Victims V.U.CH.K. in Ukraine. (1919)

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Director: v 1 -m titre estj familiya V.Nesterov

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Filming scenes were performed under the supervision of the Special Commission of Inquiry to investigate the crimes of the Bolsheviks. "A special commission to investigate crimes Bolshevik "was founded in April 1919, the commander in chief of the Armed Forces in the south of Russia.

The Commission acted in accordance with the Charter of the pre-revolutionary criminal proceedings, conducted interviews of witnesses and victims, collect evidence, carried out the exhumation, identification and so on. D.

A large array of its instruments (280 cases) is now in the State Archive (p. 470).

I quote from the book: Volkov SV "Red Terror 1917-1922 eyes of witnesses." M. 2009, Publisher: Airis-Press.

The territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Southern Russia, Kiev, summer 1919 PNRM .: the wall of the building, which housed Ch.K. citizens are women and men trying to look over the wall into the courtyard of the building, which housed the KGB. Caption: "House of Death" V.U.CH.K., which resulted in at night doomed to razstrel innocent people "(titles on the old spelling).

PNRM .: appearance of the building, which housed Ch.K., the sidewalk along the building are men.

Caption: "The courtyard of the building" stone barn "on a special concrete floor remains of brain and blood.

Traces of torture.

The walls are all pierced by bullets. "


At the entrance to the "stone barn" is a crowd. "The Stone Barn." PNRM .: floors, walls.

Caption: "Type in Lip garden.

Ch.K. here also taken out for razstrel.

Razstrelivali from 3 to 5 hours.

I am. " PNRM .: garden in the courtyard of the building where Ch.K. stir, people pass through the garden.

Caption: "The garden Gub.

Ch.K. stone wall serves to razstrela ".


people are facing a brick wall.

Razstrelennye garden innocent victims of Soviet butchers. "


On the ground lay the bodies, people passing by.

On the ground lay naked corpses.

PNRM .: garden.

On the ground lay the bodies, standing next to a group of people, the woman points up on the corpses lying on the ground.

Caption: "Steward, who closed the barn door when administered to razstrela.

He was killed and thrown into the weed box ".

In the corner of a brick wall lies the corpse of a man.

Caption: "Washing of the victims, dug in the garden of the Cheka.

The tomb housed 127 victims. "


Hose with water lying on a stretcher naked corpse.

Caption: "Victims are placed for identification."

Along the wooden fence on the earth lie naked corpses, to bring the body on a stretcher, the stretcher comes over a man in a cap and white jacket, talking to a nurse, the corpse laid on the ground.

On the ground lay naked corpses.

Caption: "In Kiev, liberated from the Bolshevik yoke."

Caption: "The meeting of the first detachments of the Volunteer Army of General Denikin with saving tricolor flag."


On the street in the crowd of people passing passing riders, one of the riders holding the tricolor flag of the Russian Empire.

Caption: "The City Council, in the Volunteer Army soldier handed weapons."

The area in front of the Kiev City Council.

A soldier in the British helmet protects the stacked rifles on the ground, at the entrance to the City Council gathered citizens.

Before crossed rifles on the pavement among the crowd of onlookers is a soldier in the British Volunteer Army helmet with a rifle in his hand, talking to the officer (Back in the frame), the officer bends down, picks up something from the ground and shows a soldier, a soldier comes out of the frame.

Caption:. "The first group of officers"

The street along the houses with signboards of shops: "EG Oak "," Norm "," Golovkin "passing in the car the officers of the Volunteer Army, pushing the car happy men in civilian suits.

Caption: "Kiev.

Arrival of campaign train named after General Kaledin.

In the group of letters FP Kupchinsky Head of the propaganda. " PNRM .: on the railroad tracks near the coaches propaganda Trains Don Branch Propaganda Division named after general election officers are part of an employee handing out newspapers, car pasted leaflets, half-shaded NDP: Federative Soviet Republic.

Before the wagon with the NDP: "The train of the Don Branch of the Department of Propaganda of the name of General Kaledin.

Call "are employees of the Department of Propaganda, hand out the newspaper.

Caption: "Typography propaganda train inside the car printed newspaper" Lightning ".

Wagon - typography, employees work for the printing presses.

Caption: "Kiev.

Requiem for razstrelyannym "Cheka" for underground work in favor Dobrarm Kirkina lieutenant colonel, lieutenant Nicholas, Art. owls.

Palibino and VF Golyanskomu ".

PNRM .: cemetery, crosses on the graves, before standing on the ground the graves of the priest serves as a memorial service, standing next to a young woman in a black dress, the officer of the Volunteer Army, a group of people.

The titer in English. and fr. language: «Use both your hands and legs?

Give your kind assistance to the invalids which have sacrificed theirs ». «Lenta» V. Nesteroff ».


Summer, 1919 People walk past the building.

Caption: "The house is occupied by the Lip.

Cheka (Garden №5. Institutskaya №40).

In the middle of the street on the tramways is a group of people, are people.

Caption: "Horror Kiev horrific atrocities of the Bolsheviks (the torture chambers of the Cheka)."

Caption: "The executioners chose the best of the building."

Caption: "View of the mansion occupied Vseukr.

CHR.KOM. (Ekaterinenskaya 16). »PNRM .: middle of the street on the tramways is a group of people, are people.


June-July, 1919 (Extraordinary Commission building located on the street Sumy d.47., Collective burials were killed in the street by Tchaikovsky, originating from Pushkin).

Caption: "The horrors of the Kharkiv Cheka."

Caption: "The building" Cheka and the crowd. "

The crowd in front of the building, which housed the Kharkov Ch.K. Caption: "Open and a well in the yard," Cheka "which dumped the body tortured by the Bolsheviks."

The exhumation of one of the mass graves in Kharkov Cheka building on the street.

Tchaikovsky, 16. PNRM .: dug a mass grave in front of people standing in front of the building, which housed Ch.K., there are people, is a woman in a white dress.

PNRM .: embankment along the edges of the mass grave, there are people are people.

Shooting with the high point: in front of a mass grave strewn ground - land, sprinkled with white matter (slaked lime) - there are three women, a child sitting on the ground.

Caption: "The corpses of brutally tortured by the Bolsheviks."

The exhumation of corpses.

People in white coats are dug from a mass grave half-naked corpses, put on a stretcher and carried away.

PNRM .: lying on the ground in front of half-naked corpses are people, including officials of the Commission of Inquiry.

Past corpses lying on the ground is a woman in a white dress standing at the grave of a woman.

PNRM .: past the corpses lying on the ground are people, men dressed in white pants and shirt raised hands man's body (in jacket), there are a number people who take pictures (face not visible).

People visiting lying on the ground half naked corpses passes photographer.

On the ground, lying half-naked corpses.

corpses, people stand next to lie on the edge of a mass grave.

The titer in English. and fr. lang .: «Adress your offerings to the Russian Red Cross Committee Const-ple.

You shall get account for each cent ».

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Kiev, in 1919, the Civil War, the city, the architecture, the Volunteer Army, army, cavalry, road transport, agitation, propaganda, railway transport, the press, Christianity, funeral business, the investigating authorities