Eternal silence. (1912)

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Director: Gerbert G.PONTING

Reel №1


A documentary about the expedition British polar explorer Robert Scott to the Antarctic 1910-1912 gg., Ended in the death of Scott and his companions.

Portrait of Robert Scott.

Portrait of G. Ponting.

Ponting with the camera.

The ship "Terra Nova" off the coast of New Zealand.

On the deck - the expedition.

Loading of the Siberian ponies on the ship.

Dancing on the banks of the vessel.

The audience applauded.

A boxing match.

Comic struggle.

November 29, 1910 Captain Scott says goodbye to New Zealand. "Terra Nova" departs from the pier.

On board the vessel.

Siberian ponies in the stables.

Mowing crewmember hair.

In the role of a barber - Lieutenant Rennick.

Shaved sheared Captain Oates.

Far behind - receding coast of New Zealand.

Crew pulls the rope. "Terra Nova" in the sea.

Surging waves.

Gulls on water.

The first iceberg, the expedition met.

Iceberg near.

The appearance of individual ice floes.

Driving upcoming trip

Key words

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Reel №2


The ship among ice floes and ice fields.

Ship Masts.

Penguins on ice floe.


seal carcasses.

They were immersed for ship.

The bow presses floes.

Demonstration of devices with which the film was shot on the bow of a ship.

Ship in the open water of the Ross Sea.

The deck of the ship.

Great view on the barrier.

travel scheme.

Ross Island.

Mountain peaks.


Evening shot.

The sea covered with young ice and slush.

Ship at anchor.

Erebus volcano view.

Unloading equipment and ponies from the ship.

Pony in the snow.

They carry loads.

Special tractors for promotion in the snow at a speed of 5 km / h.

Dog sled

Key words

England, expedition, Antarctica, sea, birds, animals, machinery, mountains

Reel №3


Dog sleds.

They load.

Equipment winter quarters of the expedition.


Fuming top of Erebus against the evening sky.

Black Cat Peter, taken on an expedition to walk.

Cat jumping through the arm.

The ice floes.

On the ice seals.

They hide in the water.

Director and cameraman Ponting to his own chamber.

He's going to shoot.

Tyuleniha with the baby.

With the vessel unloaded the sled.

The fin whale in the water.

Showing his back

Key words

Antarctica expedition, sea, mountains, animals, movies, celebrities, landscaping

Reel №4


The back and the fin whale.

A flock of whales in the water.

Whales frolic.

Throw the harpoon into a whale.

March 1911, "Terra Nova" was sailing back to New Zealand.

Scott's expedition to the camera.

Polar night.

Shooting rocks.

Captain Scott's diary for writing.


The onset of the polar morning.

The game of football on the snow field.


Huge ice slope.

Members of the expedition to climb the hill. "Grotto Aladin".

Mountain "Matterhorn."

Mountain "Jack Trost".

Osman-dog pack leader.

Other dogs.

Feeding dogs.

Harness with load hits the road.

Horses in front of the camera. "Victor", "Ruwer" and the other horses.

Seagulls splashing in the water

Key words

Antarctica expedition, celebrities, sports, animals, birds, mountains, sea

Reel №5


Seagulls near the nest.

She sits on the eggs.

The eggs hatch a chick.

Penguins on a rock.

The female builds a nest

Key words

Antarctica Expedition, birds, mountains

Reel №6


A flock of penguins.

Penguins, covered with snow.

The chicks of penguins.

An adult penguin protects kids.

Out of the expedition to the South Pole, November 2, 1911.

Coaches in the snow.

Driving traffic to the expedition glacier Berdmera.


Members of the expedition sled dragging


The next morning.

Charges in dorogu.18 January 1912 g.

Skott reaches South poyusa from this point there is no documentary footage, t.k.operator broke up with Scott and his companions Glacier Berdmera /.

Driving movement Scott expedition.

Photo: A small tent, left Scott in memory of this event.

Group Shot Pole explorers.

Reverse the movement scheme of the expedition, from the South to the glacier polyuyusa Berdmera.

Photos of Edgar Evans, who died on the way back.

Portraits Captain Oates died, himself Scott E.Uilyamsa, Lieutenant Henry Bowers.

Photo tent, discovered on the way back from the expedition frozen bodies.

Symbolic picture: Britain in the form of an angel with outstretched blesses Kralj Skotta.vyderzhki dying from Scott's diary.

The grave of Scott and his companions.

Cross at the grave

Key words

Antarctica, birds, expedition, natural phenomena Antarctica, expedition, photo, personalities, Cemetery

Reel №7


Members of the expedition with sled.

Shooting from above.



Construction tents.

Harvesting of snow for water.

The members of the expedition are hiding in the tent.

Expedition pulling sleds through the snow with a sail.

The members of the expedition to the camera.

They are preparing for a long voyage.

Expedition for cooking dinner.

Distribution of soup.

Members ekspditsii lunch.

Packaging kitchen utensils.

Expedition members climb into sleeping bags and get ready for bed

Key words

Antarctica expedition, landscaping, recreation

Reel №8