Lithuanian Chronicle (1920-1929)

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Reel №1

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Panevezys, 1928.

Close-up of the station name, Panevezys.

Decorated station building, flags.

On the platform of the railway officials, the military are preparing for a meeting the president.

arch, there are people decorated with flowers.

Behind them runs composition.

Waiting at the station


It takes a train, decorated with branches and flags.

Railway worker with the Order of the sailors.

There is an orchestra, followed by a detachment of soldiers, marching column.

Drive up the machine with the ministers A.Zhilinskasom, K.Paltarokasom.

Ministers greet officers.

State leaders met and priest



Ministers with the ladies, the president and the audience sitting on chairs, watching the ceremony parade.

The soldier with the banner


There is a church service, the priest turns to the audience.

PNRM. on the parties.

Soldiers standing columns.

It takes consecration regimental banner.

The priest blesses the officers.

President takes the flag, it transmits the soldier kisses him.

The soldier is sworn.

Military salute the flag.

Three soldiers with the banner pass system.

The President and the officers and soldiers greet people.

Scouts saluted


President speaks to the microphone.

The crowd, a formation of soldiers.

Says General.

The young man reads the text.

Pass soldiers, ahead-banner.

Columns of soldiers carry guns.

Scout Troop, girls, children dressed in different forms


City, a group of people walking on the street.

Girls in national costumes.

The pavilion, in front of him figures of animals and birds, made from plant-elephant, ostrich.

The building of the station with the inscription on the pediment of the "Ruta"

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Reel №2

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Near the pavilion played out various scenes from different historic times of the country, the girls dance.

Rite front of the platform on which stand the ancient priests in white robes.

Go "old men and women" with sticks, kneel.

Soldiers in ancient costumes.

Speaker Knight.

girls Dance


Sports competitions, relay race, running, javelin, jumping into the ling, high jump, pole vault.

Girls perform massive exercise, march, again appear.

Spectators sit on the benches.

They're coming athletes.

Boys perform mass exercises, marching


The aircraft in the sky.

Scout group in the forest, posing for the camera.

"Vilnius" Knoll labeled.

On a visit to the scouts arrived American captain R.Yurgela.

Scouts R.Yurgeloy with his wife and son.

Scout Tents.

Collection Scouts in the woods, the orchestra rehearses, sitting on the ground.

Scout Groups.

Scouts greet the president.

He goes to the officer, speech


Perron, the residents are students.

The cars passing by


Monuments of the fence, they are fixed propellers.


Cemetery, crosses


Monument-arrow at the bottom of the cross is carved.

The inscription dates Klaipeda 1923 Daugava in 1919, and others.


The graves of soldiers in neat rows.

Separate pamyatniki.

PNRM. cemetery.

Russian cemetery

Key words

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Lithuania, cemetery monuments
Lithuania, cemetery, soldiers, monuments

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