Belgian Congo (1920-1929)

Footage №67377, 5 parts, duration: 0:45:41, black-white

Reel №1

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Belgian Congo.

The village, the native beats the tom-tom.

From the hut leaves girl tattoo on his face, hair arranged in elaborate hairstyle.

Works by local blacksmiths, fur inflate assistants.

It forges some tool in the form of a sickle.

On the river floats boat with water wheel, with the embankment him waving negros in European suits.

Palm trees swaying in the wind.

Showered sandy hill.

Go trolleys with gravel.

The native beats the tom-tom.

Flocks of flamingos soaring over the water, a waterfall.

Signposts in the village, with a cop on duty ukazatelemm "Buta" and Iruumu ".

In the village comes from the official car.

Military school, the students run out.

From the balcony of the house acts as a preacher.

Household employment in the village.

Dancing men and women.

The car with the officer riding stumbled help residents move him.

Government House

Key words

Africa, Congo, the village, the natives

Reel №2

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Natsionalyny ritual dance with feathers.

Men dance with spears.

Attack one tribe to another.

From huts taschaya women, native covered schitomm leg it falls into the trap.

Lights hut, the natives running around with spears.

Buffaloes in the field running from the fire.

The wizard gets cock, dripping something to him in the beak, cut off a few feathers, casts a spell.

Cripples on crutches, sick, probably leprosy, go to the sorcerer to heal

Key words

Africa, natives, dance, ritual

Reel №3

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Ritual dances with sticks, the native beats the tom-tom.

Dance with palm leaves, skins, charms in dancing.

On the water moving long native boats with more rowers court.

The woman on the beach with the network.

Attack one tribe to another with boats.

From soldiers.

Soldiers go through the jungle in arms, falls dead native.

The injured person, the dead body in the water.

In the air, hovering predators, the hyena roams, pulling face.

Fauna: leopard, lions, elephants, tapirs.

Solemn gathering of the population to carry a ceremonial rite of circumcision of boys.

The circumcision of the flesh.

Keep on drums, dancing

Key words

Africa, natives, ritual, jungle, soldiers

Reel №4

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The procession with the boy.

The struggle between two tribes.

Some shoot bows.

Herd of elephants eats the leaves, the people driving them.

Ritual dancing girls.

Hippopotamus in water.

View of the village, the river.

Animals swim, come ashore.

The steam from the water.

Black Spot, the remains of animal bones.

Natives sucks swamp

Key words

Africa, natives, ritual, jungle

Reel №5

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Fire in the night.

Morning, the village comes the soldiers.

European white helmet pats duck-native woman warns him of the danger, he goes to the mountain.

The natives surrounded his hut.

White sneaking through the jungle, he is accompanied by a female native.

The natives pursue him.

The natives with their spears are on the savannah

Key words

Africa colony, the natives

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