Trains German Imperial Railways. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Scheme of electrified railways in Germany.


Hurtling train.

Next chart electrified roads in Silesia and Bavaria, interspersed with railway landscapes

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Germany, Railway

Reel №2


Sources of energy supply elektofitsirovannyh roads: lignite.

Lignite mine.

Loading of coal.

Owned Imperial railways Muldenstein power plant in the center of brown coal basin.

Pipes power, its appearance from all sides.

Unloading wagons with coal.

open-air coal storage used in the event of disruptions in the delivery of coal.

Turbine Hall.


Railway power in Miggelshtayne operating on low-grade coal.

General form.

HPP Valshenzee.

General form.

Engine room.

Power generators.

high-voltage line.

Channel on which the water rises to the station.

Hydroelectric finsing, Aufkirchen, Eyting, Pfrombah.

HPS type Aufkirchen.

Pipes for water under pressure.

Engine room.

Vertical turbine.

Driving HPP Eyting.

General view of the station.

HPP Pfrombah.

General form.

Engine room.

Supports high-voltage transmission line.

Zheleznodoozhnaya power plant in Altona.

General form.

Engine room.


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Germany, railway, fuel industry, power

Reel №3


Energy transfer to the railways.

Diagram showing the relationship of power plants, electric.

high voltage pylons.

Power transmission type.

Workers inspect power transmission line supports using a special device.

Murnau substations.

Inside view.

The scheme of the substation.

Pasing substations.

Installation of the new transformer.

Substations Niderzaltsbrunn outdoors.

General form.

Separate facilities substation.

electric scheme.

The power supply device via the rail.

Driving power of single, double track and mnogokoleynyh areas.

Workers inspect the support of contact network

Key words

Germany, railway, power plant workers

Reel №4



Type electric locomotive.

Electric drives out of the archway station.

Methods of power locomotives 201.2-D-1,2-C-2,2VV2,1VV1, C + S.Obschy view of these trains.

Showing double C + C

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Germany, Railway, Transportation

Reel №5


Power supply system freight locomotive 1So So1.Ego + overall appearance.

Locomotive with a composition in motion.

Freight Locomotive Co + Co.

His overall appearance.

He's on the move.

locomotive power scheme + 1 During 1Vo1.Pokaz platform of the locomotive and its wheel sets.

Electric 1Do1 on the circle.

He drives off with range.

Driving its power.

Showing locomotive mechanism in action.

Locomotive on the line.

Lokomotiv 2Do1.Shema power.

Driving locomotive power supply up to 1-Westinghouse.

His general view

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Germany, railway, transport, machinery

Reel №6


Motor cars electric AC.

Motor car at the station Niderzaltsbrunn-Halbshtadt / Silesia /.

New railcars distance in Bavaria.

Train at the station.

High-speed railcars in Saxony.

Electric on the road from the station.

Electric train near Hamburg.

Trains on the move.

Scheme of the motor car.

Brush motor car.

Depot in Ohlsdorf.

Leaves train.

Lifting jack special compartment and the separation of wheel sets on the platform.

Landing cabin to the platform with the new wheel sets.

Systems of emergency braking in the event of travel by train prohibiting signal

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Germany, railway, machinery, transportation,

Reel №7


Berlin city, ring and suburban lines.

Electric train in Berlin.

Information about the energy electrified railways doorog capital.

General view of a large power plant Klingenberg near Berlin.

Engine room.

Dispatch room.

Major elektrostnatsiya Golpa-Chernovitts in the brown coal basin.

General form.


LEP.Obschy view Markgrafendamm substation.

Dispatch room Hallenzee power.

Her overall appearance.

electricity transmission scheme with substations electric locomotives and electric railcars.

Location scheme substations electrified railway roads of Berlin.

Substation on the ring road.

General form.

Type substation suburban area.

The scheme of work.

Transformer room.

Type of power cable suitable to the rails.

Different types of rails elektroprinimayuschih

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Germany, railway, power plant

Reel №8


Assembling the electric motor carriages.

The driver's cab.

Connection diagram of the motor car.

Driving shift.

Driving off the motor mechanism ammeter.

Different types of trains: two, four, and a lot of the sectional.

Formation of train sections.

Pneumatic Door electric trains in action.

General view of the Carriage and wagon factory Berlin Schenevayde.


Raising the cabin of an electric car.

Bahn train at the platform.

Landing on the train next to Potsdam.

In a train compartment.


The views from the train window.



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Germany, railway, machinery, transportation,

Reel №9


Vagonoizmeritelnaya laboratory.

General view of the scheme of its functioning.

Installation of the measuring cable and appliances in the car-laboratory.

Pulling the car-laboratory to the locomotive.

Measuring devices in action.

Communication with the engine on the phone.

Laboratory takes readings.

Laboratory technicians at work.

Analysts read the testimony of the oscilloscope.

Instruktrorsky car.

Inside, seated railroad.

The instructor leads a class with them.

He writes something and draws on the board.

Classes are over.

Railway workers out of the car

Key words

Germany, railway workers, scientists