Looking into the depths of the soul. (1920 - 1929)

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Director: Kurt Tommala

Operators: H.Vodak

Reel №1


The popular science film about the problems of consciousness and subconsciousness of hypnosis and suggestion.

The film features scenes from feature films.

Information on the central nervous system.

Scheme of external impressions on the human brain, his reactions to the experience.

Automatic operation of several systems in the body: heart beat, intestinal contraction.

Illustrative examples of.

The scheme of the autonomic nervous system.

The role of the subconscious.

Compares it with the water column, hidden beneath the surface.

Frame: sailing ship.

Algae in depth.

Example subconscious human action: lunatichka.

She gets out of bed, walking on the railing of the balcony, it picks up a man.

Another frame: lunatichka falls, scary monster, watching it rejoices.

The titer of the possible superiority of the subconscious mind, leading to insanity.

Madman in the chamber.

The escape.

Chasing after him.

The madman on the roof.

Mechanism playback experience.

The artist paints a picture.

The writer watches the girl.

He records his impressions

Key words

Germany, science, research

Reel №2


The relationship between the conscious and subconscious in the scheme. "Bright room" consciousness and "dark basement" of the subconscious.

Illustrated multkadrami subconscious dreams of zlasti, wealth, desire for violence, fear of death, sexual lust.

Sleeping man.

Dreams, as a manifestation of the subconscious.

The scheme of the relationship between consciousness and subconsciousness

Key words

Germany, science, research

Reel №3


The mechanism of psychic processes.

Scheme brain.

Its structure.

Brain mechanisms of perception of pleasant and unpleasant sensations.

Illistratsii habitual actions of man.

Examples of individual and mass suggestion.

Street vendor advertises his goods.

Lawyer in court speech.

The doctor with the patient / individual suggestion /.

Demonstration on the street.

This "leader" who inspires their will on the masses.

The value of personal experience to achieve a state of hypnosis.

Verbal suggestion method.

Hypnotist lulls specific text.

Sleeping patsiet.

The combination of different methods of hypnosis

Key words

Germany, science, research

Reel №4


Manifestations in hypnosis.

Bodily manifestations.

Hypnotist with the patient.

The patient is in a state of tetanus.

Hypnotist 'orders to take different positions, "Automation."

The patient moves his hands in a state of hypnosis.

Example of suggestion of pain.

Stills from the documentary film about the loss of sensitivity: man shoved his feet to the fire, a man lies back on a sharp object.

The man pierces his neck needle, then pierces the hand muscles and cheek.

Man hammers a nail into his hand.

Example preservation reflexes in hypnosis

Key words

Germany, science, research

Reel №5


Hypnotist with the medium.

Driving "postgipnoza" / hypnosis is a long-acting /.

The hypnotist makes a woman screaming triple "Hurrah."

Examples of suggestion senseless actions.

A woman lights a cigarette, the man takes off his hat with the other man, his head pouring a glass of water.

Medium to sleep by touching his tie

Key words

Germany, science, research

Reel №6


Hypnosis as a treatment.

Stuttering Treatment, obtained as a result of trauma in childhood.

Hypnosis Treatment of paralysis.

Treatment of patients with teak.

Retry Professor Forel / Tsyuri / stage a murder under hypnosis.

Hypnotist presents woman revolver.

A woman confused ...

Final titre: "Hypnosis is not a toy, and a healing tool in the hands of the doctor"

Key words

Germany, science, research, medicine