridge.

City on top.

Map, the arrow points to Minsk and Baranovichi.

German tanks raises dust moving across the field, the tankers with glasses.

Moves infantry burning Soviet tanks.

German tank crews, leaning look at Soviet prisoners.

Map, the arrow on the Brest-Litovsk.

The fighting, guns, shoot guns in the city.

Soviet soldiers surrendering with white cloths in their hands.

The Germans in the city, run along the walls of houses.

Column of Soviet prisoners of war moves along the roadside, travel German motorcyclists.

The prisoners sit on the ground, PNRM. thereon.

Captured on the road.

Soviet antiaircraft gun shoot at the planes, the German shows in the sky.

Padded plane falls to the ground.

Smoke, burning the land.

Flying German bombers, bombs flying down, shooting on the road

Key words

prisoners, soldiers, War World 2, military equipment, bombing

Reel №4

Take off German bombers, they are in the air, the pilot.

PNRM. on the ground, flying bombs.

Visible to the road with cars, the city railway station.

On the street, people happily greets Germans.

Woman talking with the soldiers.

The prison, traces of bullets on the walls, the fire.

Endure corpses NKVD people, women cry.

Beating Jews.

The ugly face of prisoners.

German tears a portrait of Stalin on the wall, the people clap.

German bombers bombed the city.

Go German tanks, equipment for highway, shot gun.

Soviet prisoners run on the road.

Germans pass by the burning of the Soviet guns and tanks.

The battle in the village, a German fence, calling friends.

Moments of the battle.

Sit Soviet prisoners of war, showing large Asian, Caucasian types of entities

Key words

aviation, bombing, war 2 world, prisoners, prison, killed