German flight across the ocean. (1920 - 1929)

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Director: Roljf fon Botesku

Operators: Roljf fon Botesku

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Diagram illustrating the aircraft problems after World War 1.

A new type of aircraft.

Scientist with equipment and housing model.

Design department.

Delivery of parts to the factory Junkers.

In the shops of the plant.

Ready to start the plane.

The aircraft type 33.Dannye aircraft "Bremen". "The burden on the tarmac

Key words

Germany, aviation, industry

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A documentary film about the flight of German aircraft "Bremen" across the ocean to ocean SShA.Volny.

The aircraft in the sky.

The pilots on the front of the aircraft.

Lesson from the motor.

A student on the plane model, "Junkers".

Pilots with the head.

Berlin Airport.

Broadcasting center at the port.

Radio Communication with the aircraft.

Rise twin-engine aircraft.

Three-engine aircraft.

Embarking passengers on the plane flight to Berlin-Konigsberg.

the message is sent by the Lorenz system.

Marik aircraft "Junkers" called "Herman Kohl"

Key words

Germany, aviation, teaching, radio, air transport, telecommunications, port

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Airplane "Bremen" examines specialists.

Test board instrumentation / compass, altitude indicator, etc. / on shaking, frost

Key words

Germany, aviation, testing

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USA. Pilots on the streets of New York.

Pilots on a boat in the harbor.

The pilots sit in the car.

The cortege, accompanied by mounted police followed through the streets of New York.

Jubilant crowds of city residents.

The motorcade continued on his way.

Laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Parade in honor of the pilots.

Passage of troops.

Arrival of pilots in Detroit.

The professor and his wife and son talking with Ford.

The pilots in the company shop in Dearborn, Michigan.

Henry Ford is talking with the pilots.

Newspapers pilots to meet in Bremen.

The street filled with people.

Kohl and Fitzmaurice in the car followed the stadium.


Pilots come to Berlin.

Flyers come out of the church, sit in the car.

A copy of the Non complete, of 6 parts there are 4

Key words

USA, Germany, aviation, population, the laying of wreaths, personalities, stadium, church, harbor

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